Have you ever wanted a beach lifestyle?

Sometimes you may ponder what kind of life you will live if only you live a little closer to the beach. We often times forget that we don’t have to live near one to experience a beach lifestyle.

You can make a little tweaks in your life so you can have the best beach lifestyle.  Sometimes we have to ask ourselves what kind of beach lifestyle do we want? And what does it mean to have a beach lifestyle?

How to have a beach lifestyle

Ok I am not going to lie. When people think beach lifestyle what comes to mind to many is a having an extravagant house in South Miami Beach. Going to the beach everyday and sipping martinis in your bikini all day.

Um Yes and No. 

Having a beach lifestyle can be different to so many people. And sure, if you are or want to be that girl who wants to pose in a bikini and take pics by the beach with a martini in hand all day then awesome. Do You! 


Having a beach lifestyle can be so different for the beachcomber, the surfer, the beach traveler, and the yogi. Everyone is unique in their own way. And that’s perfectly fine. 

My sister and I are beach travelers and we enjoy everything nature-like. So having a beach lifestyle to us is visiting the beach often to walk, relax, and explore! Everyone is different. Be YOU!

Photo by Brooke Cagle

The Truths and Lies of Coastal Living

 Lie #1 You have to live by the beach to have the beach lifestyle

Um no. Having a beach-life style does NOT mean you have to live by the beach. You can if you want to. But better yet, if you have the ability to visit the beach often that means you can be living the lifestyle right there! Sure there are plenty of pros if you do live by the beach. 

Truth #1 Living by the beach is so much fun

My sister and I lived within walking distance to Panama City Beach for a bit. It was great just walking across the street and a mere distance to the beach (not gonna lie). And we loved  the perfect sunrises and sunsets. Though it was still hard to wake up in the morning to catch those perfect times.

My favorite was having all the touristy attractions nearby. I love them. During off peak times you really get the mini golfing areas and Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum all to yourself. 

And to top it off, we love the touristy restaurants. My favorite was Mellow Mushroom. Something that unfortunately doesn’t exist in California!

Lie #2 People that Live near the beaches are crazy party animals

This really depends what beach you want to choose to live on. I’ve seen both. Living in Panama City during off peak times made it one of the quietest places ever.

Although being there around spring break…painted a whole different picture.

In addition, I accidentally happen to be exploring South Miami Beach one day and yes, little did I realize that it was Spring Break! So I will say it is up to you. Not all beaches are crazy packed with party animals. There are quite some tranquil ones out there! Don’t be fooled.

Making the move to the beach

Truth #2 Living by the beach is relaxing and convenient

Photo by Joshua Newton

You can most definitely skip the gym. With the beach being so close you can literally walk, run, and jog to the gym whenever you want. 

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy spending time at the beach journaling, meditating, and reading. I feel like that is my happy place. 

Even though it is more convenient, doesn’t mean you cannot partake in these activities. I visit the beach often and still do these things. 

Lie #3 Living by the beach is very noisy and parking is insane

This one can also go either way. Panama City was crazy during spring break and there was a lot of younger people going wild. But during off peak season, it was quite the contrary. It was quiet and peaceful. It can get a bit noisy depending where you live but yet again it depends where you live. 

If your living in a condo, then everyone is designated with their own spot. Back when I was living in Panama City Beach, it was a condo and everyone had their own parking spot. However, if your living in a house very close to the beach, (again depending on which beach) street parking can get a bit busy. 

A friend of mine used to live near the beach in a house in Pacific Beach. He said his street was always crazy busy. So yes, it really does depend. 

Truth #3 Living by the beach is more expensive

Yes i strongly believe for this to be true. If you are living by the beach then do not expect it to be cheaper than lets say a rural area. You are paying for that nearby beach lifestyle you came here for. 

Living by the beach has many perks. I personally enjoyed it. But like everything, it does come with a bit more cost. Of course living in per say Southern California Beaches does differ if say your living in the Florida Beaches. It really all depends. 

Does living  by the beach get old

beach lifestyle guy
Photo by Seth Doyle

Again, I am only speaking of my experience, and if you are wondering whether this applies to you or not i would say if you are looking for a beach lifestyle the answer is no.

Living by the beach does not get old. You get everything you wish for and more. Living by the beach is not only relaxing and fun but very rewarding. You get to go everyday. And sure some people love it, while others prefer to live further out.

It really depends on your taste and what you prefer. 

Sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted. Even with living near the beach. You sometimes forget that you’re fortunate to live there!

Sometimes you don’t. It amazing how easily we can forget, but with a little gratitude we can remind ourselves every so often. 

Tips to take to the beach

Ok if you have heard it all and your ready to make your move to the beach. Then better now than ever. 

Keep in mind that it is rewarding just as it is amazing, don’t forget to do your homework on the beach and check out the location beforehand.

Having a variety of different locations can definitely do wonders for you! 

How to create a coastal lifestyle without moving near a beach

coastal lifestyle picture
Photo by Tamara Bellis

We can all have a coastal lifestyles even though we aren’t within walking distance to the beach. Small little changes can help you still have a beautiful beach lifestyle.

Simple ways to create your beach lifestyle

  • Visit the beach often 
  • Grab little things that remind you of the beach, such as shells, poster boards, and my favorite wave frames
  • Decorate your room coastal-like such as pictures, bedroom lamp etc
  • Find your favorite beach quotes and put them on your wall or phone wallpaper
  • Help out your ocean by participating in beach clean ups
  • Learn to surf- cool beach skill 
  • Take care of your beaches by reading our blog

Best Beach Inspired Brands to follow

  •  Hollister
  •  Roxy
  •  Sealily
  • Rococo Sand
  • Kenny Flowers
  • O’Neill
  • She Made Me
  • Solid and Striped
  • Show me your Mumu
  • Zimmermann

Our favorite beach lifestyle quotes

We love Pinterest. Not going to lie! Follow our boards on Pinterest of the best beach sayings and quotes you can possibly have in your life.

Check out unseenbeaches pinterest quotes, sayings, and puns here


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Living a beach lifestyle can mean something different for everybody. It doesn’t mean you need to live by the beach to have the extravagant beach lifestyle.

I prefer a simple beach lifestyle. 

Don’t get my wrong, living by the beach has its perks and also its cons. There are a lot of things we often hear. From my perspective, even though I do not live by the beach currently there are certain things anyone can do to enhance their beach lifestyle.

One such thing includes visiting the beach often. If you live in Southern California you can do many things by the beach including hiking one of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches. 

Bring the beach to you. Anything from changing your bedroom into your beach lifestyle is the perfect place to start. In addition, having cute beach decor in your bedroom or throughout your house is perfect. 

Even downloading your favorite beach quotes on pinterest is a fun and a perfect way to start. If you enjoy yoga and want to practice some stretches at the beach then definitely make it a go. 

Something as simple and walking through a beach town can make a difference. Anyone can enjoy a simple peaceful lifestyle.

Remember you do not need an extravagant house living in South Beach Miami or even California. 

Be creative and transform your life into the perfect beach lifestyle you have always yearn!

Be sure to check our beach blogs of all the beaches in Florida and California we have visited.

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