25 Beach Accessories for Kids in 2022

beach essentials for kids

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One of the most important things that you can do for your kids is to take them to the beach.

This makes it a great opportunity to bond as a family and give your children an opportunity to explore nature.

We put together a list of our top 25 beach accessories for kids for you.

Helping you have an enjoyable experience at the beach by coming prepared.

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Best Beach Accessories for Kids




  • Biodegradable 
  • Non Nano Zinc Oxide material
  • SPF 30, with SPF 80 water-resistance
  • Reef Safe
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Natural Rosemary and Mango Butter


  • Features beeswax – not vegan
  • 3 ounces

Product Description:

A no-brainer, yet often forgotten one of the best beach accessories for kids to bring them is sunscreen.

Applying sunscreen is one of the best ways you can protect your child’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Especially, if you’re spending the time at the beach between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun rays are the strongest.

When it comes to finding the right sunscreen for your child make sure you are choosing the right one that fits your child’s needs.

For instance, some sunscreens contain chemicals such as oxybenzone or benzophenone-3 that can cause skin allergic reactions.

We recommend opting for eco-friendly or vegan sunscreens.

Often they are cruelty-free, contain natural ingredients, and are eco-friendly.

One of my favorite go-to sunscreens is Raw Elements.

Made with natural ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging.

Beach Hat



  • Lightweight
  • UPF 50+
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Firm Brim – doesn’t flop
  • Water and Stain-resistant
  • Adjustable sizing


  • Straps
  • One color

Product Description:

Often neglected, but still important is the head.

Protect your child’s neck and head by coming prepared with a beach sun hat.

The Sunday Afternoons Play Hat makes the list of top beach accessories for kids.

Features a wide brim that offers full coverage protection amongst the neck and head.

It firmly maintains its shape from flopping or bending.

Lightweight, and made with quick-drying fabric that won’t hold water or stains.

A chin strap with a breakaway SmartStrap helps keep it on when they’re running around at the beach or poolside.

It features strategic crown ventilation and UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection for safe play in the sun.

For kids ages 3 months to 6 years old, and comes with adjustable sizing.

Prism Designs Jazz 2.0 Sport Kite

beach accessories for kids a kite


  • Great stability
  • Carbon and fiberglass frame
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Can use kids around 14 years.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best UseCasual/Recreational


  • Easy to assemble and transportation
  • Doesn’t need any special wind conditions to fly high
  • For long-lasting performance with hard lightweight materials(Polyester/carbon/fiberglass)


  • After flying, it needs to dry well before storage.

Product Description

The Prism Designs Jazz 2.0 Sport Kite makes our list as one of the best beach accessories for kids.

It is a durable and responsive sport kite with great stability for student pilots who are novices to the sport.

It stands 28 inches tall and includes everything you need to fly, including 85 feet of 55 pounds polyester line, a winder, instructions, and a storage case.

The kite comes in assorted colors only.

At just 1 pound, this is one of the most affordable Prism Designs Sport Kites that you can carry for your kids for beach activities.

Billy 50″ Top Surfboard

beach accessories for kids a board


  • Removable fins for easy storage
  • Lightweight and fully durable (foam top, plastic bottom)
  • Perfect for beginners of all ages.
  • Includes an ankle leash and cell phone dry bag to help you stay safe in the water.
  • Use different options, surfboard,  wakeboard, skimboard, body board.


  • Durable construction
  • The versatile board can be used in many different ways.
  • Stable and good for beginners
  • Provided included accessories come in useful
  • Useful Fins for use as a bodyboard or skimboard.


  • Fins may not be very useful for use as a bodyboard or skimboard.

Product Description:

The Billy 50″ Foam Top Surfboard makes our list of one of the best beach accessories for kids.

You can undoubtedly use this board for anyone who is just getting into surfing.

It is stable, durable, and very fun to ride.

The board size is 50 inches long, which means it’s good for people of varying heights.

The fins can be removed, so if you’re not interested in surfing with them it won’t get in the way of skimboarding or water skiing.

This surfboard comes with an ankle leash so you don’t get swept away by a current, and we also like the fact that there is a cell phone dry bag.

This board is perfect for taking to the beach because it has a foam top that resists dings while you’re working on your tan.

