21 Best Accessories for Paddle Boarding and Kayaking in 2023

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Having the best accessories for paddle boarding and kayaking will not only keep you prepared but will allow you to have more fun in the water.

It’s always helpful to go in the water, all prepared and equipped.

With these accessories, you can enjoy kayaking the way it should be.

Overview Kayak & Paddle board accessories:

  1. Personal Floating Device (PFD)
  2. Kayak Paddle
  3. ISUP Pump
  4. Waterproof Backpack
  5. Dog Traction Pad
  6. Emergency Whistle
  7. Headlamp + extra batteries
  8. Spray Skirt
  9. Paddle Suit
  10. Water Shoes
  11. Sun Hat
  12. Paddle Float
  13. Paddling Knife
  14. Towline
  15. GPS
  16. Two-way Radios
  17. Compass
  18. Watch
  19. Float Bags
  20. Paddle Leash
  21. Waterproof Cases

These accessories are also essential for you everyday kayaking or paddling boarding needs.

Most of the items listed below are essential to save your life in emergencies.

Other items make your kayaking experience less hectic and energy-draining, and more fun.

So let us begin the hunt for the best accessories for paddle boarding and kayaking.

The products reviewed below are the expert’s choice for kayaking.

#1. Personal Floating Device (PFD)


  • 3D outer shell
  • Drain panels
  • Advanced air foam technology
  • Front zipper


  • Super lightweight
  • Supports spine
  • Durable belts
  • Inner cushioning
  • Provides flexibility


  • Narrow size

Product Description:

Mishaps can happen anytime. That is why you must carry a life jacket while paddle boarding.

The Phantom women’s PFD by Body Glove is super lightweight.

It is crafted with advanced air foam technology, so you don’t feel any heaviness or bulkiness while kayaking.

The segmented neoprene panels provide you flexibility and comfort.

For floatation, there are soft PVC foams which add to the lightness of the PFD.

Your comfort is Body Fit’s priority, as represented by this life jacket.

There is a protection pad at the back for supporting your spine.

The strong belts, along with the concealed buckle straps, hold the vest in position.

#2. Kayak Paddle


  • Asymmetrical blades
  • Adjustable paddle positioning system
  • Fiber-reinforced blades
  • Breaks into 3 pieces


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Adjustable blades
  • Sturdy

Product Description:

This kayak paddle by Body Glove will take your paddle boarding experience to the next level. It has asymmetrical blades that have a maximum area in contact with the water.

This means you can SUP like a shark in the ocean.

The most incredible fact about this kayak paddle is that it is fully customizable.

This means that you can adjust the paddle position according to your height and paddleboard’s width.

The blades are made from fiber and have gas injected so it provides a smooth slide when you paddle.

You can adjust the blades up to 60 degrees as per your convenience. This kayak paddle breaks down into 3 pieces.

This makes it super easy to store and also carry.

It is lightweight, which means you won’t be experiencing any fatigue or pain at the end of the day.

#3: ISUP Pump


  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Universal valve fitting
  • Long hose


  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Continuous air supply


  • No pressure gauge

Product Description:

The dual action ISUP hand pump by Body Glove is a must-have accessory for every paddle board lover.

This pump is the best for inflating paddle boards as it has dual actions.

This means that air will be filled when the pump moves not only up but also down.

The hose of the pump fits in almost all ISUP valves.

The pump fills up the kayak without requiring too much of your effort.

It has a pressure of 19 PSI.

So rest assured that your paddleboard will be firm and buoyant.

#4: Waterproof Backpack


  • PVC Tarpaulin construction
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Extra pockets
  • Water-resistant zipper tape


  • Fully waterproof
  • Extra space
  • Padded shoulders


  • A bit expensive

Product Description:

The Advenire top backpack by Body Glove is perfect for keeping all your accessories for paddle boarding and kayaking.

It is made from PVC Tarpaulin, which makes it waterproof.

So no matter how wild you go while kayaking, the stuff inside your bag will remain dry.

The zippers are crafted with extra care.

They have water-resistant tape that protects them from rust and corrosion.

The bag is pretty spacious, so you can keep all your items easily.

There is also a front pocket and two side zip pockets.

The padded shoulder straps make it easy for you to hang the bag all day.

#5: Dog Traction Pad for isup


  • Closed-cell EVA foam
  • 3M self-adhesive backing
  • Large surface


  • Great traction
  • Sticks tightly to the board
  • Compatible with all the boards


  • You may require extra glue

Product Description:

Paddle boarding is even more fun when you have a dog on board.

Your dog will love this amazing dog traction pad by SUP-NOW.

It is made from closed cell EVA foam.

It is a durable material that does not add weight to the paddle board.

This SUP traction pad for dogs has an outstanding grip.

