The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Yoga

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Yoga is a great way to stay fit, but for those who like to take their practice outdoors, there’s no better water-bound workout than yoga paddleboarding.

We’ve rounded up some of the best boards on the market. We also have tips on how to get your yoga on the water.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to find just the right board for your needs. But we’re here to help!

Read on below if you want more info about how we picked our top 5 picks:

Here are the top ones. Check them out!

Why a yoga inflatable Stand up paddle board(ISUP)?

If you have done yoga at home or at your local gym then you know that this is a great workout! 

Yoga is a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. The best part about yoga is that you can do it anywhere!

But what if you could take your yoga practice to the next level?

Imagine standing on top of the water, feeling like you’re flying with every pose.

Yoga on a paddleboard combines two great things: staying active and doing something good for yourself at the same time.

It’s not only fun but also challenging in ways that traditional land-based yoga isn’t because it requires more balance and core strength than we are used to using.

And who doesn’t love fresh air, beautiful scenery, and getting their heart rate up at the same time?

Here are the best paddleboards to use on your next yoga session outside.

Paddleboards are perfect for this because they are lightweight, have good balance, and offer more stability than other boards like surfboards or kayaks.

Yoga on the water is an excellent workout and you will feel refreshed mentally and emotionally! Here are the top ones to consider getting!

Best Inflatable Paddle board for Yoga Overall: Oasis 10′ ISUP

Stay true to your zen ideals on the water.

The Body Glove oasis inflatable yoga paddleboard has a cleverly designed surface for perfect yoga and fitness experience.

The Integrated Handle system is redesigned which will allow you to focus on yoga without worrying about where the carrying handle is.

Take this board out into the waves next time you’re paddling westward and stay in tune with what matters most: yourself. 

The Body Glove Oasis inflatable yoga paddleboard is the perfect workout partner. And because it’s made from durable PVC material, you can take this board anywhere – even on your next vacation!

You can find out more info on the Oasis Paddle Board at Body Glove.


  • Best Use: Paddle Boarding
  • Material: PVC
  • Length: 10’6 feet
  • Mid: 34 inches
  • Other: Includes Paddle, Carry Case, pum
  • Triple-layer carbon stringer
  • Triple-layer side rail
  • Front cargo bungee
  • True tracking triple durable fin design
  • Full-length crocodile-skin yoga mat traction pad
  • PIH (paddle integrated handle)
  • Front and rear multi-functional carry handles with water bottle holder
  • 11′ x 34″ stable platform PVC construction, triple layer-stringer and side rails, and three durable fixed fins
  • Relocated carry handles for uninterrupted yoga space
  • Easy to carry, paddle-integrated carrying system
  • Includes a quick attachment action camera mount, a reinforced cargo bungee, and a patented multipurpose water bottle holder
  • Carry-all backpack, which holds the board and all accessories in the package

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Yoga under $1300: Pau Hana Moonmist ISUP

This beautiful paddleboard is perfect for traveling Yogi. What a perfect way to practice yoga by yourself or as a family in different lakes and oceans across the world!

Who wouldn’t want peace and serenity with this perfect inflatable yoga paddleboard?

Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere you want.

The deck has enough space to practice your yoga poses. You can read more about the yoga paddleboard on REI. 


  • Best Use: Paddle Boarding
  • Material: TPU
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Nose: 20.5 inches
  • Mid: 32 inches
  • Tail: 17 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity(lbs): 260 pounds
  • Packed Dimensions: 35.5 x 12 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 16 lbs. 14.4 oz
  • Other: Includes Paddle & Carry Case

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Yoga under $999: Navigator+ 10’6″ ISUP

The Navigator+ is perfect for any family who loves yoga and practicing on the water.

Now is your chance with the Navigator+ Inflatable Paddle Board.

It is one of the most stable boards out there allowing you to practice your perfect yoga poses onboard.

In addition, it is wide enough to provide you with ample space to sit, stand, or even do a handstand onboard.

