15 Best Beaches in Hawaii for Families: Perfect Vacation Spots!

hawaii beach for families with green mountain background

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If you love the beach then there’s no better place to vacation than Hawaii.

With its sparkling water, interesting culture, and plenty of activities for people of all ages, Hawaii is a tropical paradise that everyone should experience at least once.

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a lounge chair with your favorite snack while watching your kids play in the sand castles they’ve built.

If you’re a parent hoping to find somewhere nice to take your kids this summer, look no further than this blog. You’ll hit the jackpot with our list of the best beaches in Hawaii for families.

Let’s get into it.


  1. Ka’anapali Beach
  2. Hapuna Beach
  3. Ko’Olina Beach
  4. Anaeho’omalu Beach
  5. Waikiki Beach
  6. Waimea Beach
  7. Kamakahonu Beach
  8. Papakolea Beach
  9. Pololu black sand Beach
  10. Spencer Beach
  11. Manini’owali Beach
  12. Mauna Kea Beach
  13. Punaluʻu black sand Beach
  14. Makalawena Beach
  15. Waialea Beach

Top 15 Beaches in Hawaii for Families

We understand your concerns, therefore we’ve added these beaches to our list of safe and lovely beachfront locations.

Continue reading to learn about the family-friendly beaches in Hawaii.

Ka’anapali Beach 

Ka’anapali beach in Maui County is the most pleasing beach out there.

Several budget-friendly hotels and resorts offer accommodations that make this beach accessible and best for families’ destinations.

The unique mixture of activities ranging from cliff jumping, snorkeling, jet skiing, and paddling are exhilarating experiences that prove it a worth-visit beach.

The 3 miles area of the beach is covered with white sand that enhances the visual beauty of the beach. 

Hapuna Beach 

Among many other white-sand beaches on this Island,  Hapuna is one of them.

A half-mile stretched beach situated on Kona-Kohala Coast, offers thrilling activities, and a safe environment for families.

The lukewarm water is a great attraction with other amusing activities, for instance, snorkeling, swimming, and body boarding.

This perfect beach spot allows families to arrange get-togethers and picnics, since there are amenities, like pavilions, and restrooms near the beach. 

Ko’Olina Beach 

Your kids will love knowing this beautiful beach in Hawaii inside and out.

Located on the southwest of Oahu, dotted with four man-made lagoons, this 2 miles stretched white sandy beach has plenty of fun activities.

From swimming and hikes to snorkeling and sailing, the list doesn’t end here.

You’ll find several options to stay in including the four seasons to vocational rentals.

To satisfy your taste buds, around Ko’olina beach, there is a range of top-notch restaurants and other food places to make your stay pleasant.  

Anaeho’omalu Beach

The most enchanting, Anaeho’omalu, with its white sand beach, falls in the category of the suitable-for-kids beach.

There are plenty of things for them to be explored and discovered that they will surely love.

Swimming and snorkeling are among them.

You can rent out the necessary gear for snorkeling and swimming from the beach hut. 

When you go to the north side, you will come across many other beaches with some thrilling contests and activities.

We guarantee you that this trip to Anaeho’omalu beach will exceed your expectations. 

Waikiki Beach

The paradise for swimming and surfing, Waikiki Beach with its pristine water is a well-recognized beach that attracts numerous tourists and local’s attention, every year.

Towards the south shore on the island of Oahu, this crowded beach is 2 miles long and is offering numerous activities to its visitors.

waikiki beach with a lot of people swimming in it.

However, summer is the prime time to visit this beach. It will get very very busy. However, if you don’t mind crowds then this beach may be for you!

If you’re looking for a beach, where you can do snorkeling, swimming, bodyboarding, surfing, and paddling, Waikiki Beach should be your top priority. 

Waimea Beach 

The amazing Waimea beach on the north shore of Oahu is considered to be family-friendly.

The activities like rock jumping, cliff jumping, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling have made it the busiest beach in the town.

Underwater tunnels, fanatical sunset, and wildlife inhabitants in the clear water will provide kids and families access to joyful adventures. 

There are a number of shower rooms, restaurants, and resorts nearby.

Weather conditions stay fine in both winters and summers. 

Kamakahonu Beach

Kamakahonu is the most enchanting beach on Hawaii Island, where families can spend quality time.

Located between the National Landmark and Kailua Pier, this beach gives a mesmerizing scenic backdrop.

You can plan your picnic any day of the week since this beach has lots of fun-packed activities to offer.

