Warning: Beach closures during the pandemic are happening

We have all heard it. We all know by now. Coronavirus has been the up and coming word from every side of social media, news, radio and across the internet. 

Social distancing has become a real thing. Many people follow it. Many people don’t. 

Many people believe that the social distancing can be done at the beach. 

But frankly it can and cannot. 

The fact that people were crowding the beaches last weekend in San Diego County made it nearly impossible to practice social distancing.  The whole six-feet apart was not working. 


If you’re a frequent beach go-er then I am here to tell you that unfortunately we cannot go to the beach. 


At least for now…

Until we ride out this COVID-19 pandemic altogether… 

And one day life as we know it, will return back to normal. 

But until then please respect the beaches and DO NOT attempt to trespass in the first place. 

You will be FINED. 

And nobody wants that. 

And yes, surfers are also included in this. 

Beach Closures in San Diego County

Be sure to look up each city to find the most recent closure updates. 

  1. City of Carlsbad
  2. City of Encinitas
  3. City of Solana Beach
  4. City of Del Mar Beach
  5. Mission Beach

According to local news, California State Beaches have remained open along with Oceanside and Coronado. Though that may change.

Beach Closures in Florida

  1. Flagler Beach County 
  2. Brevard County – closed during the day on the weekend
  3. Clearwater Beach
  4. Satellite Beach

Again to find the most current news of each beach then be sure to check the local sites of each county.

Trespassing during beach closures can lead to a fine

If you don’t want to be fined, steer off beaches for now. According to sources, SD mayors are enforcing fines for trespassing! And the minimum fine is $1000 !!!

Just to make things clear. Beaches, boardwalks, and parks are all CLOSED. 


But according to the CDC, this is the only way we can stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

So we can’t visit local beaches right now. Here we breakdown some things you can do with your downtime meanwhile this passes. 

Things you can do meanwhile you ride out the pandemic wave

Since we are all spending more time indoors than presumed, let’s try and make the most of it.  
Here are some things you can be doing meanwhile you’re stuck at home. 

  1. Plan your summertime vacation RIGHT NOW
  2. Shop for beach apparel online
  3. Find the top 3 places you would to visit in the summer or next year
  4. Create your very own packing list and start shopping for those items online
  5. Educate yourself on some potential vacation places; such as what to see? What to do?
  6. Start thinking of what snacks you would want to pack for the beach. Read our recommended blog on the snacks to pack for the beach


We don’t know whether summer will see the end of the virus, but we sure hope so. With beach closures happening all over California, Florida, and many other states it is important to stay in tune.

Though we cannot visit our gorgeous parks, boardwalks, and local beaches we can still remain optimistic and start doing activities during our downtime. 

One of the many things you can do is PLAN for your future beach vacations, trips, or outings. Since most shopping stores are closed for now, then take advantage of some amazing cute beach stores online. 

Buy a planner online and start planning your vacation. Ask yourself what things you want to do on your beach vacation. What other activities do you want to see in the city? Plan ahead of time. It’s really the best thing you can do!

If you’re looking for the best beach chairs to one day purchase, don’t forget to check out our blog of the best beach chairs to take to the beach here.

Start planning for beach vacations by reading our blog on the best beaches to visit in California here.

Or start early in planning a trip to Florida where we break down the beaches to visit near Disney. 

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