The Sport-Brella Review: Why We Like It…Why We Don’t


Our Opinion 7.8


  • 2 patented side panels for extra protection
  • 8-Foot Umbrella Canopy
  • UPF +50 sun and weather protection 
  • 4-millimeter steel ribs and stretcher
  • Can be also be used as a stand-up beach umbrella
  • Internal Pockets can store a phone
  • Perfect for multiple uses such as concerts, parks, beaches


  • Cannot withstand strong winds (depends on location)


  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Size: 8-Foot Canopy
  • Packed Size: 53×3. 5×3. 5”
  • Material: 190D Polyester
  • Manufacturing Country: China
  • Warranty Info: Returns accepted 30 of Receipt per Amazon Policy; Returns on owner’s expense. See Amazon Return Policy.

Full Review

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The Sport-Brella review is here to help guide you to make the right decision when purchasing it. This Beach Umbrella is probably one of the most popular beach umbrellas out there. It has everything you may be looking for. Its versatile structure allows you to either use it as an umbrella or lay it down as an open large beach tent. Which is why a lot of people buy it out there!

Materials and Aesthetics

The Sport-Brella material is made of 190D Polyester. This means that the material can get a little hot. However, the Sport-Brella comes with two mesh panel windows allowing you to get fresh air and to prevent it from blowing away. It is waterproof allowing the water and sand to glide right off.

What’s It Got?

There are a number of different specifications that come in the Sport-Brella worth looking into. These may make a difference in determining whether this beach umbrella is for you. Check them out below.

Mesh Windows

The Sport-Brella has two mesh windows that allow fresh air to come in. You can easily unzip these on either end of the umbrella and tie them up at the top with the strap provided.

Side Shade Panels

It has two side flaps/panels allowing for more shade and comfort. These panels can be anchored down if you are laying the Sport-Brella on the ground. 

In addition, these side panels can also be used for extra shade when you are standing the umbrella up! 


Furthermore, if you do not use the side flaps/panels, then you can also clip them down creating more of an umbrella. The two clips allow it to be grounded perfectly in the sand to prevent it from moving if it’s mild wind.

Inside Pockets

The Sport-Brella Includes two inside pockets on either side of the panel allowing you to place a couple of things in it such as your phone, sunglasses, etc.  It works well since it is sand-proof allowing you to not worry about getting sand on your smaller valuables.

Care and Instructions

The Sport-Brella can be cleaned using warm water and a cloth. It is recommended you store it in a nice shady place away from the heat and sun when not in use. I have personally cleaned my Sport-Brella in my bathtub with a brush (works great! but a lot harder). You won’t need to do much cleaning since the sand and water easily slides right off! 

Sport-Brella Tips

  • If you lay it on the ground make sure you anchor it down
  • Because very strong wind can invert your umbrella, make it sit in the same direction as the wind
  • When not in use, store it in a cool place away from the heat
  • To clean, wash or rinse with a cloth


Hopefully, the Sport-Brella review has helped you decide whether this umbrella is for you. The Sport-Brella has become one of the most popular beach umbrellas out there, it has the versatility of being both a tent and a regular umbrella.

You can either use it like a beach tent where you can prop it and lay on its side or you can use it as an actual beach umbrella. Whether you decide to anchor the steel metal rod into the sand or allow it to lay down on its side, it is the perfect placement for your own preferences.

It’s nice to have options and to see how those work based on your own desire. The Sport-Brella is one of those beach gears that has come a long way. The newer models now have a screw-in type of anchor allowing you to place it deep in the sand. 

All in all, after multiple uses (10X or more) of the Sport-Brella at the beach, we have concluded that this is definitely a great investment. Though every person experiences something different, I can also say what I have personally experienced using this umbrella. 

Overall this beach umbrella has made my beach days a lot cooler! No pun intended! Good luck! I hope it works for you as well.  

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