The 20 Best Foods and Snacks to Bring to the Beach When you get Hungry


There really is a surplus of food and snacks you can bring to the beach, but have you really thought about what is healthy enough to last you a long time.  With endless summer BBQ’s and beach bonfires, it is often difficult to pack the right kinds of foods for your health.

Eating the right wholesome foods will definitely keep your hunger pans on check and keep you feeling more full and less bloated at the beach. Or heck anywhere really?

I am sure we have all heard how empty carbs can really bring us mood swings and only have us craving more of them. And yes pringles and potato chips, my friends, are considered empty carbs.

So not only will you never be full, you will crave other things that are not good. 


If you are the type of person trying hard to keep up the lifestyle of eating healthy while enjoying the beach, then there are a number of best foods and snacks you should bring to the beach when your hungry. Keep in mind there are probably a lot more.

But these 20 are my favorite things I opt to bring with me when I can. 

20 Best Beach Snacks for Adults to Enjoy anytime!

These have made the top 20 list of our go-to snacks. Pack yourself some delicious snacks on your next beach trip or really anywhere you go! 

Not only are these delicious and fulfilling, but they are also healthy. Don’t forget to stop by the grocery store before your next beach trip 😉

So here are the best foods and snacks to bring to the beach.


Granola Mixture

I have tried these brands and they are just delicious. I bought granola on Amazon so I could get the fast shipping and excellent return policy. The price will likely change over time, so click this link to check the current price of the granola on Amazon.

For the current price of Love Crunch granola, click the link for Amazon here.

Fruit Cups

Making a simple fruit salad is one of the most refreshing things to bring to the beach. I usually put cottage cheese on my fruit salad but it is probably a good idea to leave it out if it’s too hot. Instead, buy grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, etc. Cut and dice them and take on the go!

Pre-cut apples + Peanut Butter

You can bring them whole in cut them up into slices (only if you don’t mind your apples oxidizing a bit) Bringing a heavy-duty beach cooler is your best bet for keeping things fresh. I highly recommend these amazing 20-Qt coolers to buy.

Celery Sticks + Peanut Butter

If you enjoy celery then flavor it with peanut butter. Some people prefer plain celery, but I would rather have mine with peanut butter. Celery is one of the best things to bring with you because it contains a lot of water. This will keep you feeling hydrated and fresh.

Watermelon Diced

Alas, another fruit that contains a lot of water. Watermelon will definitely keep you hydrated and its perfect for the beach.

Cantaloupe, Honeydew Diced

Just like watermelon, cantaloupe and honey are perfect for the beach. If you dice these beforehand you can grab these without making a mess. It is a good idea to dice these before you go.

Pita Chips With Hummus

Pita Chips and Hummus or veggies with hummus is one of the best combos out there! Hummus is perfect for the beach since it can withstand some heat and won’t exactly go bad like dairy. It is best you bring these in a cooler to keep them fresh.

Mixture of Nuts

If you are not allergic to nuts, then you could definitely take these on the go. You can easily buy these at the store and mix them up yourself or buy them read to go.

Rice cakes with Peanut Butter

These are some trusted brands I have tried. For the current price of Rice Cakes, click the Amazon link here.


You can buy the pistachios from a bag or just in bulk from your local food store. I have tried this brand before. The price is likely to change, so click this link to check the current price on Amazon.

Fruit Salad

Definitely keep this cool. Just keep in mind most beaches do not allow glass containers, so you can keep them in a cooler inside your car

Dried Edamame Mixture

I love this brand. Click on this link to find the current price on Amazon.

Frozen Water Bottles

My mom does this all the time and it works wonderful. Perhaps, thats where I got this from. She freezes water bottles and on beach days she brings them with her! It works perfect as an ice pack AND a water bottle! They will definitely last and keep the water fresh. I make sure to bring an extra gallon because with the warm weather it is best to stay hydrated.

Granola Bars

I really enjoy these granola bars. They are delicious and definitely my go-to bars. Click on this link to find the current price on Amazon.

