The Best Sandless Beach Mats & Blankets to Buy


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Are you looking for the best sandless beach mat and blanket for your everyday beach days? Well, we did the dirty work for you. Your welcome. We found the best ones for the beach for you.

Here’s the breakdown:

Best Sandless Beach Blanket Overall: WILDHORN Sand Escape Beach Blanket


One of the best beach mats or blankets out there is made by Wildhorn Outfitters. The Sand Escape beach blanket is a perfect fit for your whole family. What’s pretty cool about the Wildhorn Sand Escape Blanket is the pocket feature.

Anything you don’t want sand to get in you can put in these pockets. Things like your phone or wallet fit here. In addition, it’s 100% Nylon which means that sand slides off way too easy.

Though some people say it absorbs a little bit of water, it dries quickly and isn’t heavy.

You can check out our Full Review on the Wildhorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket right here.


  • Made of Parachute Nylon
  • Oversize 9 x 7 Design
  • Built-in Sand Anchors + Pockets
  • Anchor Pockets
  • Portable Carry Sack
  • Zippered Pockets for Valuables
  • Lightweight & Quick Dry

Best Sandless Beach Mat Overall: Roebury Beach Blanket

Roebury Beach Blanket resembles that of a picnic mat but also works perfectly for the beach. In addition, the Roebury beach blanket is perfect for multiple uses such as picnics, outdoor games, the beach, and other outdoor activities.

It is water-resistant and doesn’t absorb sand.

Moreover, you can easily fold it back up into place. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Finally, one of the nice things about this mat is that sand easily slides off and doesn’t stick to it making it even more enjoyable for the beach.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Large size 55” x 70” Design
  • Durable & Machine Washable
  • Easy to Fold
  • Carry Compact Tote Bag 
  • Water-resistant

Best Sandless Beach Blanket Under $40: WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

The Wekapo Sand-Free Beach Blanket is perfect for all those beach trips you’re going to take this summer. What makes this a go-to blanket is it is lightweight and has a quick-dry design.

Similarly, It’s made of 100% nylon which allows it to be both durable and water-resistant. The large-sized blanket is perfect to lay down for the beach, a picnic, or any other outdoor activity.

Moreover, it’s perfect for your friends and family. Finally, It comes with 6 metal stacks so you can anchor it to the ground in case it’s a windy day.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Oversize 9 x 10 Design
  • Built-in Sand Anchor Pockets
  • 6 Metal Stacks
  • Portable Carry Sack
  • Lightweight & Quick Dry

Best Sandless Beach Blanket Under $30: Rising Turtle Sand Proof Beach Blanket

The Rising Turtle Sand Proof Blanket is one of the best ones out there. If you’re looking for a cool bright beach blanket that does the job then look no further. It has everything you want so you can check that off your list! The Rising Turtle Sand Proof Blanket is both lightweight and portable.

It is easy to shake the sand off of it in case you need to. In addition, it conveniently comes with four metal stacks and built-in sand pockets allowing you to anchor down this beach blanket. So no more wind flying beach blankets. The unique beautiful color and pouch is just a plus!


  • 100% Nylon
  • Wind Resistant
  • 4 Metal Stacks
  • Built-in Sand Pockets
  • Lightweight & Quick Dry
  • Sandproof 
  • Bright Color

Best Sand Free Beach Blanket Under $20: Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket

The Mumu Sugar Sand-Free Beach Blanket is one of the best to bring with you to the beach. It has multi-purpose uses such as the beach, a picnic, or any outdoor activity. It is durable and sand-free which is perfect for the beach and anything else.

The Mumu Sugar beach mat also works perfectly for picnics because it does not absorb moisture in the grass. In addition, you’ll be able to use it as an indoor toy mat for children.

It is perfect because it is said to be durable, lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. It comes with four sand anchors you can ground for a windy day. It’s easy to clean up and it’s machine washable.

You can definitely take it wherever you want to because it is travel size friendly.


