Your About to Discover How to Have Fun with Your Dog in Carlsbad Beach Ca

The beautiful beaches of San Diego. Who can resist? Is there anything better to do with your fur baby than explore the many beaches in the world. Carlsbad Beach may not be dog friendly, but do not sweat it just yet.

Located in Southern California on the West Coast you will find Carlsbad Beach. Home to the most beautiful and popular waters in almost all California.

But a vacation is not complete without your fur baby. Right? I, like a lot of you, have a pet that I adore. It is often times difficult to find the places to really bring your pet.

Can you bring your dog to Carlsbad State Beach?

Unfortunately, the answer is simply no. The dog cannot be anywhere near the sand or on the beach in Carlsbad Beach. County state rules prohibit mascots of any kind in the water or on the sand.

But do not fret.

After having done some research I discovered that you can still have fun with your pet without even touching the sand or water.

Dog friendly places near the Carlsbad Beach Area

Even though Carlsbad Beach is not dog friendly, as we would like for it to be, there is still some areas your pets are welcomed.

Carlsbad Beach is dog-friendly in the sense that you can bring your dog to the boardwalk or seawall to walk. The Carlsbad boardwalk or seawall is a Carlsbad paved road that runs along the beach.

What is one thing you do with your dog in Carlsbad Beach

Let’s not forget that dogs loved to walk.

Do your pets get super excited when you leash them up, as they squirm around waiting to smell new flowers, grass, or meet new dogs?

The number one reason that dogs have too much energy is because they simply need to exercise.

What a better way to experience the great outdoors and amazing views than walking on the boardwalk with your pup.

I am sure your pup will thank you with cuddles and kisses.

Definitely exercise is on top of this list.

Even if your dog gets 30 minutes of exercise, walking around the seawall, you will still be able to enjoy the amazing beach view.

One quick tip.

Picking up after your pet is one of the most important things you can do. So bring dog baggies with you and clean up after them.

Another place in Carlsbad Beach to enjoy with your dog

Another dog friendly place to enjoy with your dog is Carlsbad Village. After enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of the Carlsbad Beach boardwalk, make sure you head on over to Carlsbad Village.

This area like many other beach towns is filled with streets of people walking and touring around.

You can find the most delicious restaurants here along with a number of local beach bars, if that is your thing.

A nice thing about this place is that if you’re looking for cute beachwear or any kind of beach apparel, then this is the place you want to be.

Carlsbad Village is also lined with boutiques and any beach rental you can think of.

The best thing about this place is that your pup is allowed here too!

Your pup can walk around the streets with you as you window shop or decide to grab something to eat with a table outside.

Definitely check this area out, since it is one of my favorites to enjoy with your fur baby.

Summertime is definitely busier so just keep in mind that finding parking could be a little tricky.

If you have done everything on the list, then be sure to check out a beach that does allow dogs.

Maybe you still want your furbaby to get their paws wet.

There are also many other San Diego beaches that allow dogs to have fun in the water. In fact, there are more than seven dog beaches in San Diego that allows your pup to splash around.

The closest one to Carlsbad Beach is south called Del Mar Beach Dog Beach.

It is just as great.

It has lots of space for your pup to run and splash. If indeed you want to splash along with your dog then check out this beach.

One of my favorite beaches is another dog-friendly beach where I normally take my dogs. This place is great too.


Carlsbad beach is as dog friendly as you can make it. Even though fluffy cannot splash in the water or walk on the sand you can still do many other things.

One of the most popular things is walking along the dog-friendly boardwalk of Carlsbad. Because of its four mile long stretch many people enjoy doing all sorts of activities here such as skating, running, jogging, and even walking their pets.

There is a spectacular beach view to really see out there.

So grab your pair of running shoes and get out for some fresh air.

Don’t forget to bring your fur-baby with you.

Carlsbad beach boardwalk isn’t the only place you bring your dog with you.

Or is it?

Carlsbad is also known for its booming beach town called Carlsbad Village. Not too far from the seawall itself. There is so much to do here alone.

You and your pup can have a blast walking through the many shops and streets. There are loads of boutique shops, restaurants, and bars. Some of the local eateries allow your dogs to sit outside.

Just be sure you double check with them beforehand. I have encountered some who don’t.

If you are looking for a more friendly dog beaches then be sure to check out Coronado Beach where you can bring along your pup and swim in the ocean.

As noted, you can still have fun at Carlsbad State Beach with your dog. There is plenty you can do around the beach so make a day trip to plan and enjoy.

Have you taken your dog to the Carlsbad Beach area?

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