How to Find the Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk


Carlsbad Beach boardwalk is one of those must-see places to visit, especially if you love the outdoors. It is not the typical boardwalk you would expect.

Carlsbad Beach boardwalk is located in Southern California in the city of Carlsbad.

The boardwalk is often referred to as a “seawall” in which the paved road lines Carlsbad Beach.

Don’t get confused with one of the other San Diego beach piers.

The boardwalk is 4 miles long and extends across a couple of beaches in Carlsbad. It is a perfect place to do outdoor activities and enjoy some fresh beach air.

The Carlsbad Boardwalk is a great place to take in the ocean views while enjoying a day at the beach.

The boardwalk is situated on higher ground and closer to the road so it is perfect for those who need bicycle rentals or are looking to eat at one of the local restaurants.

The boardwalk also has a number of small beaches, which can be great if you’re looking for parking and don’t want to walk too far.

Tamarack Beach is one of these smaller beaches and it’s popular among surfers.

Keep in mind that the parking lot is very small so it’s not recommended to come here during peak hours or days.

If you are looking for a day at the beach then be sure to check out Tamarack Beach when visiting Carlsbad!

What to do on the Beach Boardwalk in Carlsbad

Contrary to what some people think, the boardwalk in Carlsbad beach is actually not a pier that extends into the ocean.

Instead, it is a well-known paved road where people go to enjoy.


One of the most popular activities I have noticed on the boardwalk is exercising 🙂

For someone who enjoys running or walking and would like to switch up their gym routine, then this is the perfect place for you to go.

You can find many people jogging the paved stretched road of the boardwalk.

If you have little ones…

You’ll be surprised that a lot of parents go jogging with their strollers on the paved road.

You can also see people doing vigorous HITT workouts.

There are people skateboarding, roller-blading, and cycling.

Even though you cannot exactly bring your fur baby with you on the beach, the nice thing is that on the boardwalk you can.

You’ll see puppies and dogs of all kinds. It is a nice way to get some fresh air for you and your pup.

Of course, there are other beaches where dogs are allowed, just not this one.

Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk walking

The Carlsbad boardwalk or seawall also dips closer to the ocean. So you can stray off the main paved boardwalk and join the one closer to the ocean if you like.

Some call it the beach pavement. Others say it’s a seawall. It is also known as a boardwalk as well.

Whatever the name is, it is a great place worth checking out. If you are an ocean gazer…

I have seen many people just come to the beach and take in the ocean views.

The boardwalk is situated on higher ground and closer to the road so it is the perfect place to be.

You’ll find many picnic tables, and benches along the Carlsbad boardwalk. Some people just take in the panoramic views of the ocean.

This is really the perfect place to do that.

carlsbad beach boardwalk

The Town near the Boardwalk

The boardwalk is very close to Carlsbad Village. It is here where you can find a number of restaurants and boutiques around the village.

If you get hungry and are looking for a bite to eat then definitely walk here.

If you need bicycle rentals then this is the place to walk around. You will find all types of beach rentals such as kayaks and paddleboards.

A beach near the Carlsbad Beach Boardwalk

One of the beaches you’ll either jog or walk into is called Tamarack Beach.

This little beach is one of the smaller beaches you will see while walking alongside the boardwalk.


Looking for parking?

Tamarack Beach is one of those beaches with a mini paved road where you can park and pay for the day.

But because this lot is very tiny and only fits a limited amount of cars, it is most certainly not recommended during peak hours and days.

Unless you come early 🙂

Still, there is plenty of parking along the boardwalk off the road. If you drive along Carlsbad Blvd you can spot many cars parked off the road.

If you do decide to come and visit this beach you will notice that it is very popular among surfers.  

Some people call it the Tamarack Surf Beach because if you are a surfer, then most likely you have heard of this beach.

And of course, you definitely will end up going. If you are a family then don’t hesitate to come here as well.

It is one of the beaches that also has lifeguards. So no need to worry about the absence of lifeguards.

Of course, you should always practice safety wherever. But rest assured since there are lifeguards on duty here.



Carlsbad beach has what many call the boardwalk or seawall. It is a paved road that runs along Carlsbad Blvd and up to Highway 101.

It is here where it all happens. People of all sorts get their fresh air.

You can spot families having picnics alongside the panoramic views of the beach.

People of all kinds exercise, rollerblading, running, jogging, and working out.

If you love ocean gazing and or people watching then this is the place to be. You will find lots of picnic tables and benches running along the beach boardwalk.

So bring a lunch if you want. You’ll find fresh air and amazing views.

If you are looking for parking you’ll be surprised to find it along the boardwalk.

A lot of cars park along Carlsbad Blvd, which is the closest you can get to the beach.

There are lifeguards as well as amenities such as restrooms and showers.

Parking is also available here. You will find a small lot where you can pay and park. Although parking can be limited, your best bet is still along Carlsbad Blvd.


And one last thing, the nicest view you can see here is the sunset. The place to be is atop the seawall to get an amazing view of the Carlsbad sunset.

There you have it, another great place to check out while in Carlsbad Village.

If you are looking for some amazing views and want to get some exercise at the same time, then be sure to check out the Carlsbad boardwalk.

You won’t regret it!

If you are vacationing in San Diego and hope to enjoy some of the beautiful beaches, then be sure to check out San Diego’s beautiful beaches article.

So do you prefer boardwalks or piers? They both are amazing places to just check out while visiting the beach.

P.S if you out looking for other great beach vacations then do not hesitate to visit this other beach vacation state.

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