It won’t let your dog slip away even when the tides are high.

It is super easy to install.

The self-adhesive backing sticks to the kayak firmly.

What I love most is that this traction pad can fit any paddle board.

It is definitely something worth looking into if you plan on bringing your pup along with you to all the adventures.

#6: Emergency Whistle


  • Main chamber has a waterproof pea
  • Universal locking safety clip
  • 120 decibel sound


  • Creates high pitched sound
  • Slip-resistant grip
  • Hand-free mouth grip


  • Requires powerful blow for high sound

Product Description:

A whistle is a very important accessory that you should keep while paddle boarding.

It is a lifesaver if you are caught in trouble.

This emergency whistle is very strategically crafted to work perfectly in the water.

The main chamber is waterproof and creates a sound of 120 decibels.

There are also two secondary chambers that create an omni directional passage for the sound.

This construction makes sure that the sound of the whistle is loud and clear.

The whistle provides a firm grip even when your hands are wet.

It is designed so you can use it hands-free

#7: Headlamp + extra batteries


  • 3 LED battery meter
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Digital lock mode


  • Provides red night vision
  • Proximity and distance mode settings
  • Waterproof
  • Brightness memory


  • Not durable
  • Poor battery life

Product Description:

The Black Diamond spot 350 headlamp is essential for paddle boarding.

It allows you to explore the lakes and go as far as you want.

You can adjust the brightness of the headlamp and go as bright or dim as you want.

On the brightest setting, the headlamp emits 350 lumens.

The brightness memory automatically adjusts the brightness according to the natural light.

There is also a proximity and distance mode so you can have a look at the far objects.

The red night vision makes the scene visible at night.

The most amazing thing is that this head lamp for paddle boarding is waterproof.

The battery meter will indicate the battery life.

The headlamp requires 3 AAA batteries to operate.

I recommend the Energizer MAX alkaline AAA batteries.

They are the best quality AAA batteries available in the market.

The shelf life is over 10 years and leak resistance is for up to 2 years.

#8: Spray Skirt


  • Nylon pack cloth with polyurethane coating
  • Bungee ring gripping system
  • Removable elastic shoulder straps
  • Neoprene waist


  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Extra pockets
  • Tensioned deck to prevent pooling of water


  • Difficult to remove

Product Description:

If you are planning to do some kayaking in the winter in local lakes or bays, then the spray skirt may be something you would want to consider.

Seals Sneak spray skirt will keep you dry and warm during cold weather.

It is made from nylon and has a polyurethane coating for next-level water resistance.

The bungee ring gripping system firmly adheres to the cockpit.

The deck creates a tension that makes a convex shape which prevents the accumulation of water in the skirt.

The zipper is also waterproof, so it won’t get rusted with time.

It starts from the waistband and ends at the deck, creating a taut, making it easy for you to put the spray skirt on and off.

The shoulder straps provide you stability on the paddle board.

There are small pockets on the deck for storing your accessories.

This spray skirt has a very durable construction, so it will be your kayaking partner for a long time.

#9: Paddle Suit


  • 80% nylon 20% spandex
  • Crossover style
  • UPF 50 fabric
  • Flatlock seams


  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Multi-purpose


  • No bust pad

Product Description:

This paddle suit by Body Glove is perfect for kayaking.

It is made from nylon which is the best material for water sports clothes.

The bodysuit is designed to be comfortable.

The front zip makes it easy to put the suit on and off.

As the suit has a cross-over style, you can wear it both in and out of the water.

The most unique feature of this paddle suit is that the fabric is UPF 50+.

So you don’t have to worry about getting sunburns.

#10: Water Shoes


  • Waterproof construction
  • Armor patches
  • Plastic shims in the sole for protection


  • Fits perfectly
  • Amazing traction
  • Drawcords for fitting
  • Rubber bands for stability


  • No drain holes

Product Description:

The NRS kicker remix water shoes are super soft and comfy.

They fit so naturally that it feels like your feet.

While paddle boarding, it is important to keep your feet warm.

That is why these shoes are constructed with 3mm terrapene neoprene.

These materials are waterproof hence you won’t get annoyed by wet feet.

The outsole is made from rubber and is patterned to provide traction.

It also protects your feet from sharp rocks.

The shoe top drawcord makes the shoes fit tightly.

#11: Sun Hat


  • Downsloping brim
  • Durable water-repellent finish
  • UPF 50
  • Breathable membrane


  • Looks stylish
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Travel friendly
  • Perfect for rainy weather


  • No cons

Product Description:

The Sunday Afternoons Shade Goddess hat is something that you should never forget when kayaking.

Its UPF 50+ saves you from harmful radiation from the sun.

The hat’s brim has a downward angle, so the water won’t splash on your face if it rains.

