5 Oceanside California Beach Hotels for those on a Budget

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So you finally got the chance to head out to Oceanside Beach and are planning to stay for a few days or even the weekend. 

But, you got a slight problem, you’re on a budget and hoping to find accommodation close to the ocean that isn’t going to break your wallet.

 After all, you still got other expenses to factor in such as food or let’s not forget, grandma wants a souvenir so you gotta make sure you at least save some money for souvenirs. 

Well, have no worries, my friend, I got you covered. Here are 5 Oceanside California Beach Hotels for those travelers on a budget.

Harbor Inn and Suites Oceanside

Harbor Inn hotel

Harbor Inn and Suites is located at 1401 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054.

According to Google Reviews it’s classified as a 2-star hotel. 

But, overall reviews give it a 3.4 stars. Average prices roughly can be found around $50 a night.

However, make sure to check their website since different prices will vary throughout the year. 

The nice thing about Harbor Inn is that breakfast is included. Don’t expect a fancy breakfast! Let me repeat: DO NOT EXPECT a fancy breakfast. 

When my sister and I stayed there they had: cereal, bread, muffins, apples…

A pretty basic breakfast, but we didn’t mind since we were on a budget and saving later to spurge at a restaurant near the beach.

The distance from the Oceanside Harbor to the hotel is approximately less than a mile. We literally walked there which took us around 15 minutes. 

It was nice and sunny and the fresh air of the ocean accompanied us as we walked outside. 

Rodeway Inn Hotel

Rodeway Inn 

Rodeway Inn is near Harbor Inn and Suites Oceanside.

It is located in 1103 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054.

Like Harbor Inn and Suites Oceanside hotel it’s also classified as a 2-star hotel. 

However, most reviewers on Google give this hotel 3.4 stars.

You can expect this place not to break your wallet, most prices fall under $69 a night.

Don’t forget to always check on their site to see up to date prices. 

Wondering if Rodeway Inn has got free breakfast? I can surely let you know they do! My sister and I always try to find hotels that offer this option.

Although we won’t always get the chance to eat their breakfast or may not find their breakfast appetizing, we still like the option of having it. 

Motel 6 hotel

Motel 6 Oceanside Marina

Let’s be honest, Motel 6 and 8 hotels have a bad rep for some people. It is based on their experiences in staying at these type of hotels.

You can still find these hotels to be cheaper for those travelers on a budget. 

This Motel 6 is located in 901 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054. Like the previous hotels mentioned, it also ranks as a 2-star hotel in Google.

Interestingly, most people reviewed it as 3.3 stars. That was from 659 reviews currently.

Average prices a night seems to fall under $70, but as mentioned, please check their site for more accurate prices. 

You may be asking: hey, do they offer free breakfast as well?

And I can tell you that they do not. 


I know, I know, but, hey, on the bright side you have Pappy’s Market, a grocery store which is a 6 minute walk from the hotel. 

Oceanside Inn and Suites 

Oceanside Inn Hotel

Located at 1820 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054 is where you can find this hotel.  

Like Motel 6, even if you are on a budget, you may want to avoid this type of hotel like the plague. If you’re brave enough, take a risk and try it for a night. 

There are several reasons why I state this hotel seems to have a much lower favor than the other hotels mentioned. 

Even with its 2-star hotel on Google, most reviewers don’t seem to like it. Out of 142 reviews it ranks at an average of 2.8 stars. Reading the reviews most people state that the rooms are old and in need of renovation. 

Overall, if you’re not picky about an outdated room, you can’t go wrong with the location. Approximately, 7 minutes walking distance from the South Oceanside Beach.

You can expect the average prices to be under $70, but don’t forget to check their website to get accurate daily prices.

Just like Motel 6, expect no breakfast to be served. In addition, there’s no pool nor a fitness center at this place. As mentioned, this hotel doesn’t seem to have great reviews unlike the other hotels mentioned, so just be aware when considering to stay here

Travelodge by Wyndham Oceanside 

Travelodge- Hotel

Last hotel on this list is Travelodge, which resides in 1403 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058. It’s ranked as a 2-star hotel in Google. 

Out of 361 reviews from people it has 2.7 stars. Average price is roughly around $60 a night.

However, don’t forget to check it’s website for more up to date prices. 

A nice amenity of this place is the breakfast to be offered. In addition, pets are welcomed as well.

Don’t like what they offer for breakfast? Or would you like to get some groceries? You’re in luck, because there is a Walmart grocery store within 10 minutes of walking. 

Unfortunately, the Oceanside Fishing Pier or even the closest beach is not 10 minutes away.

On foot, it’s at least a 24 minute walk to get to the beach. However, if you do have a car it’s only about a 10 minute drive. 


When deciding where to pick an accommodation, it’s good to ask yourself these questions before booking a place:

  • How far do I want to be from the ocean? Is it within walking distance? 
  • Any close amenities? Such as grocery stores?
  • Is the place in a safe neighborhood?
  • Is there a clinic or hospital in close proximity? Just in case!  
  • Any shopping areas nearby? 
  • What are their check-in and check-out times?
  • Any close restaurants or bars?
  • Does the hotel offer any free parking? Wifi?

These may not be all the questions you’re asking yourself, but these are some questions my sister and I ask ourselves in deciding where to stay. 



So you might be asking yourself what are some great things to do when visiting Oceanside Beach

Let me first clarify, Oceanside Beach is composed of several beaches. 

You have: Oceanside Harbor Beach, Buccaneer Beach, and Wisconsin Street Beach to name a few. The most popular one of all is Harbor Beach.

Here you can find many things worth checking out, here


These are 5 Oceanside California Beach Hotels for those on a budget  trying to find a place to stay for a night when visiting the Oceanside Beaches. 

Out of all 5, Oceanside Inn and Suites ranks the lowest favorite place to stay at for most people.

Let me know what your opinions are of any of these beach hotels if you get the chance to stay in one. Leave your comments below. 

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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