7 Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes for the Beach & Outdoors In 2022

Cruiser bikes are one of the best pieces of equipment you can put on a road trip.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best cruiser bikes for women.

Take these on public roads, and you can feel the sun hitting your face as the wind caresses your skin.

It’s a great gift for yoga classes, errands, or beach outings in the summer.

The great thing about these women’s beach cruisers is that they’re all designed to be easy to use.

After all, many are notorious for being difficult to start, especially for women who find firm pedals difficult to use.

Designed to adapt to female weight ratios for a smooth ride, the following bikes can say goodbye to these challenges.


These bikes have been carefully chosen because they are stylish and because they are very well made and relatively light.

Now without the hassle, here is our selection of the Best Woman’s cruiser bike. May you choose wisely.

Electra Loft 7i Women’s Bike


  • Bike Type: Cruiser Bike
  • Shifters: 7-speed twist
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Number of Gears: 7 gear(s)
  • WHEEL SIZE: 700c

Product Features:

  • Despite being stopped, the 7-speed internal gear hub allows for easy shifting
  • The alloy dual-pivot caliper brakes provide quick and frequent stopping ability
  • Making 700c wheels perfect for navigating city streets and alleys
  • This bike is outfitted with color-matched fenders and an alloy rack at the back
  • You can customize your ride with a basket, bell, or crate (not included)


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight


  • It is unsuitable for terrain with a lot of bumps.

Product Description:

With its simple design and lightweight frame, the ELECTRA Loft 7I Step-Through Women’s Bike is not your average bike but a premium cruiser that is stylish, confident, and easy to navigate around the city.

The patented Flat Foot Technology geometry offers an upright, relaxed pedaling position and allows you to easily and comfortably put both feet down on the ground when stopped.

Plus, with a 7-speed internal gear hub, you can easily shift even while stopped. The 700c wheels are ideal for navigating city streets and alleys, and the color-matched fenders keep you looking sharp no matter what the weather throws your way.

Bikes come equipped with an alloy rear rack, so you can easily bring along all of your essentials. Personalize your ride with a basket, bell or crate (not included), and get ready to explore in comfort.

In addition, the bike features backward-opening handlebars with ergonomic rubber grips to support an upright riding position and provides a comfortable and stylish ride.

Electra Loft 7D Bike


  • Bike Type: Cruiser Bike
  • Brand: Electra
  • Wheel Size: 28 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 7

Product Features:

  • A simple 7-speed setup offers a good range of gears for commuting
  • Painted fenders protect against road spray
  • Wide tires add stability
  • This bike is lightweight and very easy to use
  • It comes with a variety of useful accessories
  • It allows women to ride comfortably


  • Comfortable seating
  • Looks stylish and elegant
  • Durable
  • Comes in two colors


  • Beginners might have trouble switching gears efficiently

Product Description:

Although expensive, this ELECTRA LOFT 7D Woman’s cruiser bike is another great product from the brand.

Designed for security and convenience, it is ideal for users of all experience levels.

It comes with a 700c wheel size and 7 gears.

In addition to the unique stepped design, it comes with the industry’s first plug-in mount for a very comfortable ride.

The frame is designed to prevent up to 80% of back pain from a regular bike.

This 7-speed gear bike uses a forward pedaling system to stretch your legs even more and go faster.

Both the tire frame and spokes are made of aluminum and steel.

The tires are made of treated rubber, making them ideal for use on beaches, country tracks, and similar terrain.

The shock absorber and seat are synchronized and designed to share the load for a smooth ride on any terrain.

Electra Townie Bike


  • Bike Type cruiser bike
  • Brand Electra
  • WHEEL SIZE 26 inches
  • Weight 34 lbs. 8 oz.

Products Features:

  • Electra’s signature style combines quality, comfort, and value in the Townie 7D.
  • There were three different assist levels for varying terrain.
  • The Townie reached its top speed quickly.
  • A wide-range cassette made it possible to ride without power.
  • There were several colorways available to buyers.


  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-install step-through frame
  • With durable 2″ cruiser tires
  • Transportable rear rack


  • Simple LCDs don’t provide speed or range information.

Product Description:

Townie 7D is an affordable option for known brands.

This electric bike is perfect for city commuting.

In any case, the comfortable seating position and flexible balloon tires ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

The hub drive motor and rack-mount battery keep the Townie affordable.

Reviewers found the advertised 20-mile range with the highest support to be accurate.

Offered from the lowest level to 50 miles.

Reliable entry-level option.

This bike has a classic look, with a relaxed and comfortable upright body position and a smooth, balanced and calm ride.

