We have all been there. We get to the beach. And guess what!? We forget some important things!


It happens to all of us at one point or another. So why not make life easier and read this checklist before you hit the door. 

Don’t worry. Here we break down the best 30 things to bring to the beach with your friends, family, or even a date.

With a list… it is so much easier not to forget the essentials or the stuff you really wanted to bring! 

Remember it is important to have the essentials, and to have the extras for fun.

So whether you’re coming to the beach alone, with friends or on a date, check it out below as we breakdown the best things to bring with you the next time you hit the beach. 

The everyday essentials to take to the beach

Photo by Syd Sujuaan

Just admit it. There are some essentials we should not be forgetting at all.

And yet we still do it.

I know I do.

But trust me, we have all done it. Make sure you look this over before heading out. It will make life a lot easier.

Below are some of the things we really love bringing and highly recommend. Feel free to change it or add more as you like! 

1.Cash (some food stands only take ca$h); this is is important in case you want to get some fish tacos at a taco stand. Or if the parking meter machine only allows bills. Or coins! It doesn’t hurt to bring coins too.

2. Sunscreen– I really enjoy using the zinc oxide sunscreen. It doesn’t carry all the synthetic chemicals that regular beach sunscreens do. I bought the badger zinc mineral sunscreen on Amazon so I could get the fast shipping and excellent return policy.

The price will likely change over time, so click this link to check the current price of the badger sunscreen on Amazon.

3. Portable charger for your phone– I am using this one below. I find the charge to last me quite a bit. Definitely recommend it. I bought this one on Amazon. Check the price of the portable charger on Amazon by clicking this link.

4. Towels– You can find beach towels practically anywhere. I am really loving the floral shaped beach towels. They look really good in pictures. I found mine on Amazon. You can find the pricing on Amazon by clicking this link.

5. Extra pair of clothes to change into– Nobody wants to go home all sandy. So after washing off be sure to change into your extra pair of clean clothes.

6. Bug spray- I am all for less synthetic sunscreens. This one is derived with natural ingredients. I am loving this one right here. I found this one on Amazon as well. Check the current price of this bug spray on Amazon here.

7. Plastic bags– Sometimes you need extra bags to put your wet clothes in or your sandy sandals.

8. First aid kit– You never know if you will need this. It is a good idea to just have one in your car.

9. A Waterproof Beach Bag- Perfect to keep your stuff from getting wet or sandy. I find that sand is very difficult to get rid of once its on or even in your bag. But with a waterproof beach bag you shouldn’t have any trouble.

10. Waterproof Phone Protector– This is the one thing I always take with me to the beach. Trust me, I have dropped my phone multiple times at the beach.

I don’t know about you, but its nearly impossible to remove the sand out of the speakers of my iphone. You can find these on Amazon. The prices are very reasonable. Click the link to find the price on Amazon here.

11. Lots of water to drink- I usually bring a water bottle such as my Hydroflask and a gallon of water. You should always be hydrated whether your spending a couple hours on the beach or all day. I always bring my Hydroflask everywhere. The beach, library, gym etc.

With more and more beach pollution happening everywhere I recommend you switch from plastic to a reusable water bottle. You can read more about beach pollution in this blog.

I found my Hydroflask on Amazon. Since the prices do fluctuate you can check the current prices on Amazon here.

12. Sanitizer wipes- I love this brand because they are so eco-friendly. I’ll either pack these in my car or into my large purse. They definitely come in handy when your at the beach especially if you can’t find a bathroom with soap. What can’t you buy on Amazon these days. Since the price changes, you can click this link for the Ever Spring Wipes on Amazon.

13. Beach umbrella- I bought the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella and I find it to be very strong with the winds and easy to put in the sand. I don’t regret this at all. If your looking for a strong beach umbrella then I do recommend the Tommy Bahama one.

You can find these on Amazon. The price changes so click this link to check the current price of the Tommy Bahama beach umbrella on Amazon.

14. Beach chairs– Rio beach chairs have the been the best one to shop for. You can easily find these on Amazon as well. I also recommend reading my blog post of your guide to finding the best summer beaches.

Fun things to bring to the beach for a day

15. A camera- A phone camera works too. Just keep it safe and sand free. If your an amateur photographer like myself. We purchased the Rebel T6. You can really take some epic pictures with this one. If your ready to step up your game then I highly recommend this one.

