Jess & Jeanette


About Us:

Hello, there!

Welcome to Unseen Beaches, founded by two sisters, Jess and Jeanette, hailing from Southern California.

Our childhood memories, filled with family beach outings, inspired the creation of this site.

With limited means, our parents made the most of our vacations by exploring local shores rather than far-off destinations like Europe or Disney.

From homemade sandwiches to watermelon feasts, our beach days were simple yet cherished.

Overlooking the McWay Ways with fog

As we grew, so did our adventures. From the sandy shores of San Diego to the tranquil beaches of Monterrey Bay, we explored every inch of the coast.

But our journey didn’t stop there. Against our parents’ wishes, we packed our bags and traded California waves for Florida’s sunny shores.

Living on the East Coast provided us with new beach experiences and further fueled our passion for coastal exploration.

Our humble family vacations taught us invaluable lessons about the beauty of the sea and the importance of bonding with loved ones.


From beach barbecues to building sandcastles, each moment was a treasure trove of nostalgia.

Thus, Unseen Beaches was born—a platform where we share our beach escapades and promote responsible travel.

Our goal is twofold: to provide you with insights into the beaches we’ve visited across the U.S. and to raise awareness about coastal conservation.


The beaches hold not only a special place in our hearts but also a crucial role in preserving our planet.

Through our site, we aim to inspire your next beach getaway while fostering a deeper understanding of the need to protect these natural wonders.

So, dive into our site, plan your next beach vacation, and join us in safeguarding these incredible U.S. beaches.

Wishing you safe and memorable beach travels,

Jess and Jeanette


Who is Jess:

Jess is the oldest sister in the family.

As an older sibling navigating through life and trying to be a good example for her younger siblings it can be challenging at times.

She was expected to be a good role model and help out with caregiving responsibilities.

A few of her responsibilities mentioned were babysitting, and helping her younger siblings with their homework when parents couldn’t.

Being the oldest wasn’t always bad for her though.

She was the youngest out of all her siblings to get her driver’s license at age 16.

Her love for exploration and her passion for discovering the beauty of U.S. coastlines are reflected in the photos she captures.



  • She used to tease her mother about her beautiful garden until one day when her sister gifted her a succulent plant, which sparked her love for gardening.
  • During her college years, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and the United Kingdom, where she embraced new cultures and adventures.
  • Jess has a deep passion for personal development, and one of her all-time favorite books is ‘The Alchemist.’
  • Her favorite movie, hands down, is ‘Up’ by Disney and Pixar Studios (SQUIRREL!).
  • Jess finds solace in watching the sunsets on the West Coast. 

Who is Jeanette:

Jeanette is the second oldest in the family and loves creating art.

She is the mastermind behind creating stories for Unseen Beaches.

She enjoys capturing the beaches as well as her family and bringing it to life.

Besides shooting she loves exploring the outdoors and often you can find her with her sister Jess exploring new hikes as well as paddle boarding.


  • She loves learning about health such as how the body functions and works.
  • Just like her sister Jess, she studied abroad in Spain.
  • One of her favorite breakfast meals of all time is smoothies.
  • She loves animals and wants to open up her very own dog sanctuary someday.
  • Can do the splits.