Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Finding that perfect dog friendly beach in the east coast of Florida can be difficult. A place where you can be accompanied by your furry little friend. In fact, when practically all the circumference of Florida is covered in white sand and beach waves, it is hard to miss any beaches at apet-friendly-beach-new-smyrnall. Go east coast and you could end up at New Smyrna Beach, Cocoa Beach, and even Vero Beach.

If you go North from there then you can very well be on your way to St Augustine Beach or even Jacksonville. Anything south of there you’ll end up at Jupiter Beach, Fort Lauderdale or even Miami Beach.

If you go West of Orlando, then you’ll likely run into Tampa Bay and anything above that will be Clearwater Beach and further up to Panama City Beach. If you go South of Tampa Bay then you’ll be at Sarasota Beach or Siesta Key.

Yes, all these beaches are amazing and it could drive you bonkers to decide which beach to start with. But to help eliminate some obvious choices, one of the best dog beaches in the east coast of Florida would be New Smyrna Dunes Park for dogs.

A Dog Friendly Beach near Orlando

If you came in a summer to visit one of the most popular destinations in all of Florida then you have to come to Orlando. Despite the non stop thrilling theme parks and unremarkable tourist attractions, there is still so much tranquility you can find nearby.

Traveling with your furry friend is not only amazing and comforting but it is also a must do! Believe it or not traveling with you furry mascot has become more popular with time. Why would you even think about leaving fluffy home when more and more places are becoming pet friendly and accepting of your best friend.  

Next time you find yourself in Orlando, take your pet to the east coast beach of Orlando until you run into the New Smyrna dog friendly beach. It is definitely a dog welcoming beach that will allow you to bring fluffy into the water. 



New Smyrna Beach itself is outstretched and has many parking options depending on where you would want to be situated. If you google the directions to this beach, then you’ll most likely end up on the most popular street entrance called Flagler Avenue. It is definitely a artsy place that has restaurants, bars, and shops. If you want to learn more of what New Smyrna Beach brings to the table, then check out the cheatsheet of what to expect in New Smyrna Beach.

However, if you want to hit the welcoming pet beach area, then head straight to New Smyrna Dunes Park. It is here, where dogs are allowed to splash and take the waves in without any worry.

New Smyrna is a Pet Friendly Beach for Pets

If you are finding a place to bring your pet and have a summer-splashing time, then definitely head straight to New Smyrna Dunes Park. At this park you can find many dogs happy and having a splashing beach blast.


Of course, it always helps to be prepared on what to expect when arriving at the pet friendly New Smyrna Dog Beach Park before actually heading out this summer!

New Smyrna Dog Beach Dunes Parking

Parking is a little difficult since New Smyrna Dunes Park has limited parking (approximately 50 spots total) and depending on what day of the week you find yourself there, avoid the stress and come early. It is best to arrive early in the morning to assure you get a good parking spot and avoid the headache of looking for one.


Also, the price of parking at New Smyrna Dunes Beach is $10 a car as of (2018), you’ll find a person inside a little toll booth at the entrance of this beach. An annual pass is $20 a year, so you may consider buying one if you see yourself coming two times or more. In the end, the best option would mostly likely be the annual parking pass since it will pay for itself with only two times of visiting.



How is New Smyrna Beach a Pet Friendly Place

Because of the surplus of pet owners bringing their pets here, the rules are that dogs must be leashed at all times. Although, you will be surprised how many people actually follow these set of rules. Be wary of other unleashed dogs roaming around the area and always keep in eye on your dog. You just never know how aggressive another dog can be towards your pet.

In addition, the New Smyrna Beach dog area has wash areas to help keep your dog clean after that cool splash in the waves.

What is very helpful is the abundant doggy-poop bags available to pick up after your pet. So really, there is no excuse why you should not even think about picking up after your pet. It is still surprising how many people actually do not do this simple task that takes less than 10 seconds.


You’ll sometimes find some dog stools laying around since there is still some irresponsible dog owners. So please do NOT be one of those! Pick up after your pet. No matter which dog friendly beach or park community you ever visit.

There are trails where dogs can walk alongside the beach. In order to get to the beach you will see signs leading you out.

Once you get to the parking lot you will see the rangers office unit next to nearby picnic tables where you can eat lunch if you need to. The restrooms facilities are also in the same area in case you need to use them. It is very convenient right before getting on the boardwalk trail.


In order to get to the beach, there is about a mile and half boardwalk to the actual dog beach area. So you must walk fluffy along with your beach things about half a mile before actually seeing the water.  The boardwalk is amazing, though part of it is under construction so you cannot complete the boardwalk in its entirety. Don’t be discouraged because some of the boardwalk is still accessible and leads straight to the beach dunes. So be prepared to do some walking.

You’ll be surprised by the large amount of surfers that you see taking this boardwalk in order to get to the actual beach area. What is really nice is that you will find some picnic tables along the beach boardwalk where you can eat a packed lunch if you brought one.

Why you should visit New Smyrna Dog Beach

If you are not a pet person or do not like dogs then maybe look elsewhere for another beach. The New Smyrna Dog Friendly Dunes Park is one of those beaches that invites furry friends with their people. If you are in the Orlando area and need to know six wonderful beaches near Walt Disney World then click here. Another beach near orlando is cocoa beach which is highly recommended.

But all in all, you can definitely not beat the amazing beach sunrises or sunset at New Smyrna Dog Beach. This beach has more of a tranquility vibe that allows you to really appreciate beaches and bring man’s and woman’s best friend.

Reasons to visit New Smyrna Beach Dunes Park.

  • Pet friendly beach zonenew-smyrna-beach-dog-park
  • There are pet washing areas for your furry little friend
  • There are many waste-bags available to pick up after your pet
  • There are many waste deposit cans along the beach
  • It is quiet and peaceful
  • There is a fishing pier here
  • There is a boardwalk

Because Florida is known for its amazing beaches and white sandy shores, there is a couple dog beaches where it is recommended to bring fluffy. One of the top 5 would definitely put New Smyrna Dog Beach at the top 5 tier.

There are a lot of dog beaches in Florida where you can bring you dog, but many do not allow your pup to get close to the sand or waves. This is definitely one place you need to check out next time you bring fluffy 🙂