It’s no question that Malibu is a sought out beach destination in the west coast. Often known as the “27 Miles of Scenic Beauty” expect to see numerous diverse beaches across the Cali coastlines.

Not all beaches found in Malibu offer the same, some are unique in their own way. But, one of our favorite is Zuma Beach Malibu.

Located above Point Dume State Beach you can find Zuma County. It’s a common weekend chillin spot among the locals.

Zuma County offers a unique scenery. Unlike Santa Monica State Beach, it is a more low key place worth seeing. 

This beach has some interesting features. You can find the sand to be brown and I barely found any seashells on this coastline.

There are restrooms located on the beach along with showers and you can also find volleyball nets to play in.

While there isn’t any restaurants, bars, nor hotels on the coastlines of Zuma you can find a few snack venues. 

zuma county beach

It is often said that Zuma is one of the best places to see wildlife.

It’s common to see dolphins and grey whales passing through. Unfortunately, I didn’t get lucky when I was there visiting. I didn’t see any other wildlife except for seagulls.

However, you can spot lots of surfers in the waters since it’s a known well spot to surf.

The Nautical Malibu Triathlon event takes place annually as well in Zuma County. Thousands of people from all the world come together to help raise money for children with cancer.

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