How To Have An Amazing Time in Cocoa Beach Fl So You Can See All the Top Things

If your wondering what kinds of things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida, then you’re in for a treat!

Cocoa Beach is one of those beaches that will keep your vacation busy from start to finish.

It offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Cocoa Beach Florida is a popular beach among tourist due to it proximity to Orlando. It is perfect for those who want to break away from the touristic city or theme park madness.

I am sure you will need it, after standing in long crowded lines!

If you do decide to visit Cocoa Beach from Orlando, then be sure to check out Cocoa Beach to Orlando article here.

 It will break down exactly what you need to know if you are traveling from that direction.

Top Things To Do in Cocoa Beach Florida

When it comes to entertainment and attractions in Cocoa Beach there are things galore. It comes down to your liking and seeing what kinds of activities you want to do.

Since the amount of things are countless, it is here where you can see a summary of the top things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida.


Cocoa Beach

If you are visiting Cocoa Beach then one the first things you should do is take a swim in the ocean. Slip off your sandals and find a parking spot outside the pier area or in a designated lot and walk to it.

One of the things that Cocoa Beach is known for is the stunning sunrise. If can arrive early to catch it then you won’t be disappointed. The spectacular sunrise is what gives the mood for everything else. Plus, you are sure to get an amazing parking spot if you arrive early.                                                                                                                                                                         

Cocoa Beach Pier

If you do find yourself at the beach then you must make the time to walk on the pier. If you get hungry then the pier is one of those popular places you can catch a delicious meal. There are chairs in the pier where you can sit and watch the beach waves while eating your food.

As a side note, more than half of the pier does contain restaurants and bars, so you can only walk so far.

Lori Wilson Park

If you are visiting and enjoy walks down the beach then do not forget to walk south to Lori Wilson Park. It is one of the more popular parks to check out.

What makes this area really popular is that there is an amazing boardwalk you can actually walk on.

There is very easy beach access from the boardwalk. You can even find picnic tables, a nice pavilion, bathrooms, and even a small playground for children here.

Ron Jon Surf Shop

This store has everything you need from surfboard rentals to swim gear, sunglasses, and hats. If you are missing any beach essentials then this shop will surely have you covered. It is interesting to check out since you can also find the Florida Surf Museum inside.

Even though the museum is small you can still find many interesting exhibits and vintage surfboards. You can learn the timeline of surfing and the history of Cocoa Beach and how it all began.

Top Family Things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida


Since summer is family time and the beach is a must, then check out some other cool  ways to entertain the kiddos. There is a lot you can do in one day, but if you are here for a couple days then spread your activities out.

Historic Cocoa Beach Village

This little street is the equivalence of what you can find while shopping in New Smyrna Flagler Avenue. Check out the article about New Smyrna right here. It here where you can find boutiques, restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and everything in between.

The gift shops are very heart warming since they contain many cute little accessories and souvenirs.

I REALLY…AND I MEAN REALLY had to hold myself from purchasing every cute little thing I saw.

The nice thing about this place is that you can bring your furry friend since it is a very dog friendly area.

There is a park near the river where you can see children enjoying the water spouts. It makes it very family friendly.

Exploration Tower

If you want to see a fantastic view of the amazing beachfront then do not forget to check this place out. It is found closer to Port Canaveral, where you can see incredible views from a birds eye atop the observation deck. You do have to pay admission, but if you buy them online you can get a discount. It is pretty neat seeing the cruises sail out to sea.

A Mini Golf Course

Cocoa Beach offers a couple of places where you can enjoy mini golf for you and your family. There are nice putt courses throughout the different parks. There is even a mini golf course that will also allow you to play around enclosed alligator ponds.

It is both friendly for adults and children, since it will keep you entertained for hours. A perfect activity to checkout while here.

Other Neat Things to Check Out near Cocoa Beach


If you do have a couple days near town and would like to check out some nearby attractions then definitely head to some of these places.

Places within Driving Distance from Cocoa Beach Florida

Brevard Zoo

This place is found not too far from Cocoa Beach and is perfect for exploring. You can easily spend a couple of hours roaming around and seeing the animals in there natural habitat.

I know I did

The animals are well taken care of and it’s a clean zoo for families to enjoy. There’s a splash zone for children to play in and overall the zoo is a perfect size to cover in a small amount of time. 

The nice thing about this zoo is that if you go during non peak season, it is very quiet and there are no large crowds!

The prices are very fair too.

Kennedy Space Center

This place is within driving distance to Cocoa Beach and it is perfect if you have an extra day to spend. It is and educational type museum since it is very informative and Interactive.

You can most definitely spend a whole day here since it is filled with simulation rides, and other entertaining activities such as great movies.



Cocoa Beach Florida is one of those beaches that you must visit. You can easily see everything you need to in 1-3 days.

There really is unlimited entertainment.

But there are some things you can definitely add to your list.

One of the top things you must do is definitely visit the beach. This is a must-do!

I mean if you are coming to Cocoa Beach, why wouldn’t you? Right?

Not to mention you have to see the Cocoa Beach Pier! The sunrise and sunset are amazing.

Even though, more than the half the pier is made of restaurants, you can still fish or pay to walk it.

If you start getting hungry then you can most definitely eat on the pier with one of the most fantastic views of the water. There are loads of restaurants and seafood options to choose from!

Hence, it is a win win.

Check out Lori Wilson park since it is a popular place to park and stay at. You will find a convenient park along with bathrooms, a pavilion, and even a play area for children.

If your into shopping then check out Ron Jon Surf Shop, where you can find any beachwear or boogie board you need.

Make it out to Cocoa Historic Village, its a nice downtown area you need to check out.

If you want to see other popular things around Cocoa Beach then check out places like Brevard Zoo and the Space Kennedy Center.

They are all within driving distances.

Whatever it is you decide to do, hopefully this will be a great start to a fun filled beach vacation at Cocoa Beach.

What is your favorite thing to do in Cocoa Beach?

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