Is Coronado Beach Dog Friendly?


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I, like many of you, have wondered if Coronado Beach is dog friendly. Where can I take my dog with me?

I personally do not like leaving my poor pup in the car, so I then decided to do some research on a dog-friendly beach.

It was then that I discovered one of the friendliest dog beaches in San Diego County called Coronado Beach.

It is here where I learned that all dog sizes are allowed on the designated dog beach.

I wanted to do more research and find out exactly what areas in Coronado Beach are dog friendly and if dogs can be off-leash.

Is the area fenced-in and safe? Hence, I decided to do more research.

Dog-Friendly Coronado Beach California

The Location of Coronado Dog Beach

California, like Florida, is lucky to be found on the coastlines. And because of this, there is nothing, but amazing beaches. One of the more popular beach areas is found in San Diego.

The southern part of California has a lot of dog beaches. Yet one of the highest-ranking beaches was Coronado’s dog-friendly beach.

After living here for some time, little did I realize that my pup is also welcomed to some most beautiful beaches in San Diego County.

That not only excited me but made me feel so lucky for having to visit some of  San Diego County’s gorgeous beaches.

What Areas in Coronado Beach are Dog Friendly?

In Coronado Beach specifically, I learned that the popular dog-friendly area is found in the North.

So, if it is you decide to bring your fur baby with you, make sure you are driving to North Coronado Beach where the Hotel Del Coronado is located.

If you take Ocean Blvd and get to Sunset Park from Ocean Drive you will run right into the dog beach. It starts near Sunset Park and ends at the U.S. Naval Base station.

It is only here, at the dog beach area,  where you can leave your fur baby to frolic in the waves of the ocean.

In other words, it is optional to have your dog on a leash.

Of course, like many people, I have noticed that dogs are mostly free. And with the spectacular weather and panoramic views, there really isn’t anything better.

On the other side of the dog beach, there is a navy base where the beach is strictly prohibited for people and dogs to cross. It is a private beach.

Of course, the net has holes and oddly enough some dogs have slipped under it.

If you keep an eye on your dog, then a lifeguard will not have to tell you twice to bring your pup back on the dog beachside.

Parking near the Dog Beach in Coronado

As always, parking can be a little tricky if you have never been to Coronado before. If it is you are visiting the dog beaches, then make sure your map points to the dog park beach area on the North.

You must get on the Coronado Bridge to make it to the Peninsula.

The most direct route from Northern San Diego:

  • Take the freeway 15 south
  • Jump on the 163 south
  • Follow signs toward Coronado Bridge

Once you arrive, look for Ocean Blvd, since that is the street parking you’ll need to find.

Unfortunately, there is only street parking on the road. Do not expect to see a parking lot near the dog beach.

One tip to remember is to arrive early. Especially if your plan is to go on peak days such as summer days.

Make sure you arrive early. As they always say:

The early bird gets the worm!

Coronado Dog-Friendly Beach Rules to Keep in Mind

Coronado Beach like many of the beaches around San Diego County always have rules that you must follow.

The Beach requires that you leash up your pup, up to the point where the sand meets the pavement.

If you unleash your dog sooner you could incur a violation fine of $500. Make sure you keep your dog on a leash up to that point just in case.

You never know what Coronado Animal Control Unit may be lurking around the corner waiting to give you that fine.

Just avoid it by making sure you are leashing your dog. Nobody wants to pay $500.

Always clean up after your pet.

blackwhite dog photo

Luckily there are a lot of doggy poop bags that you can easily grab and go.

There really is no excuse if you do not pick up after your pet.

With the amount of accessible dog poop bags. I am sure your little pet will thank you.

And by doing this you will keep the beach cleaner for everybody. Usually, people are pretty good about doing this.

One more thing. Water.

The only place where your dog can get water is at the beginning of the beach park. There is a little water fountain. One for humans and one for dogs.

But to save you the walking back and forth, I learned that it is just better to bring your gallon of water to replenish your dog’s thirst.

Your pup will be so thankful.

As always remember your dog’s safety comes first.

Be prepared and always pack the doggy essentials before heading out to the beach! Check out our blogs where break down the top 15 dog beach accessories to bring with you.


Trying to look for some nice dog beaches can be intimidating and frustrating.

Luckily for you, if you are in the San Diego County area stop by the dog beach in Coronado, since it is very pet friendly!

There is a beach area where dogs can roam freely with or without a leash. But make sure your dog is leashed till you get there.

Nobody wants a ticket for going to the beach.

If you are in San Diego County, be sure you type in the address correctly where it says dog park and beach.

Some things to keep in mind when visiting.

  1. Keep your dog leashed up to the point where you touch the sand: people have gotten $500 in fines for keeping their dog off leash from their car
  2. Make sure you keep a look out for all the available poop bags you can use.
  3. Bring extra water for your dog; the only washout area and water fountain is at the entrance of the dog beach.
  4. Don’t forget your doggy accessories before heading out!

Coronado Beach not only has a dog area on the north side, but a people-only beach on the south. So even if you do not have a dog you can still enjoy the amazing waters and panoramic views.

There are many San Diego County beaches that are gorgeous to visit in general. If this is your first time visiting, check out the “Top 7 recommended beaches in San Diego“. These beaches are must-see places.

If you take your dogs with you traveling and plan to check out the beaches on east coast, then do not miss out on a perfect pet-friendly beach in Florida. The east coast has a lot to offer as far as beaches, fun, and sun!

Which is your favorite beach to visit in San Diego County?

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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