The rear cargo rack discreetly houses the 309 battery pack that powers the 250 W rear hub motor.

Pedaling is improved to a speed of 20 mph with its three levels of pedal assist.

Given the small battery size, testing was impressing with a range of more than 24 miles per hour with minimal driver input.

It had a basic and functional user interface and was one of the most accessible models to assemble.

It wasn’t comparable to the overall performance of premium models, but it’s a good option for riders looking for a comfortable, unpretentious bike.

TRACER TAHA Beach Cruiser


  • Bike Type Cruiser Bike
  • Brand Tracer
  • Wheel Size 26 Inches
  • Color WHITE

Product Features:

  • This beach cruiser is designed for your comfort and relaxation. It has 26″x2.125″ wheels, and a seat height of 32″.
  • A wide, double-spring cushioned seat and high-density foam grips ensure tailbone comfort on long rides.
  • An ISO bottom bracket with a CrMo square axle and wrought iron-bearing shells of the highest quality
  • Pedal backward to stop with the intuitive rear coaster brake.


  • Comfort and relaxation Wheels
  • Easy to ride
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Excellent shifter and brakes
  • Colors in fashion design


  • It’s a bit challenging to assemble

Product Description:

TRACER TAHA Beach Cruiser is a perfect choice for you to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and freedom.

This is comfort and relaxation.

The 26″x 2.125″ inch wheel model has become the ultimate cruiser bike with its solid front fork suspension mechanism.

Beach cruisers are known to provide comfort, having a suspension mechanism that changes the overall settings.

This bike can disperse it efficiently, so don’t worry if you hit rough roads.

In addition, the newly launched fashion multi-color wide cruiser bar and spring-loaded soft tower cruiser seat firmly flex your body and arms for a comfortable ride.

Wide handlebars and upright riding positions provide a comfortable position.

Therefore, women can ride for a long time without feeling tired on their shoulders and back.

This design contributes to ultimate comfort. It is also equipped with front fenders and rear fenders to prevent splashing.

Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Through Bike


  • Bike Type: Cruiser bike
  • Brand: Electra
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches
  • Bike Frame Material: Steel

Product Features:

  • A simple single-speed drivetrain means you don’t have to fuss with gear.
  • Rear coaster brakes are practical, intuitive, and easy to use. To apply the brakes, simply press the pedal.
  • The 26-inch wheels with knobbly tires are stable even in low-speed turns.
  • Most types of shoes and sandals are compatible with platform pedals. The full-length chain guard prevents trouser legs from getting tangled in oil.


  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • It is perfect for travel
  • Good shift and brakes


  • Poor-quality tires

Product Description:

The Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Through Bike is a bike that says FUN.

Combining a rigid and lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork provides a very flexible and comfortable ride.

This bike features a classic beach touring bike that is ideal for neighborhood riding.

Riding upright will always be comfortable for your back and shoulders.

The bike is for women, so the controls and ride quality are perfect.

You can choose from 3 to 7-speed derailleurs, both of which are easy to use.

This best women’s beach cruiser includes derailleur and brake adjustments, lateral wheel trimming, hub, and header bearing adjustments, tire expansion, and chain lubrication.

Schwinn Sanctuary Bike


  • Bike Type Hybrid Bike
  • Brand Schwinn
  • Wheel Size 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds 7
  • Color Red

Product Features:

  • The full fenders prevent mud from getting on your clothing, while the rear cargo rack lets you carry everything you need.
  • A 7-speed twist shifter lets you handle the performance.
  • Lightweight and strong alloy rims keep you going.


  • Designed in the classic style
  • A great brake system
  • Construction that is lightweight and robust


  • Seat issue

Product Description

If you want to go a little farther and buy lattes and cappuccinos as well as cruisers, you can have a hill or two on the way to your favorite bagel shop.

Then the Schwinn Sanctuary may be your best bet.

It’s probably a much more classic design than the others on this list, but what a classic design!

And that’s how it should be. This frame is based on the original design.

This cruiser bike is an excellent bike for the money and women riders, from the raised, rotated handlebars to the rear racks, slick rubber pedals, and fenders.

Electra Townie Go! Electric Bike


  • Bike Type: Electric Bike
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line 250 W
  • Battery Capacity(WH): 400 watt hours
  • Weight: 49 lbs. 8 oz.

Product Features:

  • It features Class 1: pedal assist up to 20 mph
  • It operates on Lithium Battery
  • It take about 6.5 hours for it to charge
  • There is about 8 gears on this bike
  • Uses mechanical disk brakes


  • Suitable for a variety of terrains
  • Great design for a e-bike
  • Perfect for adventure riding


  • Is a heavy to carry

Product Description:

Hop on the Electra Townie Go! 8D EQ Step-Thru Electric Bike and enjoy a relaxed ride around town.

