The Top Beach Vacations in Florida, You Had No Idea Existed

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If you are thinking of taking a vacation soon, then why not plan for a beach vacation in Florida.

Afterall, Florida is one the most popular beach vacation getaways you can possibly have. Besides the calm waters and snow-looking sands, there is more to offer than meets the eye. With summer literally around the corner, and springtime here already, NOW is the time to start planning those beach vacations!

What makes Florida’s Coast so Popular in the East Coast?

Powder fine sand and blue waters makes your dream beach destinations feel so real 🙂

And no, you do not have to travel out of the country to experience it, Florida has just what you need. In the summertime, the water temperature is high which is perfect for swimming.

Since Florida’s coast is surrounded by both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean you really have the best of both worlds.

On the Gulf of Mexico side, you can find white powder sands followed by amazing blue waters in some areas. It is here where most of the popular beaches lie including Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, Destin, Pensacola Beach etc.

Most people are drawn to this side of Florida because of the Gulf Mexico being so popular with the beaches.

It really delivers nothing but tropical waters, amazing landscape views, large shells to collect, and delicious restaurants to savor!

On the other hand, the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida is also popular for popular surf beaches such as New Smyrna Beach, and history from early settlers such as in St. Augustine!

Even though, the sand isn’t crystal white, you will find a lot to do including popular attractions. For example, if you travel north of the east coast of Florida you will run into St Augustine! The sand has a gorgeous orange hue which makes it very unique.

5 Florida Beach Destinations to check out


There are hundreds, if not thousands of beaches, surrounding Florida itself. And when planning your next Florida beach vacation, it can become a little overwhelming to know which one to pick.

And you simply cannot go wrong with whichever one you choose.

You usually only hear about the most popular ones, but you may fail to hear about the more quieter tranquil ones.

So if you are looking to take a peaceful vacation on a beach. Here are my top 5 suggestions in no particular order:

St. Augustine Beach–  The beach is perfect for anyone including families, photographers, and solo beach goers. This beach has something for everyone.  

Its amazing pier is perfect for taking photography and its children’s playground area is perfect for families with little ones. Not only that, but take time to explore the historic downtown of St. Augustine, since it is known as one the oldest city in America.

Siesta Key– Personally one of the most gorgeous beaches there is to explore in Florida. Its amazing atmosphere and tranquil water makes for the perfect beach vacation. It is here where you can meditate, do yoga, take some photography or just hang out.

New Smyrna Beach–  A beach located on the Atlantic Ocean, has all the tranquility and peace you’ll need. Its popularity arose when surfers would come here to catch the waves. Don’t be surprised if you come across many surfers walking around. If that is your fortay then definitely come here!

Anna Maria Island– Just like Siesta Key you can find beautiful tranquil waters and white sand. This beach vacation almost feels unreal and right out of a movie. Definitely a nice place to visit for a day or two.

St. Pete Beach– Since this beach is found on the Gulf of Mexico, you are sure to find amazing bright blue waters and pure sand. Not only is the beach a nice area to live by but there are a number of things you can do in the city.

How to Prepare for your Florida Vacation at the Beach

If this is your first time planning a Florida Beach vacation then have no fear, with the right tools and a little bit of knowledge you’ll be ready in no time.

If you plan on coming in the summer, keep in mind that in Florida it is the rainiest during that time. June and July is rainy but August is the rainiest and humidity is at an all time high.

Do not forget that the beauty of traveling in Florida is that the rain isn’t like rain in most places. Florida is a very tropical place to visit. And because of this, it is likely to stop.

Of course, there has been some days  where it rains all day or for hours, but then the rains stops the day after 🙂

Essential Things to Pack when Beach Vacationing in Florida:

If you would like to read our complete list of things to bring with you to the beach then click here.

A poncho/ umbrella

Flip Flops

Bug Spray



Extra Pair of Clothes in case the rain catches you unexpectedly

Healthy Snacks that will last you such as nuts, fruit, trail mix is usually good

Gallons of water to stay hydrated 🙂

This is just a beginners list to bring on your next Florida vacation. Of course, there are a lot more things you need to carry with you, especially if you have kids or pets. But just carrying the essentials to start your trip is a really great start for you future trip!


Start planning NOW for you Florida beach vacation getaway since summer is right around the corner.

You’ll be surprised to find amazing blue waters and white powder-like sands in the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida also has the Atlantic Ocean side of things where you can experience beaches like St Augustine Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach, etc.

Because of the popular beach destinations here, Florida has a little bit of everything here. You can find just about any sort of entertainment for the family. And because of this variety you can definitely start planning your Florida vacation sooner rather than later.

Of course, whether your traveling with family, friends, or with pets, every beach has something for anybody. There are a lot of different beaches to choose, but hope this scratches the surface of what to expect.

So, do tell, what you do you expect out of a perfect beach vacation? 😉

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