10 Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

Hilton Head, South Carolina (SC) is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning coastline.

We compiled 10 Best Beaches in Hilton Head, SC for you to consider visiting while here on vacation.

If you are looking for a beach vacation where you can explore miles of white sand and turquoise water we got you covered.


10 Best Beaches in Hilton Head

If you’re visiting Hilton Head Island (South Carolina), you might want to consider visiting a few of the best beaches on Hilton Head, SC.

Here is our list:

Folly Field Beach

1. Folly Field Beach

Folly Field includes a bona fide footpath to the beach region.

This is one of the more modest seashores in Hilton Head yet is well known with local people and travelers.

This reduced beach is about halfway along the Hilton Head shore.

Guests venturing to every part of the shoreline will realize they are mostly done when they arrive at this pleasant ocean side park.

Folly field beach is ideal for a road trip and requires negligible pressing or planning.

It offers every one of the essential conveniences for a day at the beach.

Umbrella rentals, public bathrooms, and many neighborhood vacation spots are accessible here, alongside metered stopping choices.

Beach Parking: There are two small parking garages with metered spaces

Lifeguards: During the mid-year ocean side season

Hotels Nearby:

Hilton Head Island Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC
Photo by Matt Briney

2. Hilton Head Island Beach

Hilton Head Island Beach makes our list of best beaches in Hilton Head, SC worth visiting for many reasons.

Loaded with unblemished seashores and extensive parks, Hilton Head Island beach is one of the most outstanding places to go on the East Coast, with 12 miles of shoreline.

The entire island was worked to oblige travelers, so it’s straightforward to start with one spot then onto the next.

It’s not difficult to track down numerous cafés, bars, and family-accommodating amusement.

At the same time, water darlings can appreciate exercises around the ocean, for example, swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, sunbathing, fishing, and surfing.

Other than chilling near the beach, you can likewise play a couple of rounds of golf at Hilton Head’s many fabulous fairways.

Shopaholics will be glad to hear that there are a few retail outlets on the island where you can find privately claimed stores.

Assuming you are searching for a spot to remain, the choices are unending.

You can stay in a rental home with a pool or book a room at a 5-star inn.

Remember that you won’t find numerous lodgings and other financial plans well-disposed convenience choices here in Hilton Head.

Beach Parking: There’s a parking garage with free stopping

Lifeguards: Lifeguard presence is seasonal from April to September

Hotels Nearby:

Fish Haul Beach Park Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

3. Fish Haul Beach Park

Fish Haul Beach Park makes our list of best beaches in Hilton Head SC for its serene, unspoiled atmosphere.

This is a locals-only spot, so you’ll likely have the beach to yourself.

The park offers plenty of parking, restrooms, and picnic tables.

The unique part of this place is it’s on Port Royal Sound, not the Atlantic Ocean.

The waves are not exactly as large, and you can see a portion of the islands toward the north of Hilton Head, right across the water.

While the recreation area has bathrooms and open-air showers, there could be no different conveniences nearby.

In general, Fish Haul Beach Park will be calmer, and you’re bound to see individuals strolling than swimming.

Beach Parking: There’s a parking area with free stopping.

Lifeguards: Unfortunately, no lifeguard presence here

Hotels Nearby:

Islanders Beach Park Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

4. Islanders Beach Park

Assuming you’re searching for a beach to carry your companions to, look no further!

Islanders Beach Park has all you want to partake in a beautiful day at the ocean side including your furry pet.

This dog-friendly beach makes our list of best beaches in Hilton Head, SC for its amenities and beauty.

The outing structure and barbecue make it an incredible beach to go to for a drawn-out day outside, and the bathrooms and open-air showers make it conceivable.

Islanders Beach Park is situated at 94 Folly Field Road.

Islanders Beach is wheelchair open, with a promenade scaffold and beach matting prompting the sea.

There are restrooms and a drinking fountain accessible at the beach park, outside sand showers to flush off the beach, and an excursion structure with concealed tables and a jungle gym for youngsters.

