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This is Jess and Jeanette and we are here to help you with everything related to beach vacations in the US.

We grew up on the west coast of Southern California and most of our childhood family vacations were at the beaches.

As we grew older, we branched out on our own and took a road trip up the coastlines of California.

One of the most inspiring beach vacation trips ever!

We started this site from our love for vacations at the sea. We are not surfers, nor beachcombers, but we do share a passion for the sea.

Our goal is to show you everything we know about USA beaches.

From the best restaurants, beach camping spots, weddings on to the beach, and even dog-friendly beaches.

We hope to inspire you and your family to get out there and plan your next beach vacation!


Beaches Visited

You can learn more about several US beach vacations taken so far in the blog, here.