Melbourne Beach FL: A Hidden Beach

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Many people head to the most popular beaches in Florida, but little do they realize that Melbourne Beach is a hidden gem.

The best thing is that it is not too far from the most touristy attractions of Florida.

And if you are looking for that serene escape to paradise then you do not need to look any further.

Where is Melbourne Beach Florida located in the world?


If you are guessing that it is in the USA, then you are most definitely right! One point for you! Second, it is in Florida.

Melbourne Beach is found on the east coast side of Florida.

If you are traveling from Orlando (only one of the most popular destinations in the world) then it is a little over an hour distance-wise.

Approximately about 70 miles from the city of Orlando.

The Unique Side of Melbourne Beach Florida

Melbourne Beach is famous for various reasons. Since there is so much to see and do, there is no chance for you to get even close to bored.

There are two sides to this beach. Literally and figuratively. Melbourne Beach is situated on a barrier island so there are two sides to it.


On the left side of Melbourne Beach, you can find the Indian River Lagoon (famous for fishing, but more on that later).

On the east of Melbourne Beach, you can see the Atlantic Ocean.

Both are very different areas, but also gorgeous in their own way.

If you do have the time, then visit both sides of Melbourne Beach. You will find something different on both ends.

Just be sure to give yourself enough time to explore.

Beaches surrounding Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach is one of those beaches that also neighbor some popular beaches. After all, Melbourne Beach is more of those beaches centered between more popular beaches.

Even though Melbourne is unheard of, it is a beach that is filled with uniqueness and tranquility.  

If you do find yourself in Melbourne Beach for more than a couple of days then definitely drive up or down the coastlines.

One of those beaches north of Melbourne is called Cocoa Beach. It is very popular for surfing and exploring the pier.

That’s a whole another blog post that is recommended. Check out  “The Top Things to do in Cocoa Beach”, and see how amazing it is.

Another well-known beach below Melbourne Beach is the Sebastian Inlet which in itself is just as popular among tourists and locals.

Definitely, a gorgeous beach to check out if you haven’t already.

Top 3 things to do in or around Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach is one of those beaches where you can definitely find time to pass the day. There is plenty of activities to do.

Here, we break down the top 3 things to do in Melbourne Beach Florida.


Melbourne Beach– Of course, you have to spend a day at the beach relaxing. You can walk for miles without seeing too many people.

It is definitely on the quieter side of most beaches because of its unknown destination among tourists. Although locals prefer it this way.

Melbourne Beach Pier– This pier is actually not found on the beach instead it is found on the Indian River Lagoon side of the barrier island.

While the east side holds the actual sandy waters, the west side of Melbourne Beach holds the river area.

They’re very close to each other so you can actually drive from one side of Melbourne Beach to the other in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be surprised that the Melbourne Beach Pier is always busy with people strolling or fishermen fishing.

It is definitely one of the places to see when visiting. And the best time to catch it would be as soon as the sun is setting since the colors are spectacular.

Photo by Meghan Thompson

Brevard Zoo – This is one of those quieter zoos that you must visit if you are an animal lover. There is so much nature here you can see and experience.

And since it’s not one of those busy zoos there is so much space to walk and breathe.

Best time to go to Melbourne Beach Florida

In Florida, you’ll be fortunate to know that the weather is nicer to go swimming than not. Because of the Floridian weather, you will be surprised to find that there really is no wrong time to go.

Although, if you are not used to the weather here then you may be surprised if you suddenly encounter a downpour of some sort at the beach.

If you can, the best time would be spring times such as March, April, and May.


 It is least likely to rain and the weather is just warm enough to sunbathe in.

In summer, the weather is very hot which means it could be perfect for swimming, which is true!

Although keep in mind that the summer months tend to be the rainiest.

Ending Melbourne Beach on a High Note

Of course, you cannot end the day without eating one of the most delicious meals ever near the beach ever. And why not try the local cuisine?

It is definitely a must!


One of the most recommended places to try is called Ocean 302 Bar and Grill. It is a delicious place to get anything from seafood to hamburgers and fries.

Many locals visit this place because of its variety of food and spectacular staff. It is a unique place to check out if you are in the Melbourne area.

Why not finish with drinks and the rest of the day here. Do not hesitate to come to check it out.


Melbourne may not be that popular pompous beach you find such as Miami Beach or Daytona Beach. But it has its perks worth visiting.

If you want to explore Melbourne Beach like a local then it is recommended that you put this one on your list.

You will be surprised that this place has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Besides its popular fishing and golfing the tranquility is the reason why I would choose this place.

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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