There are metered spaces accessible for visitors to stop at Islanders Beach Park, notwithstanding the license stopping, which is constantly saved for yearly ocean side stopping passes.

Bicycle racks are additionally accessible, so anybody riding over can secure their bicycle and head on over to the ocean side.

Beach Parking: There’s a parking area with free stopping.

Lifeguards: Seasonal, during summertime.

Hotels Nearby:

Singleton Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

5. Singleton Beach

Singleton Beach makes our list of best beaches in Hilton Head SC to visit for solitude.

You will spot a lot of private and rental housing.

Bring a nibble-filled cooler and watch the landscape unfurl, uncovering brilliant corals, blockhead ocean turtles, pelicans, frigid egrets, bald eagles, and dolphins.

No one can tell what you will find!

The beach turtle settling season along South Carolina’s coast runs from May through October.

Contingent upon when you show up in the season, you might get to see many turtle homes near the beach or child hatchlings advancing toward the beach.

Beach Parking: Parking is found straightforwardly on the oceanfront.

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on the oceanfront throughout the late spring ocean side season

Hotels Nearby:

Burkes Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

6. Burkes Beach

Guests with high energy won’t desire to pass up the activity at Burke’s Beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

However, this tiny, substantial beach park is almost famous for the barrel waves, ideal for surfing and bodyboarding.

Day-by-day examples are accessible at a sensible expense from neighborhood surfers.

Besides the great waves, Burke’s Beach highlights miles of new shore and fine white sand.

Like other water sports, Kayaking and trekking choices are likewise well-known exercises here.

There are local conveniences for families with little youngsters, yet the beach is effectively open via vehicle, bicycle, or a short walk.

Families will adore trekking or heading to Burkes Beach, as metered stopping and sand and cleared path lead to the ocean side.

Situated on Hilton Head Island close to Chaplin Community Park (a b-ball court, jungle gym, and canine park), Burkes Beach offers open-air showers but no bathrooms.

(Bathrooms can be tracked down a 5-minute stroll from the ocean side.

Your family will very much want to go through the day at Burkes Beach, one of the most amazing family-accommodating seashores in South Carolina.

Beach Parking: The metered parking spaces on Burkes Beach Road close to the ocean side access are shut. You can stop in the free parking garages at Chaplin Park and stroll over to the ocean side access. Search for the entry to Chaplin Park, mostly down Burkes Beach Road.

Lifeguards: No occasional lifeguards.

Hotels Nearby:

South Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

7. South Beach

Situated on Myrtle Beach’s South End, you will find an ideal beach local area known as South Beach Cottages.

These exemplary raised- beach style homes were developed with a casual, beachfront involvement with the mind.

That is a reasonable option for those searching for a financial plan-friendly home rental.

These exquisite homes offer 3 and 4 room choices with open designs that highlight many in-home choices that make certain to oblige.

Tenants likewise have an outside local area pool for all visitors to appreciate.

Everything at South Beach is fixed out on the water, so guests get a maritime breeze and unique perspectives while partaking in all that this problem area brings to the table.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to unwind and partake in a pleasant supper for two at a dockside café or go around with the entire family for a day of fun, South Beach has all that you require.

Families can appreciate fishing, climbing, and swimming along a mile of the Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

Lifeguards are on the job in the late spring.

Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented as well here.

Be watching out for some blockhead ocean turtle action!

There are open-air showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms on this family-accommodating ocean side.

And on the off chance that you can’t tear yourself away, you can even camp in the recreation area (which includes free Wi-Fi at the campsite).

Beach Parking: There’s a parking garage with free stopping.

Lifeguards: During the mid-year ocean side season.

Hotels Nearby:

Bradley Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

8. Bradley Beach

The south finish of the island is by and considerably more swarmed in the mid-year, making Bradley Beach a favored spot.

There is a long footpath over a salt bog for simple admittance to the beach and bunches of sand for a round of beach volleyball.

There are many shells, settling crabs, and a jungle gym to keep the children engaged on Bradley’s sandy beach.

It is fitting to carry shoes to ensure your feet are on the promenade and shell regions.

