6 beautiful Beaches East Of Walt Disney World

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The Magic of Walt Disney World can be both amazing and also very exhausting!

As fun as Disney World is, nothing beats the relaxing beaches with sand, splashing waves, and pure tranquility.

The swaying palm trees and clear warm water temperatures leave you wanting more. There are so many beautiful beaches near Disney World that you can easily drive to.

I am sure you want to relax at some beaches nearby

Why not?

Florida is a beach haven since it is filled with miles of beautiful white sands and blue waters BOTH on the East and West Coast.

Beaches come in different shapes and sizes.

Some are boisterous where you will find heavy crowds and even loud concerts.

Others tend to be quiet and tranquil where you will hardly come across someone.


  1. Ormond Beach
  2. New Smyrna Beach
  3. Cocoa Beach
  4. Flagler Beach
  5. Vero Beach
  6. Canaveral National Seashore

What do want when you come to a beach?

Do you prefer beaches that are more tranquil and peaceful.? There are plenty of perfect beaches for families that are not too busy.

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Six Beautiful Beaches near Disney World Florida

If you find yourself in Orlando and want a weekend getaway. Try these:

1. Ormond Beach:

What: This beach has a lot of long stretches of white sand and small crowds. Once frequented by Timucuan Indians but never really inhabited. There is 39 miles of city and 32 sq miles of land.

Location: Is located about about 77 miles from Walt Disney World and only 68 miles from Orlando itself.

Best way to get there? Take the I-4 East and follow signs for Ormond Beach; approximately an hour drive but it depends on traffic.

Fun Fact: John D Rockefeller was a hotel guest at the Ormond hotel back in 1914; he later bought an estate that he called home in the latter part of his life


  • Quiet low-key beach.
  • NO cars are allowed on this beach (i.e some stretches are permitted).
  • Plenty of room to run, lay, play, spread out
  • No crazy crowds.
  • No crazy buildings blocking your view.

2. New Smyrna Beach

What: This beach consist of stretches of white sand and a hip vibe town. There are loads of restaurants, bars, and shopping shops along Flagler Avenue. There is history from the time when the Spanish from Mallorca inhabited this city.


About 71 miles from Walt Disney World and only 65 miles Northeast of Orlando in Volusia County.

New Smyrna Beach

Best way to get there? Take the I-4 east and FL-44 E

Fun Fact:  National Geographics named this beach one of the “Top 20 surf towns” in 2012


  • If you want a quieter beach, but with plenty of things to do to keep you entertained, then look no further than this beach.
  • Catch amazing sunrises and sunsets.
  • Walk Flagler Avenue
  • Visit the restaurants, shops, and bars, and even a plant nursery
  • Surf the waves
  • If you’re lucky you’ll see a dolphin
  • There’s also boutiques and art galleries

There of plenty of other things to see, be sure to check out the cheat sheet of things to do in New Smyrna Beach before you visit

3. Cocoa Beach

What: This beach is found on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean and west of the Banana River. One of the most popular beaches near Orlando due to its proximity. The pier consist of mostly eateries and fishing premises.


Approximately 66 miles from Walt Disney World and about 70 miles from Orlando

best way to get there? Take the 528 toll road directly to cocoa beach


Fun Fact: the Cocoa beach pier was first named as cape canaveral pier and was built in 1962


  • Cocoa Beach pier
  • Volleyball nets on the sand
  • Fishing pier with restaurants
  • Ron Jons surf shop is one of the most visited
  • Surfing is common
  • Kennedy Space Center is only about 15 miles away
  • Miles of walking beach spots
  • Many things to do in the city such as escape rooms, jungle fun activities
  • Perfect for families
  • Beach rentals are common here

Cocoa Beach is one of the nicest places to visit and there a lot more things to do in this beach. These are some things you should know before you visit Cocoa Beach

4. Flagler Beach

What: This beach offers beautiful beach city with plenty of activities that include jogging, biking, hiking, fishing, and even shopping


Approximately 92 miles from Walt Disney World and about 77 miles northeast of Orlando.

Best way to get there? Take the I-4 East and hop on the I-95 N

Fun Fact: It was named “ One of America’s Coolest beach towns” by Budget Travel magazine


Walk the Flagler Beach Pier which is 806 feet into the Atlantic Beach

Perfect place for fishing

Perfect for families to have a picnic

Rent canoes, kayaks, and bicycles

Walk to the Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic Park

Check out the Flagler Beach Historical Museum

Enjoy the outdoors by birdwatching at the Betty Steflick Memorial Preserve

5. Vero Beach

What: This beach offers a beautiful scene of city life and a casual relaxed vibe. Along the way you will find a beautiful botanical garden,   

water activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding, and many art galleries


Approximately 101 miles from Disney World and without traffic about an hour and half.

Best way to get there? Take the 528 East to the I-95 South

Fun Fact: The botanical garden was a once a housing ground for lions, elephants, tigers and monkeys back in the year 1715


Unique museums and boutiques

Disney Vero Resort is located here

Pet friendly shops and places

Art galleries, photography Print stores to visit


Some parts of the beach are lifeguard protected

Water recreational activities are popular because of the Indian River Lagoon

26 miles of beach to walk

6. Canaveral National Seashore

What: This beach is a beautiful quiet and outstretched beach with wildlife. You can spot anything from turtle nesting sites, to wildlife bird species that inhabit this beach

Location: This beach is located approximately 71 miles from Walt Disney World and only 60 miles from Orlando.

Best way to get there? Take the I-4 and 44 E straight into the Apollo Visitor Center.

Fun Fact:  Parts of this beach are considered nudist areas so just a heads up


Quiet beach

no large crowds of people

peace and quietness

Nature is common; you can see turtle nesting areas, lots of bird species

Best for bird watchers

Nature lovers

25 miles of pristine beaches

Rocket launches can be seen from Kennedy Space Center

It can close early if there is a rocket launch that day so be sure to check the website beforehand


Walt Disney World is full of thrilling experiences, but after spending some time there head over to some nearby beaches. The clear warm waters of Florida and white powder sands paint a perfect picture of what a beach sanctuary is like. These are my favorites and what I highly recommend if you are visiting the East Coast.

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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