After exploring countless beaches with family and embarking on international beach trips, relying on trusted companies for future adventures makes perfect sense.

These companies we have used in the past and some still to enhance our travel experiences.


  1. Flights
  2. Accommodation
  3. Tours & Activities
  4. Car Rentals

Hey there, beach lovers!

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For Flights…

Jess speaking here: I’ve only used WayAway once so far and didn’t have any problems – but again only used them once never changed/canceled my flight prior.

I bought my guaranteed ticket through them when I flew from Orlando International Airport to San Diego International Airport and got like $4 cashback from that flight.

Recommend: For travelers who travel regularly (in my opinion).



For Accommodation…

One of our to-go accommodation bookings is through Expedia.

We use them due to their extensive selection, competitive prices, and user-friendly booking platform.

Another booking accommodations site we use regularly is Orbitz.

Whether you’re searching for hotels or vacation packages. Their extensive options make trip planning a breeze!

For Tours & Activities…

Powered by GetYourGuide

We use GetYourGuide for our tours and activities.

They have over 50,000 tours and experiences worldwide. 

 Their intuitive platform ensures that finding and reserving activities is a breeze.

For Car Rentals…

DiscoverCars has been our go-to for several years, and it’s been smooth sailing, including our most recent Big Sur trip.

We’ve booked through DiscoverCars and rented compact cars from Dollar, Budget, and Alamo, encountering no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

While we’ve never needed to alter reservations or missed pickup times, it’s essential to note that our experience has been hassle-free.