What to Expect from St. Augustine Beach in Florida

St Augustine Beach is one of those must-see beaches in Florida. If there is any beach you plan to hit while vacationing in Florida then definitely make St. Augustine Beach one of your top priorities.

Not only is this beach one of the most beautiful and popular beaches known, but it also has a lot of history behind it.

Many years ago, the beach of St. Augustine was the place where many conquistadores first landed in order to explore new territory.

The first part of the exploration was in the St. Johns River and massive ships carried many new colonists and explorers during the years of the 1500s.

From the time it was officially founded in 1565 so much has changed and grown since the very first explorations.

Imagine large massive ships arriving on the shores in thirst for exploring a new land. The shores of St. Augustine was the place when the first settlement of the Spanish begun.

Not only can you see many different historical monuments, but you can also experience it by visiting some of St. Augustine’s most popular attractions.

Still, history stands here for you to visit and see.


Where is St. Augustine Beach located?

St. Augustine Beach is located on the northeast of Florida just south of Jacksonville. From Orlando, you can expect about a 2-hour drive north if traveling from central Florida.

It is not too far from many popular destinations, but if you are eager to visit then definitely rent a car and take it up north.

St. Augustine Beach Weather

The best time to visit St. Augustine and its amazing beaches is in April and May. The temperatures are just warming up in time for the summer and the beaches are not at all crowded.

In Florida, the water temperatures are warm to swim almost year-round. However, summer months such as June, July, and August does become more crowded.

Keep in mind that summer also carries a lot of Florida’s tropical storms so it nearly rains almost every day in the afternoon to late at night.

Even if it rains, it is expected to stop shortly after. Because of its sporadic weather changes, it’s always best to carry an umbrella or a poncho and wear layers since you never really know.

An extra pair of shoes or sandals could never hurt. It could be sprinkling for the first five minutes followed by drenching thunderstorms to the next minute it is hot, bright, and humid again.

There really is not a set rain pattern in Florida. So FYI be prepared and you will still have an awesome time at the beach whether it’s a nice and sunny or it’s storming like crazy!

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St. Augustine Beach Parking

There are several parking spots located near St. Augustine Beach. It can be a little tricky and limiting. We usually park at the Historic Downtown parking lot. It’s not far from the beach.

These are other nearby parking places you can park at:

  • 10th Street
  • 11th Street
  • 14th Street

How much is Parking in St. Augustine?

When it comes to parking expect anywhere from $2.50 an hour up to $15 for all day. Depending on where you park. Free parking is usually around 5pm in several meters Monday through Frida.

For a updated list on more parking fees and spots check out the St. Augustine Parking site. Make sure to pay for parking! When we went we saw a few cars have parking citations for not paying.

There is parking enforcement daily here! So, obey the rules, please.

What to expect of St. Augustine Beach

If you do visit St. Augustine’s beautiful beaches, it is best to arrive first thing in the morning since you will not only get great parking but you will be up before anyone else to enjoy the summer and the less crowded beach.

Also, you can catch a spectacular sunrise if you wake up early to hit the beach.

St. Augustine’s beach parking can be a little tricky and limiting. There are a couple of parking lots where you do not have to pay for parking.

Although, it is very limited, if you would like to get one of these then definitely arrive early to secure one.

There are other parking places where you do have to pay a metered lot especially if you’re visiting the downtown area of St. Augustine.

There are also designated lots where you will definitely have to pay anywhere from $10- $20 for the whole day.

Of course, just be wary where you park since parking is enforced and monitored daily.


St. Augustine Beach Fishing Pier

The nice thing about this pier is that there are no restaurants or shops obstructing the view. It is most strictly set to walk on or fish from.

And you can walk quite a distance on the pier if you pay at the entrance. If you are a photographer then definitely take some nice shots from atop the pier since it has amazing views that you can catch.


Is St. Augustine Beach Family Friendly?

Definitely yes! It is one of the nicest places to bring your family. The cool thing about this place is that near the St. Augustine pier there is a children’s splash zone where you can bring your younger children to play and cool off.

There are benches where you can sit and watch or even relax. The bathrooms are also here so you don’t have to walk far in case your little one needs to go.  

If you plan on going into the ocean, then you’ll be happy to note that there are lifeguards present at this beach.

St. Augustine Beach

Tips for St. Augustine Beach

This beach is stunning and very historically amazing. It is mind-boggling to think that many years ago this was the same beach where conquistadores first set foot on.

If you enjoy history then you will also see how incredible the beach and its downtown is. Here are a couple of tips to help you plan your day right:

  • Bring beach shoes/sandals since this beach has many Conchita shells on the shore. It will make it easier for you to walk on.
  • Prepare with lots of layers since the weather can be unpredictable at times
  • Bring an umbrella or poncho
  • Arrive early to get the best parking spots
  • Most of the downtown shops tend to close early on the weekends
  • If you can, go on a weekday since its the best to avoid the crowds
  • Take a ghost tour in St. Augustine
  • Check out the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to St. Augustine Beach if this is the first time here!
  • Have fun! On your vacation!


St. Augustine Beach is a beautiful tranquil place worth checking out. There is so much to do around this beach city. For instance, the St. Augustine Historic District.

We got 10 things you can do at the Historic District. Whatever you choose to do as a family or by yourself just know that there is plenty to do here.

Be sure to observe the seashells along the shores. For you can’t miss them. This is what makes this St. Augustine Beach unique unlike the other beaches like Ormond.

Let us know in the comments below what you love most of St. Augustine Beach.

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