Hey there… We are Jess and Jeanette, two sisters from Southern California.

Who help travelers discover the best beach vacations across the U.S.A in hopes of inspiring and planning your next beach vacation.

Growing up our family vacations consisted of going to the beaches. Our parents couldn’t afford to take all of us children to popular destinations such as Europe or Disney.

They were always trying to find the cheapest, least expensive, or even better free things to do as a family.

Our family beach vacations were composed of homemade sandwiches, watermelon, and any snacks our mom could get in bulk from Costco.

If we were lucky, sometimes we would eat ice cream at a mom-and-pop shop on the beach.

As we grew older we began to venture out on our own. Exploring the beaches from our homeland in San Diego up to Pismo Beach.

You can read more about our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, here.

Then in 2016, we decided to pack up our bags say farewell to California, and set out to start a new journey in Florida. Exploring these east coast beaches as well.

We started this site from our own experiences. From all the beaches we have had the privilege to explore.

Although our vacations weren’t as fancy as other families, it did teach us a lot. We learned to appreciate the beauty of the sea as well as bond as a family together.

BBQs, sandcastles, and burying each other in the sand always bring a reminder of our childhood days.

 Our number one goal is to show you everything we know about some of the U.S. beaches we have visited. As well, as bringing awareness of our coastal waters.

Teaching those to be responsible for beach travelers. The beaches hold a special part of our childhood memories, but also play a vital role in our planet.

We must learn to protect them.

We hope this beach blog gives you inspiration as well as awareness of these amazing U.S. beaches. You can check out our posts below to access all our traveled places.