At Unseen Beaches, we’re not just here to chat about the sun-kissed beauty of U.S. shores. Nope, we’ve got a bigger mission: raising awareness about their protection.

Why? Well, we got to get real with you. We’ve seen trash strewn across beaches, and it’s like a dagger to our beach-loving hearts!

And don’t even get us started on people hurting wildlife—those incidents boil our blood!! 🌊🦀

P.S. To all the malicious and ill-intended folks out there: You’re not cool and you need to seek help, seriously! 

It’s not fair for the wildlife, ocean, a human being, or anyone else to take your problems out on! Stop being mediocre and get some help! 

But hey, we’re optimists sisters too! We believe most people are just misguided or uneducated about their actions’ impact.

So, here’s our mission:

Having explored countless U.S. beaches (and a few international gems), we’re all in for protecting these natural ocean wonders!

Below, you’ll find info on beach conservation, sustainable travel, and responsible exploration, and yes together we can make a difference!🌊❤️


Sustainable Travel Practices

Find out sustainable travel practices on how to minimize negative impacts on the environment and local communities while maximizing the positive benefits of tourism.


beach clean-up initiatives

Find out information about local and global efforts to remove trash and debris from beaches and coastal areas.

Including ways to get involved by participating in organized clean-ups or by practicing responsible beach-going habits.