This 250 W Bosch Active Line Gen 3 motor reaches a top assisted speed of 20 mph, so you can zip through traffic with ease.

The Bosch Purion display tracks your ride statistics and makes changing between assist modes a breeze.

Pedal assist takes you 20–70 mi., with 4 levels of support from Eco to Turbo. Charging is quick and easy with the PowerPack 400 battery and 2 amp charger.

Thanks to patented Flat Foot Technology®, you can easily place both feet flat on the ground when you come to a stop.

Front and rear LED lighting provides visibility in low-light conditions

Buying Guide: How To Choose A Best Woman’s Cruiser Bike

Cruise bikes require a lot of investment. Be sure to choose the right bike for you.

So what should you consider before buying?

Bike Size and Fit

The most important consideration when looking for a shore cruiser is the size of the wheel.

Bikes come in different frame sizes to fit riders of different heights.

The two most common sizes are 24 inches and 26 inches.

The first is ideal for riders 4-5 feet tall, and the second for riders 5-6 feet tall. Long (adult).

If you make a mistake in the size of your bike, remember that the ride will be uncomfortable and difficult.

Always use the manufacturer’s size chart to determine the appropriate bike size.


The metal of the beach cruiser frame is essential. Steel frames are sturdy but require more maintenance to prevent rust and paint from peeling.

If the frame is not protected from excessive heat and humidity, the frame may show signs of aging.

Also, the steel frame is comparatively heavier than the aluminum frame, making it difficult to transport your bike.

Consider the portability of your steel bike before you buy it.

If your building does not have an elevator big enough to accommodate your bike, you may have to climb the stairs.

In this case, the aluminum-framed bike is much lighter and easier to transport.

Brake Type

Brakes are an essential part of a bike cruiser as they can slow down or stall when riding at high speeds or cycling uphill.

They give you control of your bike.

Single-speed bikes usually have coaster brakes, while multi-speed models have a handbrake.

Coaster brakes are excellent in that they minimize rim wear and are effective even in the rain.

On the other hand, the handbrake tends to generate less heat at the rim, reducing the stress on the bicycle wheels.

However, it can be ineffective in bad weather and may require more frequent replacement depending on how often you use your bike.


They can be offered as single-speed or multi-speed bikes, especially when it comes to shore excursion bikes.

Traditional cruiser bikes are offered as single-speed bikes, but some offer 3-7 speed variations to increase user reliability.

What you do is entirely up to you.

If you want to relax along the beach or on the asphalt roads of the city, one speed is enough.

However, if you need to ride uphill or downhill, you should choose a speedy shore excursion bike as a single speed won’t help.

If you live on hills, you should choose a speedy bike as you can switch to different speeds when riding uphill and return to the lowest speeds when riding downhill.

Tips and Tricks

  • Invest in a multi-speed beach cruiser
  • Keep your beach bike clean for long lasting quality
  • Lubricate the bike chain for a smooth ride
  • Make sure your seat is adjusted correctly
  • Ensure that you have enough air in your tires
  • Your brakes should be aligned
  • Keep your bike tuned up


What size cruiser bike should a 5’2 woman get?

Women in this height range are fine with a 15-16 inch bike frame.

What is a cruiser bike best for?

Cruiser bikes are another popular type of bike with optimal seating movements such as upright or reclining for a comfortable and relaxed ride in the city. They usually have a wheel size of 26 inches with fat tires, providing better control and a comfortable driving experience.

With a single-speed cruiser bike, you can travel comfortably and comfortably on the asphalt flat road. High-speed bikes can also help you tackle challenging terrain and hills. ..

What is the most comfortable cruiser bike?

There are plenty of women’s beach cruisers on our list today, but the best is the Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Bike, a 26-inch single-speed cruiser bike. It is easy and quiet with a padded seat and relaxing driving.

Can you lose weight riding a cruiser bike?

The answer is “Yes” because beach cruiser bikes are a great way to stay very modestly active during your vacation. Cycling is, of course, a less effective exercise. Not only can you do full-body training, but you can also strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, fight fatigue, and reduce mental congestion.


Beach cruisers open a fun way to explore nature and find time to free yourself from monotonous life.

A slow and relaxing bike ride has been proven to have a calming effect on your body and brain.

That’s why you need to invest your hard-earned money in a suitable cruiser bike.

The bikes listed above are some of the best on the market, and three of them are our top picks.

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