20 Top Waterproof Backpacks for Kayaking For 2023

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If you’re looking for a waterproof backpack for kayaking to take for your next adventure then look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best waterproof backpacks for kayaking.

Perfect for keeping your belongings dry and safe while you’re out on the water.


Summary of Waterproof Backpacks:

ProductCapacity (Liters)Weight (pounds)
Advenire Vertical Roll-Top Backpack
≈6.8L1.9 lbs
Camino Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack≈13.6L1.45 lbs
Expend Splash15L
2.15 lbs
Seaside Waterproof Backpack15L2.2lbs
The North Face Basin18L1 lb 5 oz.
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil20L3.4 oz.
QIGARUGU Lightweight Waterproof Backpack20L0.45 lbs
KINGS TREK Waterproof Dry Backpack20L1.67 lbs
Rockagator Dry Bag30L≈1.13 lbs
Malo’o Heavy Duty Backpack30L1.9 lbs
SealLine Big Fork Dry Pack 30L 1 lb. 12 oz.
IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Sack30L0.7 lbs
Skog Å Kust BackSåk Waterproof Floating Backpack35L2.8 lbs
Drakon Outdoor Waterproof Backpack40L3.3 lbs
Rockagator Waterproof Floating Backpack40L3.77 lbs
SealLine Black Canyon Dry Pack65L3 lbs 3 oz.
YETI Panga75L6.1 lbs
Granite Gear Voyageur Waterproof Portage Pack 80L4 lbs 12 oz.
Sealine Black Canyon Dry Pack115L4 lbs 11 oz.
Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack120L3 lbs 15 oz.
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11 Waterproof Backpacks for Kayaking

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Drakon Outdoor Waterproof Backpack

Drakon Outdoor Waterproof Backpack for Kayaking


  • Dimensions : 20.55″ x 17.76″ x 4.53″
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Made with 500d PVC Tarpaulin material
  • Closure Type: Clasp
  • 6 external movable/removable pouches


  • Durable, waterproof construction 
  • Large capacity with multiple compartments 
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort and support 
  • MOLLE system for attaching exterior pouches 


  • Some users may find the roll-top design difficult to operate at first 

Product Description:

If you’re concerned about the backpack’s look as well as its durability, then the Drakon Outdoors 40L backpack is the best choice for you.

This backpack is made with 500D PVC waterproof material which can resist both tears and scratches.

With welded seams, it protects you from water, snow, mud, or sand in its entirety. 

The MOLLE system on the outside of this dry bag makes it easy to access all of your items, and there are even 6 external, weather-sealed pouches included.

You can also use this system to attach your own pouches.

The 40-liter capacity is perfect for carrying everything you need, and the backpack features padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic air vent back panel for added comfort. 

The roll-top closure design seals out any moisture, and you can seal it up by rolling at least three times and fitting the straps in an upward position. 

Granite Gear Voyageur Waterproof Portage Pack 



  • Dimensions: 25″ x 16″ x 9″
  • Capacity: 80L
  • Made with TPU-laminated 500-denier nylon material
  • Weight: 4 lbs. 12.8 oz.
  •  An adjustable waist belt can accommodate 26″ to 42″


  • There’s enough space for a lot of gear
  • Back cushion for maximum comfort when carrying heavy loads 
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Hip stabilizer for even weight distribution
  • Side pockets have been welded open for additional storage


  • Not intended for extended immersion 
  • Heavier in weight 

Product Description:

Whether you’re battling the waves on a canoe trip or hitting the trails for a long hike, the Granite Gear Voyageur Waterproof Portage Pack will keep your gear safe and dry.

This waterproof backpack for kayaking features heavy-duty SR buckles and welded seams that help keep water out when it rains. 

This waterproof backpack can fit up to 80 liters for enough capacity.

Features a foam-padded back panel with well-built straps that help carry any heavy tools more comfortably. 

You can also adjust the waist belt to suit your size, ranging from 26 to 42 inches, and there are also hip stabilizers that help to distribute the weight more evenly. 

There are also some great pockets on this backpack, including welded open side pockets that are perfect for holding any extra gear.

And if you need to portage your pack over distances, there are webbing straps that will let you do so with ease. 