Eco-Friendly Beach Toys for Toddlers & Kids


  • Eco-Friendly, truly ‘green’ choice for your family.
  • If lost in the ocean or buried in the sand, our toys will break down into harmless organic matter.
  • High-quality builds.
  • An ergonomic design.
  • Nontoxic and BPA-free.


  • Develops your child’s imagination and
  • Encourages kids’ outdoor summer vacation fun.
  • Give back to the environment.

Product Description:

For those parents who are concerned about the environment purchasing eco-friendly products is one way to help contribute to saving the environment.

By supporting eco-friendly companies you help support conservation and decrease pollution.

The Eco Beach Toy Set makes our list of best beach accessories for kids to take to the beach.

Made from soft-touch bamboo fiber that won’t break like plastic toys.

We like that it is biodegradable and non-toxic, too!

And it encourages kids to use their imagination as they play.

This toy set includes a shovel and a rake with a handle.

It is a great alternative for plastic toys which is suitable for all ages and beach activities.

CGear Sand-Free Beach Wagon

beach accessories for kids a wagon


  • Sand-free dual-weave cloth
  • 4 grooved wheels
  • Bottom of the wagon made of sand-free dual weave cloth
  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • 2 cup holders


  • Made from quality materials that are sure to last,
  • it’s been designed to store a lot of your stuff in a compact size
  • Handy and easy to use.


  • It only holds 150 pounds

Product Description:

The CGear Multimats Sand-Free Beach Wagon is the perfect place to store your stuff at the beach or pool.

Features include sand-free dual-weave cloth and 4 grooved wheels that can take on any terrain.

The bottom of the wagon is made of sand-free dual-weave cloth so spilled liquids sit on an absorbent surface and are harmless, making cleaning a snap.

You can even store 2 cups in their own cup holders for easy access without having to worry about them spilling.

Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter


  • UPF 50+ fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Large front and full-zippered rear doors provide easy access and maximum ventilation.
  • Two mesh storage pouches below side windows for your personal items.
  • Provides temporary shelter in light rain, so please avoid using it in heavy rain.


  • Easy Hanging Hook
  • Great Portability
  • Large Mesh Windows for gentle blow


  • Relatively less wind suited

Product Description:

Protect your kids in the sun with this WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter.

This beach accessory for kids is made with UPF 50+ material to protect against sun rays.

Features two entrances, the large front door, and the full-zippered rear door.

Mesh windows that keep the temperature inside the tent low, and all-around good ventilation.

The stability of this pop-up beach tent is excellent with its four side sandbags, and 4 wind ropes with sandbags.

In addition, there are 10 plastic stakes that fasten the tent so that it’s not blown down easily by a strong wind.

SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag


  • Talc-free, reef-friendly powder
  • Patented pouch for sand removal
  • Keeps you fresh and sand-free
  • No more sand in your car or home


  • The product is convenient to use
  • The pouch can fit in any bag
  • It removes the sand without leaving your skin dirty


  • The pouch is sometimes too wet to keep in your bag, so it needs to be stored in the zip case.

Product Description:

Nothing is more annoying than getting sand all over you when at the beach.

Decrease taking the sand you and your kids get by using Sandscreen Sand Removal.

This sand removal bag is one of our must-have beach accessories for kids.

Helps remove sand off your hands, feet, and legs.

You will no longer have to worry about walking back to the car or taking the sand home with you.

The pouch also fits easily in any beach bag.

It is talc-free and reef-friendly and doesn’t leave your skin dirty.


Key Features:

  • The table is just the right height
  • Easy to set up and store away with no tools needed
  • Durable and sturdy, even when uncovered outside
  • Optimum 5.5 lb weight capacity
  • Made of 100% wood


  • Simple setup procedures
  • All-around use
  • Durable and Easily transportable


  • Not wide enough to put many things on

Product Description

This portable table is just the right height.

Made for indoor or outdoor use, it can be used for camping trips, patios, picnics, desks, floors, beach bed trays, or kids’ play tables.

It is easy to set up with no tools needed and only takes seconds to store away.

Durable and sturdy with a 5.5 lb weight capacity.

The table is made of wood and comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Aerobie Sprint Ring Flying Disc

beach accessories for kids a flying disc


  • Comes in a 10-inch size
  • Soft edges of the disc are really good for catching
  • For Children to adults


  • Easy to throw and catch.
  • Easily Transportable
  • Well, build and long-term useability.