The hat overall has a waterproof membrane to keep you safe from rain and snow.

It also has a durable water-repellent layer finish that prevents the accumulation of moisture.

The inner is lined with mesh to make the cap breathable.

The chin strap is adjustable, so you can be as comfortable as you want.

#12: Paddle Float


  • Nylon outer shell
  • Dual air chambers
  • Reflective tape


  • Amazing buoyancy
  • Backup air chamber
  • Barrel-lock drawcord


  • Small mesh panel

Product Description:

The NRS sea kayak paddle float is every kayak’s first choice.

The dual air chambers of the paddle float ensure 100% safety.

Each chamber holds 7-liter air, so you get buoyancy from a total of 14 liters of air.

It easily slips over the blade.

The drawcord secures the paddle float to the shaft of the paddle.

The paddle float has a reflective tape that gets visible at night.

#13: Paddling Knife


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Glass-reinforced propylene handle
  • Blunt safety tip
  • Serrated and smooth edges


  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Secure nylon sheath
  • Firm grip
  • Pocket friendly


  • Not sharp enough
  • Rigid nylon sheath

Product Description:

NRS pilot river knife has a very captivating look.

It has a 3 inches stainless steel blade.

The blade has both plain and serrated sides and a blunt tip for safety.

The polypropylene handle has molded rubber that provides a firm grip.

The handle has a bottle opener, so you don’t have to carry one.

The blade remains locked in a nylon sheath and releases with just a squeeze.

#14: Towline


  • Nylon belt and webbing
  • Reflective tape
  • Mesh bottom for drainage


  • Durable
  • Provides secure grip


No cons

Product Description:

To be on the safe side, you should carry a towline with you while kayaking.

NRS kayak towline is perfect for beginners, children, and people who like paddle boarding on high tides.

The heavy-duty plastic clip of the towline easily attaches to the paddleboard.

The wide nylon belt adjusts to the waists of up to 50 inches.

The quick-release button makes it easy to adjust the waist belt.

For high tides lovers, there is a bungee cord that makes towing easy.

A metal ring secures the bungee cord to the waistband, ensuring safety.

#15: GPS


  • GNSS and multi-band technology
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible
  • Routable TopoActive mapping
  • ABC sensors


  • Large screen display
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Waterproof


  • Irreplaceable battery

Product Description:

If you want a travel buddy that can guide you through the water, then Garmin GPSMAP is for you.

Due to this device’s extended global navigation satellite systems, it navigates you better than a GPS.

By using Geocaching live, it tells you an accurate forecast so you can plan accordingly.

This device is also compatible with the Garmin Explore website and app to tell you accurate predictions on the field.

The Garmin GPSMAP 65 has a large display screen visible in sunlight.

It has a rechargeable battery.

#16: Two-Way Radios


  • FRS and GMRS compatible
  • Receives NOAA signals
  • SOS alerts
  • 10 call alerts
  • Vibrate mode


  • Bright LCD screen
  • Keypad lock
  • Dual battery options
  • Power saver mode


  • Short-range

Product Description:

Midland two-way radios have a waterproof construction that makes them perfect for kayaking.

It has a high, medium, and low power mode, so you can save battery in emergencies.

You can talk to up to 10 people at a time.

The vibrate mode will alert your friends when you are about to speak.

You can also speak to one person only without alerting others.

With the whisper mode, you can speak very quietly, and still be clearly heard.

It receives all NOAA weather updates and emergency alerts.

The display is large, and the LCD backlight makes it easy to read.

This GPS device has a rechargeable battery and can also operate on four AA batteries.

#17: Compass


  • Rotating bezel
  • Liquid filled capsule
  • Hardened steel needle


  • Clips easily
  • Easy to read
  • Cheap price


  • Needle may get stuck
  • Loose clipping

Product Description:

If you like to travel the traditional way, you can ditch the GPS and get a compass.

It is the most travel-friendly compass you can ever find.

The rotating bezel has markings in 10-degree increments.

The jewel bearing and the liquid-filled capsule, along with the steel needle, make it super easy to read the compass.

The size of the compass is very compact.

You can clip it conveniently in your bag, map, or even your sleeve.

It has small dimensions, but the markings are very prominent, so you can know your direction with just a glance.

#18 Watch


  • Uses GPS
  • Connect IQ store compatible
  • Pace pro feature


  • Suggests workouts
  • Long battery life
  • Race time predictions


  • Does not show accurate distance
  • A bit difficult to learn

Product Description:

Garmin Forerunner 55 is more than a watch that just tells you time.

It has GPS that tracks your distance, speed, and location.

This watch is perfect for a fitness freak.

It monitors your heart rate and also tracks your daily physical activity, and suggests your workouts accordingly.