YETI Panga



  • Dimensions: 28″ x 15.5″ x 11″
  • Made with Nylon Material
  • Capacity: 75L
  • Weight: 6.1lbs
  • HydroLok zipper


  • Made from high-density nylon for durability 
  • Features a HydroLok zipper for Waterproofing 
  • Comes with 6 lash points and 2 long straps 
  • 2 easy to access mesh pockets included 
  • The bottom of the bag is EVA molded for stability


  • More expensive than other brands

Product Description:

One of the great-looking and premium-quality backpacks that you can find on the market today is the YETI Panga which can hold up to 75 liters.

This backpack features a powerful and waterproof design that will keep your goods safe from water damage as well as prolonged submersion in water. 

Made with laminated, high-density nylon which makes it both durable and waterproof.

Additionally, the backpack features a HydroLok zipper which is 100% waterproof and will protect your items from any form of water damage. 

There are also 6 lash points on this backpack that help you to tie it however you like, including strapping it to a horse or skiff.

And if you need quick access to your items, the zipper spans the entire length of the bag for fast and convenient entry. 

QIGARUGU Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

QIGARUGU small waterproof backpack for kayaking


  • Dimensions: 7.48″ x 6.69″ x 1.18″
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Made with 210T Nano-Nylon and TPU
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs
  • 2 Outer Mesh Pockets 
  • 1 Waist Bag


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and waterproof construction 
  • 2 Mesh Pockets
  • 1 waist bag
  • 1 cellphone bag


  • Capacity could be better

Product Description:

If you’re looking for a small waterproof backpack for kayaking the QIGARUGU Black Waterproof Backpack is worth mentioning.

Made with 210T Nano-Nylon and TPU waterproof coating to help keep your items dry.

The exterior of the bag is made from a vinyl material that has been coated with a PVC film to protect against water damage. 

The backpack has a 20-liter capacity with less weight, so it is simple to transport and only weighs 0.45 pounds (lbs).

You can easily carry your essential goods within the backpack, whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or rafting.

The backpack also features durable shoulder straps and a comfortable ergonomic design that make it the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. 

KINGS TREK Waterproof Dry Backpack 

KINGS TREK Waterproof Dry Backpack


  • Dimensions: 17.44″ x 12.76″ x 2.72″
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Weight: 1.67lbs
  • Made with TPU
  • Rod Holder
  • Zipper Buckle


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to wear with a detachable waist belt and handle 
  • Can hold a fishing rod and has a water bottle pocket 


  • It may not be big enough for longer trips

Product Description:

Looking for a waterproof backpack that’s also lightweight and comfortable?

Look no further than the KINGS TREK Waterproof Dry Backpack.

This versatile backpack is made from TPU material, which is both durable and environmentally friendly.

The backpack has a 20-liter capacity, making it perfect for carrying all your essentials, and features a waterproof phone case. 

The molded back panel is comfortable and quick-drying, and the backpack includes a detachable waist belt and handles for easy carrying. 

The KINGS TREK Waterproof Dry Backpack is the perfect choice for a variety of outdoor activities, from fishing, and camping to kayaking.

Overall the king’s trek dry backpack is an excellent waterproof backpack. 

Rockagator Dry Bag

Rockagator 30L dry bag


  • Dimensions: 15″ x 2″ x 4″ inches
  • Capacity: 30L
  • Weight: ≈1.13 lbs
  • Tough Ripstop Material
  • UTX branded clips 


  • Tough Ripstop Construction 
  • Detachable shoulder strap 
  • Can be submerged in water


  • Has no pockets
  • Only one strap

Product Description:

The Rockagator Waterproof Dry Bag is perfect for those looking for a budget yet durable bag to take while kayaking.

This bag can hold up to 30 liters of capacity.

It is made with tough ripstop material and UTX brand clips that keep your gear safe and dry.

Can be submerged in water, however, only for a limited time and depending on how weight is on the bag.

Features UTX clips and a Virtual Locking System for protection that is suitable in different terrains.

The bag doesn’t have any pockets giving you a simplistic design.