  • The center is open, so if you’re playing in the rain then it’s not that great.

Product Description:

This 10-inch flying disc is a one-of-a-kind recommended kids beach toy to take with you.

We would recommend this product for anybody who is looking for a good outdoor game time with friends or family.

The soft edges of the disc are really good for catching it with your hand or foot.

It’s easy to throw too, so it’s a great game to play outside during the summertime.

Plus, it comes in a 10-inch size, so if you’re an adult, then it will be just right for you.

The open center design really helps each player stay flexible because you can then use your hand or foot or arm to catch it.

UPF+ Clothing Boys and Girls

Boy’s: Columbia Sandy Shores Sunguard Rashguard

beach accessories for kids a upf clothing


  • It is lightweight and breathable
  • It is flexible
  • Blocks UVA and UVB rays


  • Children can get cold when worn alone

Product Description:

This Columbia Sandy Shores Sunguard Rashguard is very lightweight and breathable.

It is made of Polyester and Max-Dri™ fabric, which helps keep you cool and dry.

The sleeves are raglan sleeves, so they are very flexible.

The Omni-wick technology pulls sweat away from your skin to the fabric’s surface where it quickly evaporates, leaving you feeling comfortable.

This shirt also has UPF 50 sun protection, which blocks UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin from sunburns and sun damage over time.

GIRL’S: Tame the Sun Long Sleeve Swimsuit for Girls, UPF 50+


  • Ages 6-14
  • Rash Guard Bathing
  • A very high sun protection
  • Comes with a reusable water-resistant zip lock carry bag
  • Cute and practical design available


  • Moderately Pricey

Product Description:

Tame the Sun long sleeve swimsuit for girls is designed with UPF 50+ which is the highest sun protection available.

It’s also made with a chlorine-inhibited fabric and has a modest cut for physical coverage and peace of mind.

Your daughter may love her brand new swimsuit.

Water Shoes


beach accessories for kids boys water shoes


  • Neoprene/mesh upper
  • Integrated Drainage System (IDS) disperses water for quick-drying performance
  • Encourages airflow for a cool, breathable feel


  • May Not feel comfort for the first time.

Product Description:

The BOYS’ Riverbreaker Water Shoes are a great shoe for all types of water activities.

They have a drainage system and shock lace to keep you going longer with the right footgear.

The neoprene/mesh upper allows for extra comfort and breathability.

Get this shoe today for your next water excursion.


beach accessories for kids boys water shoes


  • TPR outsole that  is slip-resistant
  • Neoprene and mesh material resists slipping, staying dry, and is easy to clean
  • Adjustable shock lace that provides a comfortable fit with security
  • Great for any summertime adventures or activities


  • The size runs small. If you are unsure about the sizing it would be best to measure your child’s shoe before purchasing

Product Description:

These RIPTIDE Water Shoes provide a fun and classic design.

They have a shock lace that provides a comfortable fit while being secure.

The neoprene and mesh material resists slipping and staying dry while exploring the wet terrain.

These shoes are great for both in and out of the water activities.

They are perfect for summertime adventures.

Mini shades Classic Sunglasses- Kids

beach accessories for kids sunglasses


  • UV Protection
  • Light Transmission
  • Triacetate Lens Material
  • Gray Lens Tint
  • Polarized


  • Provides 100% protection against harmful rays.
  • The polarized lens cut through glare,
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Appropriate for casual to sports use.


  • Can fit small amongst different kids

Product Description:

The Minishades Classic Sunglasses are the best option for kids!

UV protection provides 100% protection against harmful rays.

The polarized lens cuts through glare, providing you with a clearer vision.

They are lightweight and durable, making them appropriate for all activities.

These glasses are appropriate for casual to sports use.

The frame is made of rubber and the lenses are free of BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Cove Mask/Snorkel/Fin Snorkeling Set


  • Silicone skirts and straps are soft and comfortable against the skin.
  • Quick-adjust anchor buckle with 2 settings for tightness/looseness.
  • Fits smaller/narrower faces better than other masks on the market


  • Large field of vision
  • Comfortable fit on the face
  • Easy to adjust straps


  • You may have to adjust straps often.