Multi-grain crackers

Bringing these with hummus is definitely my go-to beach snack. I do this often and keeps me with enough energy! (opt-in for multi-grain; it’s oftentimes difficult to find the right ones)

Homemade Muffins

You can easily find a recipe on the internet. Pick your favorite. I love getting recipes online from Minimalist Baker. She has the best.

PowerUp Trail Mixture

Oftentimes I will go for the power mix trail mix! Packed with lots of yummy protein to keep me full

What other kinds of Beach Friendly foods you can take with you

There are plenty and I mean plenty of foods you can prepare. I say the easiest and the best foods to prepare and take with you are these:


1. Pasta mixture– it’s easy to make a quick pasta on the go. Pasta has the ability to take on a little heat and last you longer.

2. Prepare a fruit salad– make sure everything is pre-cut before you go

3. Prepare a salad in a jar– dressing in a separate container

4. Homemade BrowniesIf you have a sweet tooth! I really like bringing brownies with me! Pack your brownies in a reusable airtight container.

5. Pack a sandwich or even a wrap- in a reusable ziplock bags! I definitely recommend these. They are durable and will keep your food in airtight reusable baggie 😉 That way you don’t have to worry about waste 😉 Click the link here to find the current price on Amazon.

Yummy Store Bought Beach Snacks to Enjoy

These are some of my favorite store-bought beach snacks to grab and go. You can practically buy these anywhere. Typically going for healthy snacks in the bulk area is your best bet.

Granola Bars

any kind of healthy brand I recommend. I have personally tried these and enjoy them. I usually enjoy these kinds. They are delicious. If you want to know the current price of the Luna Bars, check amazon by clicking on the link here.

Another one of my favorites is Larabars. They are delicious. I usually buy the variety pack which is yummy. Check the Amazon link here, to see the current price.

Trail Mix Packs

I often buy these trail mix baggies; they come in a whole variety and are easy to split. To find the current price on Amazon click the link here.

PowerMe Fuel Bags

I really enjoy taking these. Check the price on Amazon by click on this link.

Dried up Edamame

To see the current price on Amazon, click this link here.

The most popular Summer Beach Snacks to Bring to the Beach

Ditch the pizza, chips, and cookies. Instead opt in for these yummies.

These are probably the best snacks to bring to the beach on a nice hot summer day. When its hot outside you are probably looking for some cold and fresh. It always works that way. The best cool refreshing snacks are fruit. You cannot go wrong with that.

They are easy to slice and pack on the go.

  1. Sliced oranges 
  2. Diced watermelon, cantaloupe, Honeydew
  3. Sliced pineapple

Where to Pack your Beach Snacks so they don’t go bad!

Of course, you definitely need to bring a good cooler if you decide to pack your snacks. After all, nobody wants to bring icky or melted snacks that go bad. Find an amazing 20-Qt cooler that you love and work! We love these As long as your food stays perfectly fresh! That’s what matters.

I also recommend reusable beach zip lock baggies to bring with you! They are durable and perfect to pack your stuff! Remember when you buy reusable bags you are helping reduce trash and beach pollution around you. 



Only you can really take care of your health for the better or worse. I am sure we are all familiar with the quote “ You are what you eat!” or “ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

If you get creative, you can bring all sorts of healthy foods. There are plenty of snacks you can pack at the beach.

Here we breakdown the best foods and snacks to bring to the beach to keep you feeling full and satisfied when those hunger pans kick in! 

Whether you take all of these or just a couple of these is really up to you. Over the years I have not only brought these along with me to the beach, but also on road trips, movie theaters, or when traveling.

Remember to take the time to do some shopping beforehand. Maybe the day before, so you won’t be scrambling for food last minute.

And no I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy the delicious beach ice cream stand you see staring back at you, all I am saying is that balance is key

These foods and snacks are perfect to keep you full and less bloated.

And yes, feel free to enjoy the delicious ice-cream stand staring at you. Also, I believe the best way to enjoy and experience a beach city and town is to also indulge in a delicious beach restaurants while your at it! 

What are you favorite foods and snacks to bring to the beach?  How do you stay healthy?

Check out our list of things to pack on your next beach vacation. Click here to get the beach checklist.

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