Malo’o Heavy Duty Backpack

Malo'o heavy duty backpack


  • Dimensions: 18″ x 10″ x 10″
  • Capacity: 30L 
  • Made with 500D PVC tarpaulin
  • Weight: ‎1.9 lbs
  • Can hold up to 15 lbs


  • Roll-top closure for maximum protection 
  • Tough construction 
  • Comfortable and ventilated design 
  • Side pockets


  • Some people find the straps, not sturdy enough

Product Description:

The Malo’o Heavy Duty Waterproof Backpack is a top waterproof backpack for kayaking with a capacity of 30 liters.

This backpack hybrid is lightweight and offers guaranteed protection against water.

Made of 500D PVC tarpaulin construction and high-frequency welded seams.

Features adjustable and removable straps that are breathable giving you a convenient fit.

Designed with a roll-top closure and watertight seals to help keep your gear dry.

This backpack is perfect for your outdoor adventures.

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack



  • Dimensions: 44″ x 19″ x 13″
  • Capacity: 120L
  • Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz.
  • Made with TPU-laminated 600-denier polyester
  • EVA foam and quick-drying mesh


  • Heavy duty
  • Removable harness
  • Roll-top closure
  •  PVC free
  • Adjustable back length and sternum strap for a personalized fit 


  • Heavier than other models

Product Description:

The Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack is a fantastic option for people looking for a waterproof backpack for kayaking that allows for maximum storage capacity.

This dry pack has a capacity of 120 liters and is constructed of robust, laminated fabric with welded seams that can withstand heavy use. 

For cooling airflow and comfort, this backpack features a harness that is composed of EVA foam and quick-drying mesh. 

Additionally, the harness can be adjusted to suit your back length and height, as well as your sternum strap giving you a comfortable fit. 

The TPU roll-top closure on this backpack seals easily and provides excellent waterproof performance.

And thanks to its oval shape, the backpack will not roll around and stays where you put it.

Finally, what really sets this backpack apart is the fact that it is PVC free.

Making it an environmentally friendly option for anyone who cares about the environment. 

SealLine Big Fork Dry Pack 



  • Dimensions: 22″ x 12″ x 7″
  • Capacity: 30L
  • Made with 300-denier polyurethane-coated polyester
  • Weight: 1 lb. 12 oz.
  •  Padded backpack straps


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Exterior bungee system
  • Lash Points
  • DrySeal™ roll-top closure


  • Some find the bungee system to be ineffective 

Product Description:

Whatever you’re doing, kayaking or canoeing, this SealLine Big Fork Dry Pack can be your top pick for enjoying these types of water activities.

It has a 30-liters capacity and is made of tough PVC tarpaulin material with a durable water-resistant coating. 

The interior is bright white, making it easy to see the contents.

Shoulder padded straps allow for a comfortable and convenient fit.

The exterior bungee system is perfect for storing and retrieving your gear quickly.

Finally, the seams are welded to ensure maximum waterproof protection and durability in demanding conditions. 

SealLine Black Canyon Dry Pack



  • Dimensions: 30″ x 18.5″ x 12.5″
  • Capacity: 115L
  • Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz.
  • Made with 600-denier polyurethane-coated polyester
  • DrySeal™ roll-top closure


  • Can withstand moderate loads 
  • PVC-free materials 
  • Cushioned shoulder straps and hip belt 
  • DrySeal roll-top sealing 
  • With a large capacity to carry small to huge accessories 


  • Some find the bag to be too large and bulky 

Product Description:

From the heavyweight and large capacity options on our list, the SealLine Black Canyon Dry Pack is one of the best.

It has a 115-liter capacity and is made from PVC-free materials for reducing environmental impact.

Additionally, it features a light-colored interior for maximum visibility whether you’re kayaking or on the way.

Its color also impacts your look, you will look more stylish with such a bag. 

This waterproof backpack comes with a DrySeal™ roll-top closure that gives maximum protection.

Cushioned shoulder straps and a hip belt help for a comfortable fit and the side compression straps also help to stabilize the load when you’re on the move. 

The SealLine Black Canyon Dry Pack is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable waterproof protection and maximum capacity. 

IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Sack


  • Capacity: 30L
  • 500D PVC Material
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs 
  • IP68 Certified Waterproof


  • Lightweight and breathable design 
  • Outer Pocket & Inner Zipper Pockets
  • 500D Scratchproof
  • 2 side straps


  • Limited capacity 

Product Description:

When you’re out exploring the great outdoors, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your gear is going to stay dry.

