Last week I decided to explore the northern area of California with my parents.

We came across Dinosaur Beach Park and much to my surprise, not many articles have been written about this place.

Which is understandable since it’s mostly considered a children destination place, but it’s still worth mentioning.

If you are ever near Pismo Beach be sure to check out this park as well if you get a chance. 

dinosaur park picture


Walking among the park you can see the history of how the park originated by a sign.

History tells us that the Chumash Indians once occupied the area.

Throughout the years after being passed down from several owners it was Douglas Brown that decided to take it a notch in creating an amusement attraction.

He constructed a dinosaur in hopes of attracting people to this place, but was turned down by the city after residents from the area complained of the dinosaur construction.

Sadly, a fire later on broke out that destroyed the dinosaur and nothing really was much made of it then.

It wouldn’t be until 1992 that the City of Pismo Beach would acquire the property and open a park in which everyone could enjoy.

Its name Dinosaur Cave Park still remains a symbol of Douglas Brown legacy of making an amusement park as well of the caves that are found near this ocean overlooking place. 


At Dinosaur Cave Park you can find just as the name implies it a park. The park is situated by the Pismo Beach and near a quiet neighborhood.

There is a playground for kids so it’s common to see many children around the playground. There are also picnic tables and a grassy field in which some families are eating here with the food that they brought.

However, one feature I didn’t see was that there was no fire pits nor BBQs. As I strolled through dinosaur cave park I saw several dogs walking around with their owners as it appears to be a friendly dog park.

You take several different hiking trails and some lead you into the ocean. 

dinosaur cave map


Dinosaur Cave Park is located in Shell Beach. But, it is not to be confused with the other Shell Beach in La Jolla (San Diego County area). You can learn more about how La Jolla ranks as one of the top family beach destinations more, here.

This Shell Beach is in the Central part of California being the San Luis Obispo County area. It’s composed of several beaches, and Dinosaur Cave Park falls under it’s coast. 


The unique interesting feature about this Dinosaur Cave Park is it’s unique scenery features. You have a park that overlooks uniquely nature made rocks.

dinosaur cave park picture

On these rocks you can find several different types of wildlife, especially birds. When I was there with my parents we saw thousands of seagulls and pelicans.

I wondered if all those birds had come together for a family reunion and if I could understand bird language,they would be saying something like this

“Hey, Bob, how’s it going? Long time no see.” or “Looking good there, Wanda, how goes the sea adventures?”

It was as if they were all having a meeting or mingling session going on. You can hear lots of squawking from the cliffs going on.

One interesting feature that I noticed was the color of the rocks in the ocean. At first you would think that it was calcium from the rocks or rock nature formation, but the closer I looked the more horrified and shocked I came to see that this was not the case.

It was in fact all of the bird feces that now cover up the rocks like that. It’s also important to not that if you plan on visiting this park and roam around the cliffs don’t be surprised to have smelling of sea water from the ocean along with bird feces. 



Nearby Dinosaur Cave Park you can find Margo Dodd Park Beach. It’s a small tiny beach that overlooks the sea. This park has a gazebo along with several benches for people to sit and overlook the coast.

Birdwatching as well as gazing at the sunsets is a common activity I noticed as my parents and I all gazed at the sunset along with the others.

On the south part of Dinosaur Cave Park you can find Elmer Ross Beach. The Inn at the Cove Hotel overlooks this beach.

There’s no restaurants, bars nor accommodations much nearby except Inn at the Cove by Elmer Ross Beach. Dinosaur Cave Park resides more of a park in a residential area.

Many beautiful unique homes surround this park. It’s a peaceful neighborhood. You can spot many home owners walking their dogs and with the nearby tourist visiting the area. 

dinosaur cave sunset


When it comes to visiting Pismo Beach you can’t go wrong. Aside from many of the different beaches you can find it’s worth implying checking out the parks as well that overlook the coast, such as Dinosaur Cave Park.

You can’t be disappointed with the hiking trails, a children’s playground, and the uniquely spectacular view of the sunset. The uniquely nature formed rocks that combine with the crashing of the waves is worth viewing. Just be warned of the birds!