10 Best Beach Bags for Moms on a Budget


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When it comes to finding the best beach bags for moms who are on a budget there’s many factors to consider.

From stylish to waterproof and even the price are some things to think about before committing.

As summertime came around the corner you could find my mom shopping and planning for our beach vacations.

If you don’t know what to pack for a beach vacation you can find some ideas in our Beach Vacation Guide.

And if you are unsure on some things to do at the beach with the kids don’t worry we got you covered with these ideas to do as a family at the beach, here.

So, read along as we bring you 10 of our best beach bags under $100.


Top Waterproof Beach Bags?

When it came to shopping for beach bags one thing that always was a must for my mom was finding the best beach bag that was waterproof.

Many times when we would go to the beach things usually got wet sometimes. My mom never felt comfortable leaving her bags in the car.

She always had our medications and Band-Aids ready for when one of her children got hurt.

So, having a waterproof beach bag to protect those things along with her other personal stuff was always a must when we would go to the beach. These are our top waterproof beach bags:


What makes it special?

What we like about this Shylero waterproof beach bag is that it’s perfect bag for those mothers who need wide compartments to store your stuff.

And if you do happen to get water on this bag rest assured your personal items shouldn’t suffer much damage due to the waterproof small case that comes with this bag.

  • Spacious compartments
  • Sturdy rope handles
  • Built-in key holder and bottle opener
  • Approximate size: 22 x 15 x 6 inches
  • Outside pockets that can be used to store your beverages

Price: $50


What’s your reasoning?

The Fifort beach bag is perfect for those moms who like to have the option of being able to pack your personal items as well as having the option of having a cooler- all-in-one bag.

Your food or snacks can be brought to the beach with this insulated cooler. This beach bag can hold up to 12 cans offering wide space.

This is a perfect beach bag for those moms wanting to have a 2-1 option. In wanting to not have to worry about carrying an extra cooler with their bag.

  • Detachable cooler
  • Removable straps
  • Padded straps to support hands
  • Approximate size: 19 x 16 x 6.5 inches
  • Insulated cooler to help conserve items cold

Price: $27.99


OdyseaCo  blue beach tote

Why should we care?

This Odyseaco Kauai beach tote is one of a kind. For those moms not wanting to worry about having many compartments, but enough space this is a good one for you.

There are 2 external pockets, and one zippered internal pocket. Made from water resistant ripstop material you don’t have to worry about your personal items getting wet.

  • Waterproof
  • Shoulder strap approximately 10 inches
  • Thick rope handles
  • Approximate size: 17 x 14 x 7 inches

PRICE: $34.99

How about Stylish Beach Bags ?

For some moms having a stylish beach bag is a must. After all, if you are heading out the beach what best way to show off your classy elegantly look and with style.

You can rest assured not breaking your wallet with these, but still being elegantly fashioned with these type of beach bags. Below are our top stylish beach bags for those stylish moms.



Why love this beach bag?

You definitely rest assured this Lilly Pulitzer beach tote can give you the space to accommodate your items as well as that classy look. This deep sea navy color allows you to not worry about it getting dirty visibly.

For those moms who hate dealing with outside pockets you don’t have to worry about with this bag since there are no outside compartments. With a width of 21 inches you can fit several beach towels as well as your wallet.

  • Cotton Canvas
  • Zipper compartment
  • Sturdy straps
  • Approximate size: 21 x 14 x 7 inches

Price: $98


Miuco beach bag

Why do you love it?

There are many reasons why we love this Miuco Large Beach Bag. For those moms who don’t mind having few compartments this one’s for you.

It’s wide enough to accommodate: small makeup bag, wallet, phone, sunglasses, and even a book or magazine. In addition, this bag is 100% eco-friendly. What better way to be both fashionable and sustainable.

  • Bamboo material
  • One large compartment
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Approximate size: 12.5 x 10.5 x 4 inches

Price: $37.99


Esvan floral beach bag

Why do you recommend?