Product Description:

The COVE Mask/Snorkel/Fin Snorkeling Set is a great addition to your kid’s summer swimwear.

It comes in blue or citron and has 3 parts: a mask, snorkel, and fins.

The USAID has been able to serve as a resource for parents with small children by providing them with resources such as these.

Their masks are tempered glass that meets all ANSI standards and the silicone skirt and strap are soft and comfortable against the skin.

Once you have found your perfect fit, your strap can be set to pull out for tightness or pushed in for loosening with a quick-adjust anchor buckle.

Beach Cup Holder


  • Multifunctional sand cup holder for beverage, beach drink cup from falling in sand or grass.
  • Made of high-quality PP plastic.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry by hand.


  • Low Price
  • Easy to replace
  • colorful options
  • Eye-catchy for kids


  • Too narrow for some cups and bottles

Product Description:

The Home Queen Beach Cup Holder beach accessory comes in a bright Teal, Orange, Blue, and Pink color.

This set has a height of 6.5 inches and is 5.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches deep.

The product can fit easily in your beach bag and securely hold your beverage from spilling on the sand or grass.

Each beach cup holder is made of high-quality PP plastic which is a smooth surface that does not have any decoration so it can be customized with stickers to reflect your style.

Igloo Cooler

beach accessories for kids cooler


  • Tear-resistant
  • REPREVE polyester is made from recycled water bottles
  • 8.8 ounces Weight is fine.
  • Maximum space saving


  • It’s good for the price of what it is (which is not much, really).
  • Great Gear Capacity around 14.4 liters.
  • Forms from recycled fibers which are environmentally friendly.


  • Not wide enough

Product Description:

The Igloo Packable Puffer Cooler is a medium-sized cooler that is made from 50 deniers recycled ripstop polyester.

The exterior of the cooler is made of REPREVE ripstop polyester and provides durability and tear resistance.

The PRIMALOFT insulation of these coolers keeps cold drinks and snacks cold for up to 12 hours, which makes them perfect for camping trips.

This product packs fully into the front pocket to provide maximum space-saving.

CGear Sand-Free Mat

beach accessories for kids a sand blanket


  • Prevents debris from coming back up.
  • Lightweight material (3.7 pounds).
  • The Wind to go through the mat.


  • Useful for those families having kids to play on the beach.
  • Easy to transport and simple to use.


  • Expensive

Product Description:

Looking to keep the sand at bay while you’re enjoying a day at the beach?

CGear Multimats Sand Light Sand-Free Mat has you covered.

This handy little accessory prevents any pesky sand from flying back up and getting all over you or your loved ones.

It’s also lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

BuggyBands Mosquito Bracelets


  • Highest natural geraniol oil content on the Market
  • 48 individually wrapped Bracelets per pack
  • Non-toxic and DEET-free
  • Waterproof & Sweat Resistant.


  • Affordable pricing per bracelets
  • High-quality product


  • Can easily slip off

Product Description:

Mosquitoes can be a public health and safety issue and people spend millions of dollars annually on repellent while often still getting bitten.

It is this frustration that BuggyBands has taken into account with its natural and DEET-free Bugzy Bracelets.

The bracelets are 100% DEET-free, Geraniol oil-based, water-resistant, and come in 48 individually wrapped bracelets per pack which guarantees they will stay active for use in the future.

This can be an excellent choice if you’re on a trip with your family and kids.

Portable Food Container


  • 4 Compartments
  • Removable Ice Pack for Meals
  •  Leak-Proof
  • BPA-Free (Aqua)


  • Providing leak-proof technology.
  • Perfect meal carrier.
  • Keep Food Chill
  • Easy to Clean & Microwave


  • Compartments not wide enough

Product Description:

The Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box makes our list of top beach accessories for kids.

It has 4 compartments for food and a small ice pack.

It keeps your food fresh and stops it from getting messy in the box when you’re on the go.

If you want to help people who don’t have enough food.

Bentgo will donate some of the money they make from selling this lunchbox to Feed The Children, an organization that helps with that problem.

Rio Beach Kid’s Folding Beach Chair


  • 5 positions lay flat options.
  • Large adjustable pillow
  • Cup holder for all your beach adventures.
  • Sturdy frame with weight adjustability of 6.1 lbs.