The Navigator + is great for both beginners and advanced people looking to take their practice outdoors!


  • Best Use: Paddle Boarding
  • Material: Heavy-duty poly vinyl fabric material
  • Length: 11ft
  • Mid:34 in
  • Thickness: 6in
  • Weight Capacity(lbs): 320 lb
  • Packed Dimensions: 37″ x 19″ x 10″
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Triple-layer stringers, rigid, ultra-stable, easy to paddle
  • Adjustable aluminum 3pc. stand up paddle (68-88 in)
  • High-quality dual-action pump with gauge: quick and easy to inflate
  • Multi-function padded handle holds a paddle or water bottle.
  • Triple-sealed dry bag for phones
  • Coil leash

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Yoga under $700: Bote Breeze Aero ISUP

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand (or feet) at paddle boarding, but the price tag seemed like a bit too much of a commitment to stay afloat just yet, the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board has thankfully made our dreams come true and solved that problem!

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand (or feet) at paddle boarding, but the price tag seemed like a bit too much of a commitment to stay afloat just yet, the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board has thankfully made our dreams come true and solved that problem!

The Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the most stable ones out there; for the quality and price, you can’t beat anything better.

Its stability allows for the perfect yoga practice in the water, whether that is a lake or ocean.

You won’t have any qualms about boating around on these waves when your board doesn’t want to budge with every little wave break!

You can learn more about the Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable on REI.


  • Best Use: Paddle Boarding
  • Material: Drop Stitch PVC
  • Length: 10 ft. 8 in.
  • Nose:12 inches
  • Mid: 33 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity(lbs): 250 pounds
  • Packed Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds

Best Budget- Friendly Inflatable Paddle Board: TAHE Beach Shoreline ISUP

Say hello to your yoga-loving friends’ next favorite toy the TAHE 10 ft. 6 inch Beach Shoreline inflatable stand-up paddle board is ideal for apartment dwellers, as it takes up very little space and offers the perfect place to stretch out, do some sun salutations, or get on a quick surf sesh before work!

With its wide profile and rigid construction, this product provides a stable footing for all of your workout needs without adding too much weight.

Plus, it’s not only great for yoga—this versatile piece of equipment doubles as a kayak alternative!


  • Best Use: Paddle Boarding
  • Material: PVC
  • Length: 10 ft. 6 in.
  • Mid: 33 inches
  • Thickness: 4.75 inches
  • Weight Capacity(lbs): 200 pounds
  • Packed Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 123 pounds
  • Other: Backpack-style carry bag
  • manufacturer’s 2-year warranty 

Tips & Tricks for yoga in the water

When taking your yoga practice out in the water, be sure you follow these points so you can have an amazing practice!

  • Always carry your personal floating device (PDF) with you or at least on board 
  • You can also buy a lightweight PDF when you practice yoga on the paddle board
  • You can always anchor your yoga paddle board down so it will keep you from floating far
  • Find a place to practice yoga that is 10-15ft deep
  • When doing yoga, stick to poses that require you to use both feet so it will keep you from falling
  • It is best to practice yoga away from people, since distractions can make you easily fall
  • Consider wearing the proper clothing when paddle boarding or kayaking


If you’re looking for the best inflatable paddle board to take your yoga practice on the water, we’ve got a list of our top 5 that are perfect for family adventures or anyone who wants to bring their practice with them while they travel.

I, for one, have been practicing yoga for well over 10 years. And though I do not call myself a yogi expert at all, I, like many of you, have gotten stronger with my practice!

What a great way to change it up and take my practice outside my house or gym.

Not only does it allow for a great way to relax and reconnect with nature, but it enhances your yoga, meditation, and fitness experience by taking it to the water!

Whether it’s an Oasis 10′ Inflatable Paddle Board or the Navigator+ 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board, these boards have everything you need and more.

Check out this blog post if you want all the details about what makes each one unique!

Feel free to add yours in the comments below!


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