I bought mine on Amazon. I like how you can get a good deal, since it includes the tripod, some memory cards and a case. You can’t go wrong with the extras. If you want to see the prices on Amazon then click this link to find it.

16. Food and Snacks- Take these to the beach and if you are looking for healthier options, read our blog of healthy food and snack recommendations

17. Soccer ball– if you like playing soccer in the sand, then bring this. You can’t go wrong. If you like football then bring a football.

18. Frisbee– When I was younger, my dad would love to bring a frisbee. It really bring back memories. It can be so entertaining.

19. Volleyball- In case you want to play beach volleyball then bring one. Arrive early to secure a net. They fill up quick.

20. Body Board- Growing up, my family would always bring these. Now when I go the beach with my friends, I grab my body board too! You find the price of these body boards on Amazon by clicking this link.

21. Waterproof Speaker- My friend owned a JBL and said it was the best speaker she ever had. She did bring it during our bonfire times. It was epic. You can find it on Amazon by clicking this link here. The prices may change so you can find the JBL speaker on Amazon here.

22. Beach Tent- There a lot of great tents out there. You can read my blog post of the top 15 beach tents I recommend in 2020 right here. If you do invest in a good beach tent, it will last a long time.

23. A Cooler- You can keep your food and snacks fresh if you bring a good cooler.

24. A book- You can never go wrong with a book. I love reading at the beach. You probably will too.

25. Drone Camera- My sister has one and it has really captured some nice aerial shots (only if you know how to fly one; and the beach allows it. Double check first.

What to bring to the beach at night with your friends

Thinking about having a beach bonfire one of these nights?

Why not!?

The summer months is the perfect time to get out there and enjoy the cool nights!

Whether you’ve many or none, there is always something that we forget when we make a bonfire.

One tip: Make sure you get there early to grab a fire pit ring. Do your research beforehand.  Some beaches don’t have them.

Here we breakdown the top things to bring to the beach at night! 

Remember nobody wants to leave out the basics.

Follow along with this handy dandy checklist to look over the next time you have a beach bonfire. 😉

Photo by Nathan Lindahl

26. S’mores supplies- If your having a bonfire then you have to make s’mores. Only if you want to. It is a classic. I bring these with my friends all the time.

27. Wood or Starters- If your having a bonfire this is a must.

28. A Sweater It gets really cool by the beach at night. Even though the fire is warm you may still need a sweater.

29. Beach Blanket– You can use it to keep you warm at night or to lay down on the beach.

30. Flashlight- I have owned several flashlights, but nothing compares to the Maglite Flashlight! One of the best flashlights ever. You can find these on Amazon. The price is likely to change over time so click this link to check the current price of Maglite Flashlight on Amazon

Things to bring on a beach date

If your going on a beach date, make sure you bring just a couple essentials. These have helped me a lot.

  • A sweater (as mentioned before)
  • A waterproof bag in case you have to set your purse down
  • A beach blanket to catch the sunset on the sand
  • An extra pair of sandals or shoes if you are planning to walk around the downtown area. (I walked around the downtown area first, but little did I know we would be walking the beach sand next) Put an extra pair of sandals in your bag.
  • Make sure your camera is charged to catch those sunsets
  • Extra pair of clothes in case they get sandy
  • Hair ties; because I wasn’t really ready for my hair blowing sand all over the place. Talk about humidity.


Whether you’re going with your friends, yourself, or even a date, there are some important things to bring to the beach the next time around.

I have been in all three situations and I always forget something.

I learned the hard way, but I made a note never to forget again.

It will definitely make life less complicated. 

Whether it is your first time going to the beach or the hundredth time, this is sure to help.

One of the nice things is that once you get this system down you won’t ever forget.

The essentials include your everyday things to bring including water, sunscreen, towel or even a hat.

In addition, we break down the things to bring with you that may make things a little bit more fun.

This includes any kind of volleyball, soccer ball, or boogie board so you play with. 

In addition, if you plan on ending your beach trip with a bonfire, then don’t forget that you may need a couple more things.

Such as the wood, starters and some sticks to probe the fire.

Also if the weather does get a little chilly, a sweater is the best option.

And everyone wants to make s’mores so don’t forget those too.  

So tell me what are your favorite things to bring with you on a beach trip?

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