The Esvan Floral beach bag is perfect for those moms who love stylish bohemian patterns. This blue coral large beach bag contains a large exterior zipper pocket in which you can store your phone or wallet.

In addition, you have 2 side pockets that can fit your daily beverage bottles. It’s water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting your personal items wet.

Made from soft canvas material it is built to last in outdoor environments. You can store up to 3 beach blankets.

  • Thick durable canvas material
  • Exterior zipper pocket
  • 2 side pockets
  • Approximate size:  20 x 15 x 6 inches

Price: $25.99


Scout beach tote

Why makes this a must?

For those moms wanting a bit for space then this Scout beach tote is for you. With more than 18 inches wide you can rest assured you can fit more than just 3 beach towels.

You also have a inner key ring for those moms wanting to have a place to store your keys. In addition, the bottom of the bag is designed to allow this beach bag to stand on its own.

It’s all-weather woven fabric is designed to be strong as well as easy to clean. It’s foldable to allow you to store away easily when you no longer needed.

  • Water-resistant
  • Foldable and stand up design
  • Lightweight
  • Strap handle length approximately 8 inches
  • Approximate size:  20 x 14 x 1 inches

Price: $44

What about Best Beach Backpacks?

My best friend is a mom to a one year old daughter. She is not fond of handbags at all, including purses.

Her reasoning behind this is she hates carrying things it’s enough now with her daughter, but she also can’t stand it when at times her bags have a tendency of “slipping off” her shoulder.

So when it comes to heading out to the beach with her daughter you can beat to see her with a beach backpack.


beach bag for moms

Why is it a favorite?

This is by far my friends favorite beach backpack. She loves KeaBabies due to its all-in-one features. It contains storage space to accommodate several diapers as well as insulated pockets to fit several baby bottles in.

  • Waterproof Oxford Material
  • Cushion Back Support
  • Diaper Mat Included
  • Large side pockets
  • Comes with 3 baby bottles that are compatible with the insulated pockets
  • Approximate size: 16 x 12 x 3.9 inches

Price: $40


light speed beach backpack

Why do you recommend?

The Lightspeed beach backpack is one of a kind versatile backpack. Not only can you take this to the beach, but if you participate in many outdoor activities with your kids this backpack can accommodate you at sporting events, hiking, and even camping are just a few ideas.

  • Water and stain resistant
  • Bottom zippered compartment to accommodate a pair of shoes
  • Can store up to 24L
  • Features both backpack and shoulder straps for interchangeable preference
  • Sturdy
  • Approximate size: 18.5 x 16.5 x 2 inches

Price: $44.99


CGear beach bag for moms

What makes it great?

This CGear sand-free beach backpack is definitely recommend beach bag for moms who can’t stand having sand in their bags. Another unique feature about this bag is that it can be turned into a beach mat.

There uniquely patented mesh material allows sand, dust, and dirt to fall right on through so you never have to worry about bringing sand home.

You also have a detachable pouch in which you can store your small personal items while you turn your bag into a mat. This bag can be used for hiking as well as picnics with the rest of the family.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning it for it’s designed to allow sand and dirt to fall through it’s material.

  • Sand-free and self-cleaning
  • Fold-over top
  • Contains detachable pouch
  • Can store up to 20L
  • Lightweight
  • Approximate size: 12 x 8 x 2 inches

PRICE: $34.99

best beach bags for moms pic


So, there you have it our top 10 beach bags for moms under $100. Of course, every mom has different preferences on when it comes to what she considers her “best beach bag.”

For my mother comfort as well as waterproof was a top priority when it came to buying a beach bag. My friend on the hand prefers beach backpacks instead of beach bags.

She loves her KeaBabies backpack due to the comfort it provides around her back as well as the numerous pocket features it carries.

Let us know in the comments below what are some of your favorite beach bags you enjoy taking to the beach! And remember when visiting the beautiful oceans be a responsible traveler and clean up after yourself.


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