New Smyrna Beach parking does not have to be a nightmare when you visit the summer waves. As long as you know what to expect, then you should not have trouble finding parking. The key is to prepare ahead of time.

With the summer in full swing and the popularity of summer crowds caving in, there is not a better time to start planning than now. Of course, parking is one of those stressful things you sometimes have to think about. Arrive early and you might get lucky. Arrive late, and you are likely to get nothing.


New Smyrna Beach is one of those beaches that you will need to check out this summer. It is not one of those terribly crowded beaches such as Daytona Beach, but it can still get be very busy. Found on the east coast of Florida, it is one of those all-you-can-do- beaches, with New Smyrna Beach shopping, checking out the historical district or even bringing your dog to this pet- friendly beach. It is really a top gem in Florida to check out.

Best- Places-to-Park-in-New-Smyrna-Beach

New Smyrna Beach Parking Lot Places 

In order to park at New Smyrna Beach there a couple places you can check out. Parking at the beach, as do most places out there, have a cover charge. It can range anywhere from $10- $20 depending which parking lot you tend to choose. There is even certain areas that offer you free parking, but they are scarce. Here is a break down of some known parking lots in New Smyrna Beach you may consider checking out.


  1. New Smyrna Dunes Parking Lot – this place is perfect especially if you bring your dog since it is a pet friendly beach area. Here you can enjoy the waves along with your furry friend. Parking is limited so be sure to arrive early. The lot only carries less than 100 parking spots. The price is $10 a day. If you do decide to come more than once in a year then look into buying the annual permit. For $20 a year you will be able to come all summer long. The neat thing about this beach is that there a boardwalk for you to walk on along with beautiful white sand dunes. Check out why New Smyrna Dunes is a perfect place to bring your dog here.                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. Marianne Clancy Park– this is a new park but also has a beach front access for $20 you will be able to park here with no issues. It has a beach access. You will also be able to find convenient amenities such as restrooms and picnic tables.                                                                                          
  3. Flagler Avenue Beach Access– If you decide to drive on the actual beach, then the main parking lot on the beach is $10 per vehicle. If you choose to park on the parking lot right outside the beach then it is $20 per vehicle. It is also very conveniently close to the bathrooms and Flagler Avenue. The parking lot is very conveniently close to some of the shops, restaurants, and bars. There is so much to do on this street you will find something for everyone here. You can also find restrooms facilities here so you can plan accordingly.                                                                                                      parking-in-new-smyrna
  4. Esther Street -This lot is a more hidden park since it is a lot smaller than the others. With less than 50 spots available, it is recommended you arrive here extra early since parking can be difficult to find later in the day. Not only is it smaller, but it still offers the same amenities such as public restrooms, picnic tables, and even beach access. The parking lot is still $20 but nice for an all day trip.                                                                                            
  5. Hiles Boulevard – This is a growing parking lot and there still more coming to be added to. It is an off-beach parking lot so there is no traffic on the beach. You do not have to worry about cars on the beach. Definitely a great place to bring your family. There is no charge for this parking, but be wary that it may have changed since there is new things being added this summer.                                                                                                                        
  6. Bethune Park – Park here for a perfect off-beach access since there is no traffic allowed on this side of the beach, it is the perfect place for children. It is safe you do not have to worry about traffic. There is currently no charge to park here, but as always be sure you arrive early to get parking. The nice thing about this park is that there are restroom facilities, picnic tables, and a playground area for children.

Helpful Tips to Remember about Parking

  1. Arrive early. One of the hardest and probably most obvious things you may think of is to arrive early. Of course, most people do know this and sometimes it’s hard to wake up and arrive extra early, but it can be done. Preferably anywhere between 6-8am will get you the best parking. On the weekends always be sure to get their early. Peak time is usually anywhere from 9-12 noon you will definitely save a lot of heartaches that way.                     
  2. If you do have plans to come to New Smyrna Beach more than once, then buy an annual parking permit. There is an annual pass you can buy for $20 which will allow you to come as many times as you want during your stay. It is recommend even if you come two times or more.                                     where-to-find-parking-nsb                                     
  3. Sometimes you may be able to find street parking, but you may have to walk a bit depending how close you find parking from the beach. Just be wary of signs and resident areas, you do not want to get your car unexpectedly towed by mistake.                                                                                                
  4. Volusia County Residents of Florida- If you do live in the area and are a resident then you may qualify for an annual pass. You will need to fill out additional paperwork and double check certain things. But you can definitely look into it here. It’s $20 if you can prove you are resident of Volusia County.
  5. For non-residents you can also purchase an annual pass for $100. If you intend to visit the beaches at least 5 times or more then you can definitely reep the benefits of the annual pass parking since it is definitely going to pay for itself in the long run.