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Just two sisters traveling the U.S. coastlines.

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Hi, there!

And welcome to our site!

We are two sisters Jess and Jeanette from Southern California who founded Unseen Beaches.

Our inspiration for creating this site came from our childhood experiences.

Growing up our family vacations consisted of going to the beaches.

Our parents couldn’t afford to take all their children to popular family destinations such as Europe, out-of-state, or even Disney.

They were always trying to find the cheapest, least expensive, or even better free things to do as a family.

Our family beach vacations were composed of homemade sandwiches, watermelon, and any other snacks our mother could get in bulk from Costco.

As we got older we began to venture out on our own.

Exploring the beaches from our homeland in San Diego up to Monterrey Bay Beach.

You can read more about our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, here.

Then one day we decided to pack up our bags, bid farewell to California, and say hello to Florida.

P.S. Our parents didn’t approve – but we did it anyways.

We lived in Florida for several years and explored these east coast beaches as well.

Although our family vacations weren’t as fancy as other families, they did teach us a lot!

“We learned to appreciate the beauty of the sea and bond as a family.”

BBQs, sandcastles, and burying each other in the sand always brought nostalgic memories of our childhood days!

We started this site about our beach experiences.

The beaches we have had the privilege to visit and see.

Our number one goal is to show you everything we know about some of the U.S. beaches we have visited so you can plan yours with your loved ones.

As well, as bringing awareness of our coastal waters.

Teaching those to be responsible beach travelers.

The beaches hold a special part of our childhood memories but also play a vital role in our planet.

We must learn to protect them.

We hope this site gives you inspiration for planning your beach vacations as well as awareness of protecting these amazing U.S. beaches.

Safe beach travels,

Jess and Jeanette



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