  • Made of 100% Riptop Nylon
  • Oversize 79” x 83” Design
  • 4 Sand Anchors + Pocket
  • Foldable and Lightweight
  • Includes a Pocket with Valuables
  • Zippered Pockets for Valuables
  • Portable and Carry Out

Best Outdoor Sandless Beach Mat: Hivernou Outdoor Picnic Mat

An alternative option to nylon-made beach blankets would be an Outdoor Picnic Blanket. One of the best ones out there is called the Hivernou Outdoor Picnic Mat.

It has what most other picnic blankets don’t have. It’s waterproof and made of 3 layers i.e (soft fleece on top, sponge in the middle, and waterproof aluminum on the bottom) making it very durable to prevent water seeping.

This outdoor sandless beach mat is perfect for the beach as it is easy to shake off the sand and very comfortable according to most people. If you’re looking for more of a beach mat then this definitely hits the base.

Because prices often change, it’s best you check out the Hivernou Outdoor Picnic Mat online.  


  • Made of 3 Soft Layers i.e Soft
  • Oversize 80” x 80” Design
  • Foldable and Lightweight
  • Waterproof & Sand-proof
  • Lifetime Guaranteed

Best Outdoor Sandless Beach Mat: Mumu Sugar Outdoor Picnic Blanket

The Mumu Sugar Outdoor Picnic Blanket is another excellent alternative to a beach blanket. It acts more like a sandless beach mat since its waterproof and its sand-proof design makes it perfect to buy.

It also carries the inner sponge layer offering you comfort when you lay on the sand.

The neat thing is that when you are done at the beach you can fold it very easily and carry it in two ways. You can either carry it as a backpack or with a handle.

In addition, the gorgeous colorful striped design is a plus when you’re going to the beach. The picnic mat was built for multi-use purposes such as the beach, a picnic, a concert, etc.

If you’re looking for a more padded comfort then definitely consider the Mumu Sugar Outdoor Picnic Blanket


  • Made of 3 Soft Layer Construction
  • Oversize 80” x 80” Design
  • Foldable and Lightweight
  • Waterproof & Sand-proof
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Clean 


Do sand free beach mats work?

Yes, sand free beach mats do work. Most of the sand free beach mats are made of a light material such as nylon which helps sand slide off so easily. Traditional blankets, sheets, or fleece are not made for the beach. They absorb water and are not meant for the beach. 

What is a sand free beach mat?

A sand-free beach mat or blanket is a flat fabric material usually made of nylon, it is made so you can lay flat on the beach. It protects you from the itchy sand and is perfect to lay down on. You may have noticed some people having these kinds of sand free beach mats or blankets sprawled across the beach.

What are beach mats made of?

Most beach mats and blankets are made of materials such as 100% Nylon. The reason is that nylon is lightweight and allows you to slide off any sand that gets on it.

It is probably one of the best materials to lay on sand or dirt. Most beach mats are waterproof and lightweight making it easier to enjoy your time on the beach.

How do you keep sand off blankets at the beach?

In order to keep sand off blankets at the beach, the best thing you can do is buy one made to avoid the sand. You can try a beach blanket such as the sand escape beach blanket found on Wildhorn Outfitters.

By finding a beach blanket that is made of nylon, waterproof, and lightweight you can most definitely help defeat your sand problem. Look for brands that have all these and you may just have solved your sand problem. 


Stop getting sand everywhere. With a sandless beach blanket, you won’t have to worry about sand getting everywhere. It is never fun. One of the worst things about laying on the beach is how sand gets practically everywhere.

Finding the best blanket doesn’t have to be a challenge. Some pretty awesome blankets do exist out in the marketplace. 

These blankets listed above are perfect for anyone’s budget. Whether you find one here or elsewhere just remember to keep to make sure it is the best.

Most sandless blankets and mats are made of nylon. This lightweight material is perfect for keeping sand out. It is known to be waterproof and can easily be carried anywhere. 

There are some pretty great beach blankets out there. Buy one and keep it forever. Say goodbye to sand and hello to sunshine water and sun!

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