5 Underrated Beaches in Northern California that Exist

When it comes to California, there’s no denying that it ranks as one of the top destinations in the US for beaches.

And why won’t it? Besides Florida, which is also known as a go-to destination, you can find a plethora of different types of beaches here that will sure offer you something new to see.

Southern California gets more visits, but heres five underrated beaches in Northern California worth checking out if you or your family get a chance too. 

The Top Beaches in Northern California

When it comes to the top beaches in Northern California there are many options. You have many beautiful unique beaches that are different from the southern beaches in California. You can learn more about some top southern California Beaches here.

Photo by Steve Carter

Crescent Beach

Located in Crescent City, this Northern California beach is one you can’t go wrong with.

It’s not your typical family beach destination like La Jolla Shores which you can find out more about here.

But, it does offers a unique quiet scenery.

This beach is known for its hills and rocks. Be sure to check out the Battery Point Lighthouse, which is a National Historical Landmark in the USA. The Battery Point Lighthouse can be toured only when the tide is low which you must walk to.

Photo by Ian M Jones on Unsplash

Agate Beach

Known for its glassy pebbles you can discover Agate Beach by two ways: either through access by Patrick’s Point State Park or Big Lagoon County Park.

Just beware that there is an entrance fee prior to visiting these parks. 

These parks offer numerous hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiast giving you a scenery of hills and the Agate ocean waves.

While there is no camping allowed on this beach, you can still camp nearby where Patrick Point State Park has a campground. 

Sea lions and whales are common wildlife that are spotted at this beach.  

Photo by Rodrigo Soares

Pebble State Beach

Located on the Monterey Bay Peninsula, Pebble State Beach is one beach that you can’t afford to miss out on.

In order to see this beach you will need to drive through a neighborhood.

This neighborhood is composed of 17 miles coining its famous name as the 17-Mile Drive.

Expect to see luxury homes, golf courses which are a famous destination for golf lovers, and several different type of beaches. 

You will need to pay an entrance fee of $10.50, but for more updated information refer to the Pebble Beach Homepage.

Pebble Beach is home to the famous Lone Cypress tree that stands on a granite hillside overlooking the ocean. 

Wilson Creek Beach

Is often regarded as a secluded beach of the small town of Klamath.

Gray sand and driftwood can be seen along this coastline.

Along here you can also locate the False Klamath Cove.

There are picnic tables on the beach along with fire pits. Expect to find lots of seagulls. 

Samoa Beach

Located near south west of Eureka you can find Samoa Beach.

It extends roughly around 3.5 miles.

The south of Samoa Beach you can find Samoa Beach Recreation Area. There is no entrance fee to visit the Samoa Dunes.

Some outdoor activities that people enjoy doing are: sightseeing, fishing, and surfing.

There is a Samoa Boat Ramp and campground where you can enjoy overnight parking.

It has an entrance fee of $25 with a maximum 7 day stay. You can find out more information at the Humboldt Bay visitor page. 


As you can see, California offers so much diverse variety when it comes to exploring this state.

From the mountains to the oceans you can find a plethora of things worth checking out in this state.

Unlike, the San Diego coastlines these five underrated beaches in northern California are worth checking out. 

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