How is the Beach of Del Mar California Dog Friendly?

Del Mar Beach is known as one of the friendliest dog beaches in San Diego County! But it is also known to have the strictest rules and regulations during peak season. This is what I observed when visiting Del Mar Beach not too long ago.

Del Mar City is not only famous for its pristine beaches or annual San Diego County Fair, but also for its dog friendly areas. There is more to Del Mar Beach that we sometimes fail to see.

Besides the beaches where dogs can mingle with their owners, there is so much more to explore around the city. With or without your dog.


Dog friendly Beach in Del Mar is located in San Diego County California. It is found North County of San Diego and above beaches like Torrey Pines and La Jolla.

Though, if your plan to travel with your dog and hope to add some sun and beach to you vacation, then it is definitely worth the trip.

Is Del Mar Beach Dog Friendly?

Short answer is yes. Del Mar Beach is considered one of the friendliest beaches in almost all of San Diego County. One of the popular places where dogs can roam is called North Beach (Dog Beach).

Non peak season and Peak season have different rules as to when you can have your dog on or off-leash.

I decided to do more research as to not break any rules, and this is what I came up with.

Look for the San Dieguito River and you will find Dog Beach.

After feeling a sense of relief to bringing my dog I decided to do more investigation. I wanted to find the exact areas and anything else I should know beforehand.

Del Mar Beach is dog friendly and just one of those places that you need to go. There are also other areas around Del Mar Beach that I had no idea were welcoming to my pet.

Del Mar Beach has certain rules and regulations that a lot owners do not really know or forget to look up.

Trust me.

No one, and I mean no one wants to get fined for bringing their furbaby.

What Beaches in Del Mar are Dog Friendly

Photo by Emerson Peters

North Beach a.k.a ” Dog Beach”

This is one the most popular dog beaches known in San Diego County. It is the first thing people think of when they think of a dog beach.

This beach, like many dog beaches, allows you to bring your dog unleashed.

Yay for fluffy!

Not so fast.

There are rules whether your dog can be leashed or not depending whether it is peak season or not.

As of the last couple months and years there has been a push to allow for more leniency regarding having your dogs off leash for longer times.

Please take note:

According to the city of Del Mar, people know they can have their dogs off-leash during NON PEAK season.

What is non peak season? You may ask…

Non Peak Season : Anytime after labor day (in September) to June 15

Peak Season: Summer-> June July August up to labor day in September.


The rules go as follows:


Non peak season: you are welcomed to bring your dog here with no leash. All day every day.

Peak Season: your dogs must be leashed from 8am to dawn

Main Beach in Del Mar Beach

Non Peak Season: NO dogs allowed

Peak Season: leashed dogs allowed; from the crack of dawn to about 8am dogs are allowed off-leash

Streets 25-29

South Powerpark in Del Mar Beach

This beach is a bit more south, but unfortunately NO Dogs are allowed at all

Seagrove Park in Del Mar Beach

On the bright side Seagrove Park does allow dogs.

On one condition.

That you keep them leashed at ALL TIMES.

So if your a jogger or walker and love to walk your dog ON A LEASH then you will have no trouble remembering that.

There is a neat little map that explains everything in perfect detail of where your dog can and cannot be during certain hours. Check it out here. The City of Del Mar really breaks it down especially if we have no idea what to expect.

For all the first time visitors, I highly recommend this beach along with others. Every beach has different rules and regulations and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

After you know what rules and regulations to look for, you can definitely have a great time with your dog.


Photo by Aaron Conklin

One of the biggest things that has enforced these rules and helped shaped a lot of the regulations is how well dogs are looked after.

Del Mar Beach is pretty dog friendly as it allows dogs on most of their beaches with the exception of some rules.

You can most definitely have an enjoyable time with your dog if you know what to look for before you go.

If you have never been here or you have a thousand times, this is a great reminder.

So just to recap.

Dog beach in the north has leash and off-leash times that vary between peak and non peak season. Peak is considered mostly summer when crowds are at an all time high. Usually in San Diego County it is June 15- Labor day in September.

So that means more stricter rules in the summer.  Keep an extra leash in your car just in case you forget when peak time starts.

On non peak times: dogs are allowed off-leash all the time.

For the main beach: NO dogs off leash

Seagrove Park: allows dogs but leashed at all times.

So all in all.

Del Mar Beach is great place to bring your dog.  So do not hesitate to visit this summer.

There are some beaches in San Diego County out there that allow dogs off leash at all times. In certain areas, of course. Check out my other friendly dog beach article I highly recommend.

Just keep in mind whatever beach you decide to go to, always practice etiquette. And you will have a pleasant time wherever you go.

Do you have any favorite beaches you visit with your dog?

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