With the IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Sack, you can rest assured that your belongings will be protected from the elements. 

This IDRYBAG is super lightweight and perfect for short trips or day hikes.

The minimalist design means that you won’t be weighed down, and the breathable material ensures that you’ll be comfortable even when wearing the bag for extended periods of time. 

The IDRYBAG is also great for water sports like kayaking or swimming, as it will keep your belongings dry even if you take a dip.

And, if you’re worried about not having enough pockets this sack has an outer pouch and inner zipper pocket to keep things organized. 

7 Small Waterproof Backpack for Kayaking


Advenire Waterproof Vertical Roll-Top Backpack



  • Dimensions: 25″ x 11″ x 6”
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Made with Tarpaulin PVC material
  • Water Resistant Zipper Tape
  • Exterior zippered pocket
  • 2 side zip pockets


  • The lid is rolled for extra protection against dampness and theft 
  • Waterproof and water-resistant design 
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Front exterior pocket for convenient storage 
  • Relatively large size 


  • Some consumers feel that it isn’t as sturdy as other backpacks 

Product Description:

Designed with a minimalist look, the Advenire Waterproof Backpack features a roll-top design for convenience.

Made from high-quality material and featuring waterproof seams that have been welded together to keep moisture out.

This bag is 100% water-resistant and ready to tackle any adventure you have in mind. 

Additionally, the bag has rolled-down options to keep your goods dry.

For comfort, there is an adjustable and padded shoulder strap as well as a convenient front exterior pocket for storing small items.

Plus, the bag comes in a sleek black color that is perfect for both men and women. 

So, overall the body glove materials and usability of these products make them perfect for those seeking a reliable waterproof backpack for their next outdoor kayaking adventure. 

Camino Waterproof Roll-top Backpack



  • Dimensions: 13″ x 6″ x 2.5″
  • Capacity: 30 lbs (≈13.6 L)
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs
  • Made with HydroPoly material
  • TPU Coated Poly material for waterproof
  • Adjustable straps
  • Exterior pocket


  • Durable and waterproof material 
  • Lightweight and portable design 
  • Adjustable straps for comfort and fit 
  • Versatile for use on all kinds of adventures or activities 


  • It can’t be submerged in water 

Product Description:

If you’re shopping for the next best waterproof backpack for kayaking then consider the Camino Waterproof Roll-Top Backpack.

This high-quality backpack is made from durable and easy to clean HydroPoly material.

The full-length top opening features a roll-down option for convenience as well as to maintain your belongings safe and dry.

For comfort, this backpack contains adjustable cushioned shoulder straps giving you that personalized secure fit.

The Camino Waterproof Roll-Top Backpack is lightweight making it easy to take with you.

Additionally, it has a sturdy design that is perfect for day trips or weekends away. 

This waterproof backpack can easily hold all of the supplies you need on your kayaking adventure and ensures that they are kept safe and dry at all times.

Exped Splash



  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 9.4″ x 4.7″
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Polyurethane-coated and recycled 70-denier taffeta nylon material
  • Weight: 3.15 ounces
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 


  • Lightweight and packable 
  • Waterproof main compartment 
  • Haul loop for easy carrying 
  • Can be used as a stuff sack or quick summit pack 
  • OEKO-TEX certified 


  • Shoulder straps are not as comfortably built as others

Product Description:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet durable waterproof backpack for kayaking then look no further than the Exped Splash waterproof backpack.

This backpack features a waterproof main compartment that’s accessed from the top and has a roll-top closure with quick-release buckles to keep it sealed and its contents dry. 

The fabric of this backpack is made from recycled 70-denier material that’s compact and coated with waterproof polyurethane.

Besides its white inner coating creates a bright interior which ultimately makes it easy to find items inside.

This backpack also has a haul loop at the top that serves as a quick grab point. 

The shoulder straps of this pack are soft and slim and can be quickly and easily converted for use as a shoulder bag.

With a capacity of 15 liters, you’ll have plenty of room to carry everything you need. 

So, it’s a basic option for your travel and you can use it for daily purposes also. 

