What Everyone Must Know About Oceanside Beach San Diego

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Welcome to California.

Home to over a hundred different miles of coastlines leading to so many different beach options worth seeing.

Aside from the popular beach spots like Carlsbad and La Jolla, there lies a less popular place situated up North County called Oceanside Beach San Diego and It Is definitely worth visiting.

There are a few things that everyone must know before visiting it…

Things to See and Do Around Oceanside Beach San Diego

The Oceanside Pier

Aside from all its natural beauty, you can find a pier nestled among the waves in Oceanside Beach. Here, you will find people from all sorts of ages walking the pier. What’s even better is, that it doesn’t cost a thing to walk on the pier. A permit, however, is required to fish onsite. You can find out more about the requirements and cost at the Wildlife Institute.

While you are walking the pier you can also enjoy the sunset scenery and find a bite to eat here. At the end of the pier you will find a Ruby Tuesday’s Diner.

This San Diego Pier along with a couple other panoramic piers are nestled around the county giving you those astounding views.


Photo by Patrick Fore

Oceanside Beach is no stranger when it comes to surfing. In fact, it’s one of many famous places for people to surf. Several competitions are held here every year. Including, the USA surfing championships which comes every June as well as the world’s bodysurfing championship, taking place yearly in August. It attracts surfers from all over the world to compete and show off their skills. 

Outdoor Activities

For those interested in exploring more than just the ocean you can find several outdoor activities in Oceanside Beach San Diego.

There is a whale and dolphin watching tour. This tour is about two hours long and you will embark on a catamaran boat, sightseeing the wildlife.

In addition, for all the wine lovers, outdoor adventures company offers a 90-minute evening scenic wine tour. Which features an appetizer platter along with three wines. You can find more information on there site.

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero


There are several different locations one can park at Oceanside Beach San Diego. However, it’s important to be aware of certain parking restrictions. Currently, there is construction at the entrance of Oceanside harbor.

If you’re looking for free parking then park at: east of 300 harbor street. This leads you into the harbor village.

Parking on the 240, 300 and 315 harbor drive offers 2 hours of free parking with the exclusion of free parking after 6pm.

Anywhere located closest to the beach expect to pay $7-12 average daily rate. 


You can expect to find several fire rings along this beach. It’s not uncommon to see families, couples, and friends during the sunset hours having bonfires.

Just remember to pick up after yourself.

Planning on overnight camping at this beach? Then you are in luck. It is located in the harbor beach.

There are two parking lots (lot 1-1b and 12) that allow overnight parking if you have an RV trailer. No reservations are needed. Often it is a first come first serve basis. It’s important to note that there is a 5-day limit in overnight parking in a month.

The cost is usually around $28 so be sure to check out the Oceanside Beach website to find out more information.


Photo by Bruce Warrington

Oceanside Beach San Diego is a great place worth checking out that is less touristy than some of its sister California beaches.

Offering overnight beach camping, whale and dolphin outdoor activities it’s one worth checking out.

Though Oceanside Beach may not be that dog friendly, there are plenty of gorgeous San Diego beaches that are pup friendly. Read this article where we breakdown what dog friendly beaches you should be visiting.

Don’t forget that Oceanside Beach is one of those beautiful North County beaches that people forget exist.

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

5 BEACH MUST-HAVES: Gear up for a sun-soaked adventure! Do you have yours?

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