The 15 Best Dog Beach Accessories to Pack for the Day

Just like us humans, your dogs also need to take the proper gear with them to the beach! It is always better to prepare and have a little more than a little less.

A summer day or any day spent in the sun and sandy waters come with work. Sure, the sun and sand are fun but don’t forget to pack the important stuff for your pets. 

Here we break down the best 15 dog beach accessories to bring the next time you bring along your fur baby.

Of course, not all of it is necessary, but it helps to know what you should watch for the next time you take a beach trip. 

Why you must pack right for a beach trip with your dog

Going to the beach and swimming can be just as exhausting as a HITT cardio workout at the gym.

Not only for you but also for your pup. Now imagine pairing that up with chasing other dogs and running endlessly across the sand.

Yup, those are the dogs we are talking about.

It is exhausting.

Can we really blame our dogs?

They expel all their energy meeting other dogs and splashing in the waves. That just means we must make sure we are ready to clean up after their play day is over.

Our pups, like humans, are also exposed to harmful sun rays and sandy conditions. This means that they are susceptible to getting sunburned too!

And let’s not forget that our dogs carry a full coat of fur. Making it that much harder to cool down.

I know many of us have heard that dogs cool down by panting. Which is true.

According to the source, we often fail and forget to recognize that heat exhaustion can produce a stroke and forget that our dogs are susceptible to it too.

With anything, we need to remember the safety of our pets. It is the number one priority we should consider when we travel with them.

Just like our own!

Photo by kilarov zaneit

What to Bring to the Beach for a Dog

So there are obvious and not so obvious dog beach accessories to bring for your pup on a beach trip. The obvious ones are of course a leash, water, and some food.

But there are some things that are not always obvious and we may not even consider them necessities. But trust me, they definitely can be. 

Why The Beach Sand Can Be Too Hot For Dogs

Some summer days can be really hot. And if the sand is too hot for your feet to walk on, then chances are your pup’s paws might be feeling the same burn.

Lucky for you, a clever fella invented dog booties for the beach.

These beach booties not only protect your pup’s feet from the scorching hot sand, but they can keep your pup’s feet much cleaner.

Though, nothing is 100% proof! Long story short answer is yes. The beach sand can also be too hot for your dogs. 

Why Dog Sunscreen is a Must to Bring to the Beach

The sun can beat so hot that we forget that harmful rays can also affect our pups. And sure, our pups have fur, doesn’t that protect them? Short answer.

Yes and no.

Our pups are not covered head to toe with fur, so that means there are certain areas that are exposed. Hence, we need to also put sunscreen on our dogs. 

The Best Dog Leash for the Beach

Of course, a leash is probably one of the most obvious things to bring for your pup. And I don’t blame you, there are a ton of different leashes to bring.

My go-to thing is to bring two of them You never know if you accidentally lose one or something happens. 

One of the best dog leashes I have bought for my dog is the one below. It has lasted me a long, long time. I love it so much.

Not only is it durable and strong, but it is high quality that I know I can count on.

I bought this dog lease on Amazon so I could get the fast shipping and excellent return policy.

The price will likely change over time, so click this link to check the current price of the Ladoogo heavy-duty dog lease on Amazon.

The Dog Beach Checklist you must print before heading out

Here is a list of the best 15 dog accessories to bring to the beach with you the next time you come. I love these and always try to make it a priority to bring.

The Essential Beach Accessories for your Pup

1. Doggie Boots

In the hot summer months, the pavement and beach sand get very hot. If you ever take your furbaby walking around you may need these.

These will not only protect your pup’s feet from the scorching sand, but they will also keep their feet clean.

Though nothing is 100% from getting sandy. Check the pricing on Amazon here. Click on the link.

2. Cooling Bandana

The summer gets very hot. Besides bringing my pup water, I also love keeping my pup cool. The really neat thing about this bandana is that you can chill it overnight and use it the next day for your beach trip.

Let’s be honest, it is a cute beach accessory that your pup will thank you for. Check the price on Amazon here.

3. Dog Sunscreen

Either of these will work. If you want to see the pricing on Amazon then click here.

This is also a really good sunscreen for dogs. You can check the pricing on Amazon by clicking the link here.

4. Leash

(see my recommendation above)

5. Doggie Toys

Any fun toys you can play with your pup! My favorite is the Chuckit toys! The prices do change on Amazon so get the current prices by click here.

6. Snack Pouch

I love training my dogs when distractions are at a peak. Or to get their attention I would carry a snack pouch with me! Check the prices on Amazon by clicking the link here.

7. Seat Protector For Your Car

Having a seat protector for your car may be one of the best investments you can make.

Not only does it protects your seats from sand and water, but it is perfectly comfortable for your doggy to lay on.

My pet loves it and so do I. This one here has been voted #1. Check the Amazon listing here. The price will most likely change over time.

8. Dog Beach Tent

Unless you have brought a beach umbrella yourself, this may not be a bad idea. Check the Amazon pricing here.

9. Doggie Poop Bags

There are some days that the beach can get very busy and sometimes it’s hard to find dog poop bags anywhere.

By bringing your own doggy poop bags you won’t have to struggle to look for them anymore.

What I really like about these poop bags is that they are biodegradable so your pup can also reduce its carbon pawprint 🙂

10. Plenty of Water & Food

In case you find that the drinking fountain is down; this water bottle here is perfect for travel. Check the prices on Amazon by clicking this link.

11. A Doggie Swimsuit

Have you ever been to a dog beach surfing competition? Well even if you haven’t, some pups have the most adorable swimsuits.

They are not only swimsuits, but safety floating jackets too. Perfect for the beach if your pup is not a strong swimmer.

12. Quick Drying Towel

If you find a shower to rinse off your pup, don’t forget that you still have to dry them. I find that quick microfiber drying towels are the best to use.

You can see the price of the quick-drying towel on Amazon by clicking the link here.

13. Waterproof Bag

After spending time in the sun, sand, and water your dog can be pretty soaked. One of the things I always make sure I bring is a waterproof Bag or even plastic bags to throw their towels or sandy toys.

14. Pet First Aid Kit

This should be one of the things to keep in your car anywhere you go. You never really know. It’s best to prepare in case of anything.

You can check the prices of the pet first aid kit on Amazon by clicking on this link.

15. Doggie Travel Tote Bag

One of the best things you can bring with you is a doggie beach tote. I find it very useful to put their food and beach toys in it.

It’s waterproof and portable to carry. Find out what the price of the dog travel tote bag is on Amazon by clicking the link here.


Photo by Janusz Maniak

If you’re taking your pup out for a beach day trip, then do not forget there are important dog beach accessories you must carry with you.

Besides the obvious leashes and towels, there are other things to keep in mind.

Our pups are exposed to sand, salty water, and the sun. So we need to prepare for those hot summer months. Trust me.

Nobody wants the burns from the sun and the harmful rays.

And nope.

Your pup doesn’t either. So let’s not forget and bring those essentials with you the next time you’re vacationing on a dog beach. 

Here are the best dog beaches to check out in San Diego. Check out our blog as we break down which beaches to take your dog to in San Diego.

If you are checking out some dog beaches in Florida, then check out my favorite beach to take your pup. Your pup will love it!

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