Seaside Waterproof Floatable Backpack



  • Dimensions : 27″ x 13″ x 5″ Open
  • Dimensions : 18″ x 13″ x 5″ Rolled
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 15 L
  • Made with Tarpaulin PVC Materials
  • Adjustable & Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Interior Compartment


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and floatable
  • Waterproof and great for keeping things dry
  • Comfortable to wear with adjustable straps


  • Not meant to be submerged

Product Description:

You can’t go wrong with the Seaside Waterproof Backpack when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and dry while kayaking.

Made from sturdy PVC tarpaulin material and featuring welded seams, this backpack is 100% waterproof and ready to tackle any adventure you have in mind.

This Seaside Waterproof Backpack is flexible and durable with two side mesh pockets and a front zip pocket that can be unzipped completely for greater access to your gear.

The adjustable, cushioned shoulder and sternum strap provides additional comfort and the bag has a spacious interior compartment for holding all of your gear.

This bag is not designed for submersion so be careful to not submerge it underwater.

The North Face Basin



  • Dimensions: 19.3″ x 11″ X 5.9″
  • Capacity: 18L
  • Made with Nylon Ripstop/Polyester Boot
  • Weight: 1 lb 5 oz. 
  • 3 main compartments
  • Fits Laptop Size 13″


  • Lightweight and minimalist 
  • Waterproof 
  • Great for short trips or day hikes 
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear


  • Not enough pockets may be a problem for some users 

Product Description:

When it comes to reputation and good quality you can’t go wrong with The North Face.

The North Face Basin Waterproof Backpack is perfect for those looking for a well-built waterproof backpack for kayaking.

Made with nylon ripstop material for a strong and lightweight design.

The durability of the product also increases with the help of polyester boots which are placed in the right places. 

The back panel and shoulder straps of the NextVent™ backpack offer cushioning and breathability to make your journey more pleasant.

This Basin 18 pack also has a rain cover which is easy to deploy and attach to specific points for the perfect fit. 

The external stash pocket also makes the necessary things easily accessible and the hydration sleeve helps to carry a reservoir which is an added advantage. 

So, overall this one can be one of the good backpacks for kayaking and other outdoor activities. 

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil



  • Dimensions: 9″ x 20″
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Made with Siliconized 30-denier Cordura Nylon
  • Weight: 3.4 ounces
  • Roll-top Hypalon closure with lid
  • 3 straps


  • Maximum water resistance   
  • Weather protection provided 
  • By waterproof seams and a Hypalon roll-top closure
  • Roll-top closure evenly compresses and retains the compressed size
  • Comes with a field repair buckle 


  • Depending on the size of the backpack selected there is a limited inner pocket space

Product Description:

As an affordable and quality full backpack, the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack provides a great way to keep your gear safe and dry wherever you go.

This backpack features some excellent waterproofing features including waterproof seams that are double stitched and fully taped.

The air-permeable base is made of eVent® fabric that allows for water to enter the bag.

The roll-top Hypalon closure compresses uniformly and retains its compressed size when compressed which comes with 3 straps.  

For added convenience, this backpack also comes with a field repair buckle that can be replaced with any screwdriver.

QIGARUGU Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

QIGARUGU small waterproof backpack for kayaking


  • Dimensions: 7.48″ x 6.69″ x 1.18″
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Made with 210T Nano-Nylon and TPU
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs
  • 2 Outer Mesh Pockets 
  • 1 Waist Bag


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and waterproof construction 
  • 2 Mesh Pockets
  • 1 waist bag
  • 1 cellphone bag


  • Capacity could be better

Product Description:

If you’re looking for a small waterproof backpack for kayaking the QIGARUGU Black Waterproof Backpack is worth mentioning.

Made with 210T Nano-Nylon and TPU waterproof coating to help keep your items dry.

The exterior of the bag is made from a vinyl material that has been coated with a PVC film to protect against water damage. 

The backpack has a 20-liter capacity with less weight, so it is simple to transport and only weighs 0.45 pounds (lbs).

You can easily carry your essential goods within the backpack, whether you’re hiking, kayaking, or rafting.

The backpack also features durable shoulder straps and a comfortable ergonomic design that make it the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. 