It becomes a part of your body monitoring your respiration rate and intensity minutes.

The incredible PacePro will provide you with pace guidance for a selected route.

This feature is amazing for people who want to do paddle board racing as it will help you pre-make a strategy.

You can download apps from the Connect IQ store.

The watch has a battery life of 2 weeks and can run up to 20 hours in GPS-only mode.

#19: Float Bags


  • 10-gauge urethane
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes


  • Leakproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Buoyant


  • Some people may not like the material

Product Description:

The NRS kayak floatation bag has dimensions that make it fit into the majority of paddleboards.

It is available in three sizes, so you can choose according to your cockpit’s dimensions.

This NRS float bag is made from urethane.

NRS guarantees that it will not leak or delaminate in the middle of paddleboarding.

It makes your boat float higher and move faster.

#20: Paddle Leash


  • 3 ft long
  • Shock Cord


  • It is a lifesaving essential that is a must for kayaking.
  • It secures tightly to the paddle and the kayak.

Product Description:

The bungee paddle leash by NRS is essential for kayaking. It is a 3ft long cord.

Its loop attaches to the paddle blade, and you can attach the other end with either your vest or your kayak.

It is a shock cord that proves to be most useful in case you drop your kayak paddle in the water.

#21: Waterproof Case


  • Thermoplastic urethane material
  • Roll-top closure
  • Welded seams


  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Neck strap included


Not for long-term underwater use

Product Description:

The Waterproof Case by sea summit keeps your items like mobile and maps safe from water.

It is a transparent bag made from thermoplastic polyurethane.

The roll-top closure seals the bag, so not a single drop of water enters.

Buying Guide

To narrow everything down for you, all these item are practically needed for both paddle boarding and kayaking.

However, you can categorize the best accessories for paddle boarding and kayaking into the following three areas:

The Necessities

This includes essential items that you can leave behind when paddle boarding or kayaking.

First and foremost, you need an inflatable paddle board of very high quality.

The size and shape of the board depend upon your height and weight. Here are the best ones we recommend.

A SUP paddle is what takes you through the water. Make sure to buy one that is lightweight.

The length of the shaft and the degree of rotation of the blades should be in accordance with your height.

Your clothing and footwear should be water-friendly.

Make sure to wear a swimsuit and water shoes.

This will keep you warm and comfortable in the cold water.

The Safety Equipment

Many people ignore this, but you need to keep yourself safe while paddle boarding.

Safety equipment for paddle boarding is crafted to help you in unfavorable conditions.

One should not even imagine going paddle boarding without a PFD.

You also need a paddle float, towline, paddle leash, float bags, and paddling knife.

A GPS device or a compass guides you in the sea.

It allows you to explore and go as far as possible. You can also keep a radio phone for safety

The Accessories

I would not just call them accessories as they are also very important.

But you will also be okay without them.

Like buying a traction pad for your dog is completely up to you.

If you are dog is fine without one or you don’t need one, then no problem.

In addition, I always carry a watch with me to measures the time and distance traveled.

These accessories may not sound necessary but make paddle boarding so much more fun and less hectic.

So if you want to enjoy kayaking to its fullest, then consider investing in these pieces of equipment as well.


What sup accessories do I need?

Following are the SUP accessories you need for paddleboarding and kayaking.
Kayak Paddle
Pump for ISUP
Dog Traction Pad
Emergency Whistle
Headlamp + extra batteries
Spray Skirt
Paddle Suit
Water shoes
Sun Hat
Paddle Float
Paddling Knife
Two-way Radios
Float Bags
Paddle Leash
Waterproof Cases

What should I carry on a paddle board?

On a paddleboard, you should carry items that will help you during emergencies.

You might not need them frequently, but they will prove to be your lifesaver.

Apart from that, you can carry stuff for your entertainment like a speaker or a cooling box.

Here are some items that you must carry on a kayak.

Floating bags
Board leash
Paddle knife

How do you carry things on a paddle board?

You can carry things on a paddleboard in a waterproof backpack.

You only carry small lifesaving essentials on a paddleboard, and they can easily be placed in a backpack.

Make sure not to put a lot of stuff as it would be difficult to manage with a heavy load on a kayak.

How can I make paddle boarding more fun?

You can take your dog or your children with you on a kayak.

Also, you can do different fun activities like fishing and yoga.

You can go with your friends and go racing or even surf with a paddle board.


Paddle boarding and kayaking is so much fun if you do it the right way.

Even though the list of accessories for paddle boarding and kayaking is a bit long, these are key for having a pleasant time.

All of these products are super important.

Never miss out on the lifesaving essentials as there is no point in risking your life.

The rest of the accessories also make kayaking so much fun and adventurous.

So a little investment in the sport can make everything much more fun and exciting.


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