Melbourne Beach Pier Florida: An Irresistible View


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If you haven’t done so already then make sure you plan this trip soon. Who doesn’t love a spectacular view of the water? When the sun rises or sets, it is pure paradise.

And I’m not talking about the Bahamas.

I am talking about Florida’s Melbourne Beach Pier. Melbourne Beach is one of a few beaches in Florida that are considered less touristy.

People hardly realize that there is this hidden gem on the east coast of Florida.

And yes it more unseen and unknown due to its tranquility and pure bliss. If you are the person that enjoys this then I suggest you hurry up and make it part of your New Year’s resolution goals.


What is Melbourne Beach Pier in Florida?

It is an extended pier that is located on the east coast of Florida near its peninsula. It is situated on the Indian River Lagoon so it is not directly on the beach.

You can catch anything from dolphin sightseeing to amazing sunrises and sunsets. It is definitely a go-to place to experience tranquility.

Where is it located?

If you are that tourist that comes to Disney or Universal every year and are trying to escape the theme parks then this is your place to go.

I am not not talking about crowded beaches or horrible endless lines in a theme park. I am talking about pure bliss and tranquility in Melbourne Beach Pier.

So let us just say you land in Orlando as your primary destination. All you have to do is go East towards the beaches!

Of course, there is more directions than that, but simply put it is one of the most easiest routes you will ever take.

Located below Cocoa Beach is where it’s located. It’s a less crowded place than Cocoa Beach.

Melbourne Beach Pier Florida Pin 1

How far is it from Orlando?

It is approximate 75-80 miles depending on your location in Orlando. But give or take it is definitely less than 2 hours from Orlando.

A good suggestion is to leave before or after traffic which gives you the best chance of avoiding traffic. If you can avoid the headaches then why not.

Also, if you do head out early than when rush hour starts you will get to see the most wonderful sunrise.

Directions from Orlando:

  • Take Highway 4-West
  • Take the Fl-528 East and follow signs to catch the I-95 South
  • Take Sarno Rd and North City Blvd to Waverly Pl

But, use Google Maps or your GPS for more precise accurate directions.


Best place to Park in Melbourne Beach Pier

There really is only one place to park near the pier and that is by the park.

The park is directly adjacent to the pier which has parking spots.

The small park is called Ryckman Park and it has a playground for children to play. The parking lot has more than 30 spots.

Since, it is quiet and not so popular, you are bound to find something, even if it is about a mile and a half away.

If you are here to see the sunrise then chances are you probably won’t have trouble at all with finding a parking spot.


Even though parking in the park is a bit limited it’s best to arrive early.

In the mornings you won’t find much of a crowd so you are lucky in catching the sunrises with less people. If you are planning on watching the sunsets then I recommend arriving at least an hour or two before the sun sets.

There is usually more people here during that time since the colors are spectacular to watch.

Things to do near Melbourne Beach Pier Florida

This is a must-see place to visit and you can enjoy doing many activities here. One of the nicest and most popular things to do is to take a stroll on this pier.

Sounds romantic right?

The colors are just spectacular! And if you go just as the sun is setting (one of the most popular times) you will not only enjoy the fresh air as well as the spectacular scenery.

If you are an an avid photographer then look no further than to capture the array of the gorgeous scenery! I have encountered photographers on and off the pier capturing this perfect landscape.

There is lots of families who also visit the park and plan picnics right outside the pier in the grassy area.


If you enjoy fishing then Melbourne Pier is definitely one of those beaches for fishing.

Fishing is very popular on the Melbourne Beach Pier in Florida you will find many fisherman dispersed throughout the pier in hopes of catching some fish.

If it’s your first time visiting then definitely take a stroll around so you can get a feel of what it’s like.

If you are here for the photography then definitely plan for the sunset.

If you are here for fishing then by all means you will know the exact time in which the will fish bite.

If you are here just to view and take a lovely stroll across the pier then by all means do it! There’s no wrong wrong way to enjoy this amazing pier 🙂


What is a nearby attraction near Melbourne Beach Pier?

If you do have time, and would like to see more attractions near the pier.

I highly recommend taking the time to visit the Melbourne Zoo. There is sooo much to see and this attraction is very close to the pier.

Make it a day trip for both places if you enjoy visiting a quieter lovely zoo.

Melbourne Beach Pier Florida Pin 2

Why you need to visit Melbourne Beach Pier

All in all, the Melbourne Beach Pier in Florida is one those must-see tranquil places to visit. You can not only visit its neighboring park, but enjoy the beautiful sunsets as well.

And if you are lucky you may even catch some very good fish if you are into fishing.

If you are into sightseeing you will be lucky to see dolphins swimming far off.

Photographers, do I need to say more about this place? Be sure to put this pier on your list as one of the most relaxing walks that you can do while visiting Melbourne Beach.

Just enjoying nature is enough to make you appreciate life a whole lot better. And you can even check out the Melbourne Zoo here which is only a few miles away. Let us know in the comments below if you have visited this place?

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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