  • Kids love it.
  • Easy transportation
  • lightweight
  • sturdy and easy to use


  • Some people claim issue with lock settings – have to force into position

Product Description:

The Rio Beach Kid’s 5 Position Lay Flat Backpack Folding Beach Chair is the best beach chair for kids.

It has a lightweight but sturdy frame that is made of rust-proof aluminum.

The seat height of this chair is 7 inches, making the seat low to the ground.

This backpack beach chair also offers up to five-position reclining options for customized seating.

The Rio Beach Kid’s 5 Position Lay Flat Backpack Folding Beach Chair includes a large adjustable pillow, storage pouch, and cup holder for all your beach adventures.

KID Scavenger Hunt Game


  • 35 cards
  • 2 instruction cards
  • 1 drawstring bag
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up


  • Comes with everything you need to play.
  • Both indoor and outdoor recreation for kids.
  • Makes a great gift for people who like playing games.
  • Great Price points.

Product Description:

The Scavenger Hunt Game is one that you can play both inside and outside.

You can take it with you on trips.

It has 35 cards, 2 instruction cards, 1 drawstring bag.

The age for this game is 3 years old or up, but if you are not able to read the instructions for this game it’s okay.

Since there are pictures of the items on the cards that tell you what to do!

You should go outside and be active with other people who are playing this game, too!

Waterproof Kid Bandages


  • The bandages come in shapes
  • Include jellyfish patterns that children love
  • Each bandage comes in a sealable foil wrapper which keeps them sterile.
  • Free of common allergens


  • Very fun and cute patterns
  • Easy to apply as they move with your body
  • No need for cutting or taping as the bandages seal on all four sides


  • Sticky surface may irritate some people’s skin

Product Description:

Welly Bandages are an adhesive, flexible fabric wound covering that is waterproof and can be used for minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds.

The bandages are made of polyurethane which seals on all four sides to keep out germs and dirt.

There are two different widths of bandages that make it easier to cover larger or smaller wounds.

One of the best features of Welly Bandages is that they move with your every move so there is no need to reposition them like traditional cold gauze wrap or tape.

JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack


  • Polyester Mesh Material
  • Lightweight
  • 2 inside compartments


  • Stylish
  • Elegant
  • Clean & Contemporary Design


  • Expensive

Product Description:

The JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack has a large main compartment and internal hanging pocket for organization.

It is made of polyester mesh and weighs 13 oz or 0.4 kg.

For the smart fashionista, these clutches are perfect for taking your essentials on the go.

With two inside compartments and a handy wristlet strap, this stylish accessory is sure to grab all eyes in any room.

The simple and clean design makes this an ideal accessory for any outfit, from a passable pair of jeans to a formal gown to a smart business suit.


What should a kid bring to the beach?

Kids like us adults need the necessary essentials for safety and even for fun. Beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water shoes are all a must.

But for fun purposes don’t forget to pack some beach games such as the ones listed in this article!

What are some beach essentials?

There’s no limit when it comes to bringing the top beach accessories for kids.

Our top beach accessories for kids are:

What do I need for the beach for a toddler?

The thing with kids is that they’re going to get dirty no matter what, so don’t feel the need to pack a suitcase of clothes.

To keep the kiddos entertained be sure to pack games.

If you’re looking for ideas on what great beach games for families are worth playing we put together a list of 20 Fun Beach Games for the Family.

Other recommended ideas to bring are a hat, sunglasses, snacks, and water.

kid staring into ocean
Photo by Max Goncharov

What should a 4 year bring to the beach?

If you’re like most parents, this summer you’re planning a trip to the beach with your children.

And like most moms and dads, you’re probably asking yourself what you should pack to keep your kids occupied for an entire day.

We highly recommend the essentials such as a sunhat, a beach tent, sunscreen, sunglasses, and also some fun things.

Such include a sport kite, eco-friendly beach toys, and more!

kids running in beach
Photo by Garrett Patz


These were our top beach accessories for kids worth taking with you.

We’ve put together this list of items that will help you protect your kids from the harsh rays while they enjoy themselves in the sand and surf.

If you’re looking for the best family-friendly beaches to take your family with

Let us know what are some of your favorite beach accessories for kids that you take with your little ones in the comments below.

Safe beach travels!


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