Bradley is one of the bigger beach parks on the island, so it’s more straightforward to track down a spot to remove socially.

Beach Parking: Metered stopping is accessible in the parking garage. Stopping is held for yearly beach passes from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Lifeguards: During the late spring ocean side season.

Hotels Nearby:

9. Shipyard Beach Access

Shipyard Beach Access makes the list of our best beaches in Hilton Head, SC worth visiting.

The shipyard’s beach is in the 40th spot out of 110 seashores in the Balikesir locale.

The beach is situated in a metropolitan region.

It is a few bayous shorelines with gem turquoise water and brilliant sand, so you needn’t bother with uncommon shoes.

The sharpness of entering the water is very ordinary.

This beach is reasonable for individuals, desolate voyagers, unwinding escape sweethearts, and so forth.

It is to some degree swarmed during the high season.

Beach clubs ultimately involve shipyard seashores with confined doors.

The beach offices are accessible to guests of the retreat region.

Their rundown incorporates loungers and umbrellas, beach eateries, evolving rooms, showers, and restrooms.

During the season, this beach sideline is managed by a lifeguard.

As well as swimming and sunbathing, you can likewise partake in different exercises.

This beach is effectively open, found exceptionally near the street.

Beach Parking: Parking is found straightforwardly around the ocean.

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are around the ocean throughout the late spring ocean side season

Hotels Nearby:

Coligny Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

10. Coligny Beach

Coligny is the most famous beach on the island for a valid justification.

There’s an excellent broad sandy beach.

Furthermore, there are a lot of exercises from the intelligent wellspring for youngsters to shops, rockers, complimentary wireless internet, ocean side volleyball, and even the Tiki Hut with unrecorded music for grown-ups.

Beach seat and umbrella rentals are likewise accessible.

Bathrooms and open-air showers are given in Coligny Beach Park.

Beach seats and umbrella rentals are accessible during the season.

Again, there are a lot of shops and eateries inside strolling distance at Coligny Plaza.

Furthermore, make sure to look at one of Hilton Head’s best breakfast eateries close by.

Southern Coney is only a 10-minute stroll from Coligny Park down Pope Avenue.

After that, remove time from the water to walk around Coligny Plaza; venture from the beach.

Here, you can partake in a dinner or a bite, get in some keepsake shopping, purchase beach adornments and clothing, or participate in a film or live diversion.

While leaving is at a higher cost than usual during the bustling summer season, the island gives an excellent transport administration for those able to stop somewhat farther away.

On the other hand, leave the vehicle and lease a bicycle, which you can even use to ride straightforwardly around the ocean at low tide (a large number of the beach retreats in Hilton Head offer reasonable bicycle rentals).

Beach Parking: Coligny has the most conspicuous free parking garage north of 500 parking spots. The parking garage is situated on Pope Avenue, not long before the roundabout. Flood stopping is likewise accessible at Crossings Park (4 Haig Point Circle).

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are near the beach throughout the mid-year ocean side season

Hotels Nearby:

South Carolina Sign

Other Beaches in South Carolina Worth Visiting

These mentioned beaches rank our top list of 10 best beaches in Hilton Head, SC worth exploring if you ever get the chance one day.

However, that’s not to say South Carolina doesn’t have many other beautiful beaches that aren’t on the list.

Some other popular beaches in South Carolina worth mentioning are:

Isle of Palms Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC
Photo by KaLisa Veer

Isle of Palms

Isles of Palms is beautiful for its long stretches of undeveloped shorelines and the wild ponies that live on the island.

It’s a great place for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and kayaking.

There are also several restaurants and shops located close to the beach.

Beach Parking: There’s plenty of free parking available at Isle of Palms.

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are around the ocean during summer. During other months, they’re only on duty weekends and holidays from 11 a.m.-sunset.

Hotels Nearby: There’s a number of hotels in Isle of Palms that you can book for your stay including Wild Dunes Resort.

Myrtle Beach Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination and for good reason.

The beaches here are absolutely beautiful with crystal clear water, white sand, and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

There are also a number of restaurants and shops located close to the beach.