2 Best Floating Waterproof Bag for Kayaking


Skog Å Kust BackSåk Waterproof Floating Backpack

Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro Waterproof Backpack for Kayaking


  • Dimensions: 14″ x 7.5″ x 20″
  • Capacity: 35L 
  •  Made with 420 Denier Rip Stop Nylon and coated TPU
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Exterior Airtight Zippered Pocket


  • Rugged, waterproof construction 
  • Heat tap seams
  • Spacious interior with multiple compartments and pockets 
  • Cushioned straps for added comfort 
  • Reflective elements for visibility 
  • Adjustable and removable waist strap


  • Some people claim straps can be uncomfortable to their liking

Product Description:

The Skog Å Kust BackSåk waterproof floating backpack is made from heavy-duty 420-denier Ripstop Nylon which is also great as the proper sealing materials.

This bag can be submerged in water and will float.

Features a roll-down top and a pocket that is able to protect items from getting wet.

The 35-liter size provides ample space to pack and carry all the gear you need, with a laptop compartment to keep your essential electronics safe and secure. 

The backpack also has multiple handy D-rings for easy attachment points.

A great side elastic pocket for water bottles or other gear, and reflective elements on the front and back of the bag to help you be seen in low-light situations.

Overall, this is a great waterproof backpack that provides excellent protection. 

Rockagator Waterproof Floating Backpack

Rockagator waterproof backpack for kayaking


  • Dimensions: 18″ x 12″ x 5″
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Roll-top closure
  • Weight: 3.77 lbs 
  • UTX brand clips 
  • External Splash-Proof Pocket


  • Multiple color options 
  • High waterproof rating 
  • Double-denier straps and clips 
  • Splashproof external pocket 
  • Durable for long use 


  • It may be too small for some trips

Product Description:

The Rockagator floating backpack is a perfect waterproof backpack for kayaking for those looking for a floating bag in the water.

Features a 4-point sealing system and UTX clips, it surely provides excellent protection against moisture and other elements. 

Designed with an external splashproof pocket for quick access.

The Rockagator waterproof backpack is great for anyone looking for reliable protection along with convenient storage.

Whether you’re protecting your goods from splash, mud, or dust, this backpack will surely help keep your things dry and safe. 

This bag also features an internal zipper pouch which is convenient for any small items you wish to store such as keys, cards, or your phone.

Additionally, the side mesh pockets are still useful when you’re quick to grab a water bottle or other things. 

The backpack also has a detachable harness, which is secured by straps.

The material’s double denier count makes it more durable.

There are two Hypalon tether points where you may connect extra equipment if required. 


lady kayaking in clear water

What is a Dry Bag kayaking?

Dry bags are waterproof bags that are specifically designed for kayaking.

They are used to keep your belongings dry, even if you capsize or kayak in heavy rain.

Dry bags come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose one that meets your needs.

For example, if you plan on kayaking overnight, you’ll need a larger dry bag to fit all of your gear.

Dry bags are usually made from waterproof materials such as PVC or Nylon.

Are waterproof backpacks really waterproof?

Waterproof backpacks do exist.

They are made with waterproof materials and have waterproof seams to keep your belongings dry.

However, it is important to note that waterproof backpacks are not necessarily watertight.

Water can still enter the backpack if it is submerged or exposed to a high-pressure spray of water.

If you need a watertight backpack, look for one that is specifically designed for this purpose, such as a dry bag.

Can you Wear a Backpack while Kayaking?


Yes, you can wear a backpack while kayaking.

There are waterproof backpacks specifically designed for kayaking that will keep your belongings dry.

Be sure to choose a backpack with comfortable straps and a waterproof rating that meets your needs.

For example, if you plan on kayaking in heavy rain, look for a backpack with an IPX-07 waterproof rating.

How do you Keep Things Dry while Kayaking

One of the best ways to keep things dry while kayaking is to use a waterproof backpack.

Waterproof backpacks are specifically designed to keep your belongings dry, even if you capsize or kayak in heavy rain.

Be sure to choose a backpack with comfortable straps and a waterproof rating that meets your needs.

For example, if you plan on kayaking in heavy rain, look for a waterproof backpack with an IPX-07 waterproof rating.



These were our top 20 waterproof backpacks for kayaking checking out.

We hope you found this post helpful.

Let us know in the comments below what are some of your favorite backpacks you use to go kayaking, until next time.

Happy kayaking!

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