This kid-friendly beach allows you to do adventurous water sports like swimming, surfing, and fishing. 

You can do snorkeling here by renting out the gear from the nearest rental stores.

Alongside the beach, there are many resorts, restaurants, and markets within walking distance. 


Papakolea Beach

The combination of black lava, olivine, white, and glittering greener sand make a breathtaking view of Hawaii’s nicest beach.

Regarding things to do, you can enjoy swimming and hiking, camping, and taking a long walk alongside the sea. However, for surfing, you should be experienced, since we don’t see any lifeguards on this beach.

The perfect time to be here is before noon; you can enjoy sunbathing and enjoying the sunset. 

When exploring the beach and area, you’ll come across some fine-dining Japanese breakfast.

So don’t forget to pack bags and move South to get this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

 Pololu black sand Beach

Higher cliffs and lush tropical valleys are the picturesque attraction of this stunning beach on the Big Island.

The beach shoreline has a mixture of black sand and boulders with lava rocks and small rough patches.

Activities like swimming and surfing are not ideal here, because of the strong waves.

However, you can enjoy seeing sea waves. For hiking enthusiasts, this is the right place. 

Around the beach, you won’t see any amenities and the parking area also holds limited space.

So, keep these things in consideration, while planning a trip to this beach. 

Spencer Beach

Spencer beach is one of the families’ favorite beaches in Hawaii, famous for its native shady trees, calmer sand, and crystal-clean water.

Situated in the northwestern part of the Big Island, this beach with its extensive shore, is equally popular among the locals and tourists.

Besides other fun activities like swimming and snorkeling, you can also do SCUBA diving. The water currents make it a perfect beach for kids. 

Talking about the facilities on this beach, paved parking, a large pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers shows why this is an ideal picnic spot for families. 

 Manini’owali Beach

This elegant white sand Kua Bay beach on the western side of the Big Island is a fine pick for families with kids.

They will have fun while swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

The glimpse of sea turtles and dolphins on this beach will be a hands-on experience for your kids to see the wildlife.

On the beach, there are restrooms, lifeguards, and snorkeling equipment.

Try to avoid the weekends, due to parking issues. Many luxurious resorts are in the area where families and couples can stay. 

Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea Beach is known as the finest beach to visit for families.

This beach is extended over a quarter of a mile of soft sand and has not more than 10 feet deep of turquoise water.

The beach offers excellent conditions for swimming.

Moreover, you can do boogie boarding and surfing. Public restrooms and showers are present here for all visitors.

If you stay at Mauna Kea Beach Resort, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach.

Be sure to arrive early as there are few slots for parking.

Punaluʻu black sand Beach

Your family will love this popular beach in Hawaii.

Seeing the green and Hawksbill turtles is an experience to see!

Sand with small black fragments of lava and the rows of coconut palms on this beach shore are the reasons for its popularity.

We consider it a suitable beach for adventurous activities like swimming, fishing, and snorkeling.

With a permit, camping is also allowed here. You can explore the sideways, parks, resorts, historical museums, and the Zoo.

Makalawena Beach

Makalawena is a secluded beach, with lined-up palm trees and white sand dunes on the shore.

Simply put, it has an abundance of beauty that a beach lover wants to see.

There are many activities for children like making sand houses and swimming at the lowest depths.

The water is clear, fresh, and calmer than other beaches in the town.

Adults can do camping, body boarding, swimming, and surfing through the tides.

If you go early, you can catch the alluring nature at its peak!

Waialea Beach

The children’s favorite summertime beach, Waialea Bay, has diversified marine life. Your family will enjoy this peaceful destination and can take part in beach activities.

In the winter, you will see expert surfing activities out there.

Restrooms and showers are easily accessible.

Unfortunately, there are no lifeguards here which is the only negative. Keep an eye on your children.

Surrounded by small reefs, slopes, and rough patches, it gives peaceful and idyllic vibes.

You can take your kids to the southern side of the valley to explore more sites and diversity. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect beach to take your family to, any of these 15 beaches in Hawaii would be a great choice.

There are tons of beaches and beautiful state parks to visit on your trip here!

With plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained and stunningly beautiful surroundings, these Hawaiian beaches are sure to please everyone in your group.

So pack up your sunscreen and swimsuits and head to one of these amazing destinations for some unforgettable memories.

So we encourage you to experience the best summer of your life. Which one of these are you planning to go to? 

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