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Ormond Beach Review

This Ormond Beach review is here to educate you on the reasons what makes this beach different from most. Everyone has different opinions on popular destinations.  With the correct tools of knowledge you will hopefully make a decision for yourself.


One of the most beautiful beaches in the east coast of the United States is found in Volusia County, Florida. In order to give an honest review of Ormond Beach, it is important to know a little bit of background about it.

Ormond Beach is definitely a more hidden and unseen beach than its neighboring beaches around the county.

It is directly situated between popular beaches such as Daytona Beach and St. Augustine Beach. Due to its quieter and less crowded vibe, there is a reason why this beach continues to attract more people who know about it.

To be completely fair most people do not know where you can find Ormond Beach. In fact, most tourist and one-time vacationers don’t even know why they should consider Ormond Beach as one of those places to start a vacation.  


Locals and people who have been here, see it otherwise. Most who have visited know that this hidden gem is on the quieter side of things. Though a lot of people see it as boring with little to no attractions, others see it as a serene, peaceful, and gorgeous.

Since you are here reading this right now then possibly in the future you may consider visiting what this beach has to offer.

How to get to Ormond Beach?

If you are traveling from Orlando, one of the main tourist locations, it is suggested you take the I-4 freeway.

From there, you will eventually run into the I-95 North, which you can then follow signs to the FL-40 east. This is the quickest route coming from Orlando, but there is other ways of getting here too.

If you are not in the Orlando area then I suggest a tool such as google maps or a GPS navigation system which will give you the most accurate directions from your location.  


Ormond Beach is one of those relaxing beaches you sometimes need in order to let your mind travel. In fact, this beach is not only quieter, but much nicer and cleaner than most beaches.

Hence, it continuously draws a lot more locals from around town especially during the summer months.

What to expect in Ormond Beach

As part of the Ormond Beach review, it is important to first describe the beach itself. Ormond Beach has very soft sand, in fact unlike most beaches in Florida there is no vehicle traffic on the beach.

Thus, you cannot drive on the beach.

On the plus side, that means not worrying about careless drivers or oil spills on your feet.

All beaches should be protected from moving vehicles due to safety and environmental concerns.


The sand is made up of an orange-like color. Its brownish texture and orange appeal gives it a unique pretty color. It is definitely a beautiful site to see.

There are areas along the beach where washed up seashells appear on the sand. Sometimes you can see hundreds, if not what looks like thousands of them.

You can find hotels and little vacation homes scattered alongside the beach. The best part is that you will not see luxurious hotels overcasting the view as you do in the more crowded beaches.

There some stretches along the ocean where you do not see lots of buildings or people. It is here where the beach is a perfect haven to practice yoga or have a quiet picnic to enjoy the atmosphere.


Ormond Beach Safety

It is important to know how safe this beach is, especially if you are traveling with younger children.

On one side, there is no traffic so you do not have to worry about cars whizzing by or speeding on the sand.

As a side note, certain areas on Ormond Beach now allow vehicles, but most areas still do not.

There is some lifeguards in certain areas along Ormond Beach. You can find them in the more busier areas where swimming is allowed. If you do have children with you, then definitely find an area on the beach where you can see lifeguards.

Other than that, it is the perfect place to bring young children to play.

In addition, If you do have little ones with you, be sure to take them to Andy Romano Beachfront Park. This place has everything from an outdoor grill, a parking area, and a playground for younger children to play in.

Let us not forget one of the most important things, which is the access to free public restrooms.

Weather Review of Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach has very nice temperatures, but some days can surprise you. If you are not a local Floridian then the weather can definitely shock you. In Summer, you are looking into the upper 70s to 80s temperature wise.

As a side note, Ormond Beach is still in Florida, so don’t be surprised if you encounter showers and rains since the weather can be unpredictable.

During rainy showers, the rain can pour for a good five minutes and then stop completely. I suggest being prepared in case of any unpredictable changes in weather patterns.


3 Things to See and Do in Ormond Beach

  • Explore Ormond Beach – A lesser crowded place there’s plenty of wildlife nature to spot and swim here
  • Ormond Memorial Art Museum – Love art? Then why not check this place out. There is a lot of beautiful paintings worth checking out. Along with gorgeous flowers and plants.
  • Tomoka State Park – Can drive your car through while viewing the beautiful scenery.
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Overall, the Ormond Beach vibe is very relaxed. It is truly a quieter and less busier beach than most beaches around it. Besides its family oriented beach vibe, there so much more it has to offer.

From its clean safe vibes to its stunning views this is really a beach you must check out for yourself. Hopefully this review gave you an idea of what to expect when visiting Ormond Beach, Florida.

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Check out the amazing Ormond Vibes in this video by a fellow drone Pilot.

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