For instance, the Broadway at the Beach complex has over 100 shops, restaurants, and attractions.

In addition, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is a great place to visit.

It’s home to many souvenir shops and attractions, including a Ferris wheel!

Beach Parking: Myrtle Beach has some of the most expensive parking in South Carolina, so expect to spend around $15-$20 per day for beach access.

This can add up quickly if you’re visiting for a few days.

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are present on Myrtle Beach from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Hotels Nearby: There’s no shortage of hotels in Myrtle Beach, and many of them offer beachfront access.

Some popular ones include The Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach and Homewood Suites by Hilton Myrtle Beach Coastal Grand Mall to name a few.

Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach is another beach in South Carolina worth mentioning.

It is known for its seclusion, undeveloped shorelines, and abundance of wildlife.

It’s a great place for swimming and fishing.

The water is shallow enough that children can play in the surf without any worries.

However, you’ll need to watch out for ocean currents because they’re stronger than average due to nearby rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Edisto Beach is also a great place for fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Beach Parking: There’s plenty of free parking available at Edisto Beach.

Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months and some of the other popular times for beachgoers, including spring break and winter vacation.

Hotels Nearby: There are a number of hotels in Edisto Beach that you can book for your stay including The Wyndham Ocean Ridge, The Village, and The Wyndham Ocean Ridge Marsh Point.

Heads up!

Most of these places are owned by Wyndham that is mostly condos and vacation rentals.

White Sand Beach


What is the best beach to go to in Hilton Head?

It really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want to go somewhere secluded and enjoy the beach without many people around, then Edisto Beach is a good choice.

You can keep an eye out for wildlife like turtles and dolphins while exploring the shallow waters or relaxing on dry sand beaches.

For something more lively with plenty of activities to choose from, head to Myrtle Beach.

There’s a Ferris wheel and Broadway at the Beach complex with over 100 shops and restaurants.

You’ll also find plenty of places to stay right on the beach.

Isle of Palms is great if you’re looking for somewhere with beautiful undeveloped shorelines.

The ponies on the beach are a bonus! There’s also plenty of free parking and lifeguards on duty during the summer.

Deserted Beach with White Sand

Which Hilton Head beach is least crowded?

The least crowded beaches in Hilton Head are typically the ones closest to residential areas.

Isle of Palms and Ocean Lakes have a quieter feel than other places like Coligny Beach, which is more popular with tourists due to its beachfront hotels.

Edisto Beach is another popular choice because it’s so undeveloped and has some interesting wildlife like dolphins, turtles, herons, and egrets.

Beautiful Bird in Water

Does Hilton Head Island have good beaches?


We believe so!

There are plenty of great places to visit on Hilton Head, including Edisto Beach and Isle of Palms.

They’re both quiet beaches with beautiful coastal views where you can enjoy the crystal clear water for swimming, wildlife, or exploring near the shoreline.

You’ll also find lifeguard towers nearby during busy times like spring break and summer.

South Carolina Family Beaches

Which Places Provide the Best Beaches in Hilton Head for Kids and Families?

If you’re looking for a place to take your kids, head to Coligny Beach.

There’s plenty of space for playing in the sand and water, as well as an area where the little ones can play on inflatables like slides and bounce houses.

The beach opens up onto a popular boardwalk with shops and restaurants.

There’s also a lighthouse where you can get an up-close view of the ocean waves crashing against it.

The children will be entertained by all of the nearby activities, but there are plenty more to do in Hilton Head if they’re interested.

Coligny Beach also has plenty of parking spots so that your family doesn’t have to worry about driving around trying to find somewhere close by while they’re having fun.

It’s very easy for parents to keep their eyes on the kids from anywhere on the beach.

Best Beaches in Hilton Head SC


So, there you have it, these were our 10 best beaches in Hilton Head, SC worth visiting.

Each beach offers something different, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for other best beaches to visit in the U.S. check out our recommended 10 U.S. Beaches Worth Visiting in the Fall.

Let us know in the comments below what are some of your best beaches in Hilton Head, SC you enjoy visiting as a family.

Happy Beach Travels!

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