Leucadia State Beach in Encinitas. The name may not sound familiar to anyone who isn’t a local. Afterall, most tourist or other San Diegans hardly know this beach even exist. But ask any Leucadian local and they will tell you why they just love this beach. 

I mean who doesn’t love a small quiet beach tucked away somewhere in San Diego County? 

There are several of them. And Leucadia is just one of those beaches.  But having come across this beach myself has made me feel like I didn’t even know San Diego County as I had thought I did. 

I decided to figure out why this beach is so quiet and not very much known. It was my goal to try and figure out why this beach is popular among locals. 

One day of exploration is all i needed to have perfect quiet and simply relaxing day at the beach.

Leucadia Beach Located in Encinitas

A smaller more separated county that is found inside Encinitas, but more of less has its own thing going on, there is a quaint beach town not known much to the public. 

Leucadia State Beach is found approximately 45-50 minutes away from downtown San Diego. If you find Encinitas then you can most definitely find Leucadia. 

The beach itself is situated and hidden behind houses and there is more to explore in the little beach town than expected.  Besides its smaller community, there were plenty of small welcoming shops and restaurants nearby.

The Three beaches of Leucadia State Beach

Only the locals know that these popular beaches actually exist. 

Photo by: Mikela Garza

Beacon Beach in Leucadia

This beach is situation next to high bluff of erosion and the parking is found right on the top. One thing is certain, the cause of erosion has been making this beach cliff smaller and smaller.

It is a beautiful beach view with a gorgeous trail leading down the cliffs where the erosion is happening. 

There is a very neat dirt trail that allow you to get to the bottom of the beach. A great view of the beach is at the top of the parking lot area. 

There is also a lifeguard tower so you do feel safe if you decide to swim in the water. 

There is  and a lot of beach walking you can definitely do. Just be cautious is there is a hide tide that day.

Much like the other beaches surfing is also very popular here. You will see a lot of them. Indeed people sometimes refer to this beach as a surfing beach.

One of the most interesting things I found from this beach is the prevalent impact erosion has made on the cliffs. 

Grandview Beach In Leucadia

Another one of Leucadia known beaches is found north. It is also one of the smaller beaches that does not carry much amenities such as restrooms. 

You can find this beach at Neptune Ave and Grandview Beach where there is a cool staircase leading down to the beach side. 

You will find a lot of condos and building on the atop the high bluff, almost making you question how erosion will affect the future of these homes.

Stone Steps Beach in Leucadia

Also located in Encinitas this beach is a charm as well as its neighboring sister beaches. A neat thing about most of these beaches is tha there is some cool stairways or path  that will lead you down to the actual shores. 

It is the small beach vibe that really makes this beach special. Do not expect large crowds here. Because of its smaller vibe, there is obviously less people. Though in the summer do expect it to get busier than usual. 

What to expect when visiting one of Leucadia State Beaches

Photo by: Mikela Garza

Not too many people know where these small quaint beaches are located, or even know what to expect. 


Having been here i did notice there are no bathroom in Beacon Beach for example. You would have to walk to its neighboring sister beach called Moonlight Beach to find bathrooms. Do not expect to see a children’s playground or a picnic area. But there is a lot of families to come and plenty of surfers!


One thing that was obvious was the fact that parking was mostly limited. If you are expecting to come here for the day then most definitely come early. 

You will have to find parking near a street and walk your way to one of the Leucadia State Beaches.

Things to do at Leucadia State Beach

Photo by: Mikela Garza

Beach walking and beach combing or even surfing is very popular at these beaches. 

This beach is known to have high tides so always be wary when walking the beach. The later you go , the higher the tide can get, so just be cautious. 

If you do plan on walking, North will eventually take you over to Beacon beach. While walking south of this beach will take you to moonlight beach.

 Both directions are gorgeous and either way will give you the beach day trip you need this summer. 

Dogs Allowed?

Unfortunately there is no dogs allowed here. But this beach here will allow dogs to splash in the waters.  


Photo by: Mikela Garza

If you’re looking for a quiet quaint beach with a small beachtown vibe then you may have found the place you are looking for. 

No need to keep searching. 

Not only does this beach have everything you need, it has even more.

With a number of different restaurants not too far away, there is definitely a lot to do in the Leucadia area. 

The views of this beach atop the cliff are spectacular. Almost as grand and gorgeous as the views standing on the seawall of Carlsbad. 

Perfect for people who love taking pictures. 

Perfect for people who beachcombing the area. 

And great for people who love walking the beach or exercising of any sort. 

If you are the person who loves surfing then this is yet another place you can take advantage of. 

One of the nicest things about Leucadias beaches is that there are three different mini beaches you can choose from all within distance of each other. 

Photo by: Mikela Garza

Beacon beach is one of the beaches that has a smaller community and lots to do. 

Stone Steps Beach and Grandview Beach are also the other two beaches that are part of the Leucadia area. 

All three of these beautiful beaches are below a cliff so they each have a unique staircase and trail that leads you down to the shore. 

The best view is atop a cliff where you really see the amazing beach view and take in the vacation vibe.

The only thing is that these beaches do not allow dogs. But with plenty of other beaches that do, these beaches have only become popular for day trips and even surfing. 

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