Carlsbad Beach California is one those beaches that you usually don’t know much about unless your a local. It is one of those places you can have an amazing vacation at if you know what to expect.

After doing some extensive research, I decided to find out what makes this beach special and why you should come and see it for yourself.

After taking doing some exploring i realized it is best to experience as the locals do. That means  spending some time in the city to really get to know what Carlsbad Beach in California is all about.

As a complete guide to knowing what to expect it is better to breakdown the overall view of Carlsbad Beach California…

Where is Carlsbad Beach California Located

Carlsbad Beach is located in Southern California. From San Diego, it is about  40-60 minutes from San Diego depending on the traffic. If you are traveling right from San Diego International Airport, would be able to jump on the freeway 5 North all the way up the coastline.

Of course, depending where your coming from it and whether traffic is bad or not. Putting it on your map app will definitely be handy.

It may be far but…

It definitely the worth the drive!

The History of Carlsbad Beach

As history has it, every beach has story.

Whether near or far.

Carlsbad Beach California also has a story.  History has it that that Carlsbad Beach started out with the settlement of the Luseño Indians before the Spanish ever came into the picture following the 18th century.

The city itself was first established as a cattle station in the 1860s and it was located along the Camino Real and later settled in by Anglo ranchers.

The name of the cattle station was called “Frazier Station” but history has it that it was later renamed after the mineral waters found were those similar to Bohemia.

Later on, when the railway rose, Carlsbad Beaches became a popular destination for tourist to come explore, according to source.    


Carlsbad is perfect for any and everybody.


If your a family visiting Carlsbad Beach then it is the perfect place to wind down for a family beach vacation. There are many things to do on and near the beach that will keep you entertained for hours.

Solo Travelers?

If you love to travel alone or with friends, then do not hesitate to visit. There is everything from kayaking classes to learning how to surf.


There is no better place to capture photography than the amazing beaches of San Diego such as Carlsbad Beach. If you really want to be in for a treat then, as a photographer, definitely come for sunrise and stay for sunset. If you’re looking for a spectacular place in the Carlsbad Beach area then check out this article right here.

Dog Owners?

Unfortunately, Carlsbad Beach does NOT allow dogs here. However, do not fret pet owners, there are some places your can still walk around that allows you to still have fun! Check out the article that shows you how your pets can still enjoy the spectacular Carlsbad Beach without being allowed.

What Makes Up Carlsbad Beaches in California


The North Beaches of Carlsbad:

People come here to enjoy the beach of course, but the nice thing about the beaches is that it is very close and walking distance to Carlsbad Village. So if you here to do some shopping or walking around the beach town then please come here.

Explore Carlsbad Village by reading our article on what to expect!

I noticed that a lot of people also love watching the sunset near Harbor Fish Cafe. There are volleyball nets below to catch the spectacular sunset while playing a game.

Tamarack Beach:

Something you will notice here is… mostly surfers. Even though, some people say it is surfers Beach that you will mostly find, it is not entirely restricted to surfers. There are areas where you can lay your beach towel and umbrellas. And there are lifeguard towers here too. Parking is also available here at the mini lot in Tamarack Beach. It may be difficult to find parking since it is a little limited. So if you plan on parking on the beach lot then arrive here early!

South Carlsbad State Beach:

Also known as South Carlsbad State Beach Camping where you can camp with an RV or tent while hearing the amazing crashing of the waves. It is the place where you will have beach and camping life all in one. Check out the article on six things every beginner camper should know. If you really want to see what this is all about.

South Ponto Beach:

This beach says nothing, but amazing cliffs and beautiful scenery to take in. If you are a sunset go-er then look no further, but South Ponto Beach! Who doesn’t want to see the beautiful sunset beneath the water. Calling all photographer and videographer here!

Things to check out near Carlsbad Beach California

Carlsbad Beaches in California are gorgeous or course, but that is not all you can find here. If you are looking to venture out and see other things besides the beach then…

Read on…

There is more to see and do! These things are found near the beach or within Carlsbad itself.

Carlsbad Beach not-so-secret Boardwalk/Seawall


The Boardwalk or Seawall as many have called it, is one of the best places you can jog, run, walk, and ocean gaze, etc. It comes to no surprise that this boardwalk/seawall is one of the locals favorites to get fresh air.

Though biking is not directly permitted on the boardwalk, I see many people using the bike lanes on the road.

The seawall is a popular paved boardwalk that runs alongside the beach area so you can exercise to your heart’s content. Make no mistake that this is one those places you want to check out. Check out the article on what to expect when visiting Carlsbad Beach boardwalk.

As a photographer, I do enjoy coming here because it’s the perfect place to take beach photography. You simply cannot go wrong with the panoramic view of the Carlsbad Beach area.  

Carlsbad Village


Carlsbad Village is one of those places you need to walk around. It is what many would refer to as the “Beach Town” of Carlsbad.

Or maybe that is what some people see it as.

There is so many reasons why you need to check out this mini beach town for yourself. Not only can you most definitely find places to eat here, but you can find all sorts of boutiques, ice-cream shops and stores.

If your hungry or looking for a coffee shop then walk here. It is within walking distance from the beach itself. It is here where you can find your local mom and pop shops.

Carlsbad Beach Restaurants

There is plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you’re looking for restaurants by the beach then there are plenty in Carlsbad Village. Some are within walking distance while others are within driving distance.

Flower Fields

The flower fields are driving distance Carlsbad Beach itself,but it is a seasonal thing. If you are by any chance planning to visit Carlsbad Beaches in the spring from early March to early May May then definitely make it a day trip to visit the Flower fields too.

Even though it is a seasonal thing and are hoping to fill your day with other adventurous things then the Flower Fields of Carlsbad are one of those places you want to check out.

Premium Carlsbad Outlets

Okay so you have spent the first couple days of your vacation at the beach and maybe you’re looking for some shopping to do before you get to Carlsbad Beach or after.

Whatever the reason may be, the thing on your list is to do some shopping.

Then look no further than the Premium Carlsbad Outlets, it is the place you want to go to get some good shopping in. You can practically find any beach clothes attire here. Although you may have to drive here, it is still within the Carlsbad Beach vicinity.



Are you ready to soak in some San Diego Beach fun?  Then look no further than some of the best beaches in Southern California.

Carlsbad Beach in California is where it is all happening.

From beach volleyball, to beach camping and shopping there is something for everyone.

But the question becomes, what else can I do around or near carlsbad that will really help bring me a lot more fun than I expected.

Swim at the north beaches of Carlsbad to play volley and watch the sunset. At the same time take a stroll to Carlsbad Village where you can find countless mom and pop shops along with boutiques and restaurants of all kind.

Use Tamarack Beach to surf some of the best waves.

And finally book in advance a camping spot at the Carlsbad State Beach Campgrounds. Where you can camp and take in the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset.

This beach has a lot more to offer than its surfing waters and family get togethers.

Renting a car is one of the best things you can do in Carlsbad to catch some other things to do around the town.

For example if you want to check out the Carlsbad Premium Outlets then do it for some fair pricing on clothes.

It’s perfect for spending a whole day shopping or even window shopping here. Whatever it is you want to do then be sure you make this one of the things to do.

Have you ever visited Carlsbad Beach in California? If so. What do you like doing here?