The 30 Best Beach Gifts for the Beach Lover

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What’s better than a day at the beach? Spending it with someone you love!

And if that person also loves the beach, then there is no way you’re going to go wrong with any of these gifts.

From hats and towels to coolers and games, we’ve got all your shopping needs covered.

Whether they live by the sea or not, each one of these gifts will have them dreaming about their next vacation on the shore.

Let me help take some of that pressure off by sharing with you 28 favorite gifts for beach lovers who love the beach!

Don’t be caught off-guard like many others. Equip yourself with our top favorite 5 essential beach must-haves and avoid common beach pitfalls! 🏖️🌞🌊

1. YETI Wheeled Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks chilled under the sun.

2. Kelty Tent: Seek refuge from the sun with a lightweight, easy-to-set-up beach tent.

3. BeachBub Umbrella: Stay cool and protected with a durable, stylish UPF beach umbrella.

4. Trailhead Chair: Sit back and relax with a comfortable and sturdy beach chair.

5. CGear Sand-Free Mat Sand Blanket: Keep the sand at bay and stay comfortable with a sand-resistant blanket.

Whether they are into collecting shells or just want a new way to spend their summer days, these are all great options.

These are the perfect gifts for the beach bum, mom, or even dad. It is the ideal little gift during the time of giving that makes things just a little more special.

Happy shopping friends!

Want to skip ahead! Check whichever interest you!

Beach Gifts For Her

If you are looking for the perfect beach gift to give your girlfriend, wife or mother this year, check out our list of gifts. We’ve got tons of ideas for what she’d love to get!

From sunglasses and sunblock, to a special piece of jewelry or stylish cover-up that will look great on the boardwalk. Check the list out now before it’s too late!

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Liquid Capacity Fl (oz): 32 Fl oz
  • Weight: 1lb 2oz
  • Cap Type: Lid with Straw


  • Bright Colors
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • Can get heavy to carry

From biking buddies to professional athletes, Hydro Flask is loved by outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

This bottle keeps beverages hot or cold for hours thanks to TempShield® double-wall vacuum insulation and 18/8 stainless steel construction with proprietary powder coat finish.

Features like a three finger tab make it easy to carry no matter your activity of choice – backpack straps (not included) fit perfectly over the handle!

Pick up this ‘insulated trusty’ today for an adventure buddy that never disappoints you.


Tired of hiking and not knowing what to do?

Get out on some trails with these Moms Who Hike Guide!

The stories you will find in this book span the world and every interest – from big kids to small, inexperienced, or new hikers looking for a way to stay fit while having fun.

Our adventure-loving moms give you all the information about their favorite hikes so you can embark on your own journey right away.

These amazing tales sometimes include personal challenges, accomplishments, philosophy and practical tips to maximize potential in life and on the trail.

Find advice like best practices for children’s safety both at home and outdoors (sometimes they’re one and same) how it approaches motherhood through sport; why getting up close with nature is good for you.

Fjallraven Kanken Pack


  • Gear Capacity: 16 Liters
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Number of pockets: 3 + main compartment
  • Dimensions:15 x 10.6 x 5.1 inches


  • Durable brand
  • Can carry a lot
  • Assortment of colors


  • Straps can be uncomfortable

Fjallraven’s Kanken Pack is not your ordinary daypack, and that’s why we love it!

This pack has an adjustable strap that can be used as a backpack or converted into a bag via the convertible straps.

The zippered main compartment is spacious and includes a handy exterior pocket for small items like keys and sunglasses.

A detachable seat pad also makes this style perfect for travel.

Reflective logo design on the side pocket ensures you don’t lose sight of where you left your number one friend in clear conditions when away from home!

Oasis inflatable paddle board


  • 11′ x 34″ stable platform PVC construction
  • Triple-layer side rail
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Front cargo bungee
  • PIH (paddle integrated handle)


  • Allows you practice yoga out in the water
  • Stable Board
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Great Traction


  • Pricey

You’ll enjoy a safe, stable surface with the Body Glove Oasis Inflatable Paddle Board.

Thanks to an innovative Paddle Integrated Handle system on both sides of this 10′ yoga board, you won’t have to worry about grasping for your water bottle while trying to concentrate on your balance moves.

The center handle that was previously doing double-duty as a carrying handle and water bottle holder has moved off the panel.

This makes it easier than ever for you to grab your drink without having to look away from where your feet are landing.

You’ll love stretching out atop this mat traction pad made of full-length crocodile skin material which is intended provide maximum assistance when getting up close and personal with both ocean waves and slippery rocks alike.

Turtle Microfiber Beach Towel

Round Beach Towel


  • Size: Large
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Diameter: 59in
  • Weight: 520g


  • Beautiful Pattern
  • Assorted Designs
  • Super Soft


  • Smaller size than expected

Beach towels just got better!

The Turtle Microfiber Beach Towel is the softest and most absorbent beach blanket that stays light and quick to dry.

Whether you’re lounging on a beautiful white sand beach, chilling in the pool, finding your Zen at yoga class, this lightweight towel will be there with you every step of the way.

Get ready for some vacation fun with our big microfiber towel!

So soft and so absorbent it’ll make your whole trip more comfy.

Hangout on the beach or swing from a palm tree all while keeping warm underneath our IcosaMro circle beach blanket cover!

In times of need it doubles as a picnic blanket too!

Beach Gifts for HIM

Give your man a gift that he can take to the beach this summer. Beach gifts for him will help him feel refreshed and ready to hit the sand.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some great ones: sunscreen, sunglasses, a cooler bag or backpack with snacks and drinks inside, flip-flops or water shoes, and even an inflatable kayak!



  • Durable
  • Dimensions: 27.3 x 16 x 15.7 inches
  • Gear Capacity (L): 36 liters
  • Material: 35% plastic/32% other fiber/21% metal/12% polyurethane
  • Weight: 37 pounds


  • keeps your foods fresh longer
  • Easy control


  • Heavier than regular
  • pricey

Looking for a heavy-duty yet lightweight powered cooler that can efficiently refrigerate and deep-freeze?

Look no further than the Dometic CFX3! With its ExoFrame construction, strong spring-loaded aluminum handles, and powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology, this cooler is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold on the go.

Plus, with its easy-to-read high-resolution color display and soft-touch buttons, you’ll have seamless control over your cooler’s performance.

And don’t worry about dead car batteries – the CFX3 features a 3-stage dynamic battery protection system that will prevent any Issues.

So pick up a Dometic CFX3 today and keep your food cold all summer long!

Life Vest

Body Glove Life Vest


  • Air-foam
  • Flexibility panels
  • Front-zipper


  • Saves your life
  • Lighweight
  • Assortment of Colors


  • none

Make a splash this summer with Bodyglove’s new PFD life vest.

Its durable Thai 3D outer shell and ultra-light interior lining make it perfect for comfort and flexibility, while the beveled soft PVC foam flotation provides maximum buoyancy.

With advanced air-foam technology and segmented neoprene panels, you’ll stay safe in style all season long.

And don’t forget the lumbar protection pad – perfect for keeping your lower back safe when hitting the waves.

The front-zip entry and strategically placed drain panels make it easy to get on and off, while the 2 heavy-duty 1.5″ belts with durable quick-release buckles keep you secure in rough waters.



  • Tempered glass
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Small/medium sizes
  • Works with gopro hero
  • Includes snorkle, fins

Keeping your head above water while enjoying the reefs- without getting too deep- has never been easier.

The snorkle gear is here to provide you with gear you need for successful exploration underwater.

If you are looking for a way to capture breathtaking video of what it feels like below, try out our newest product idea for this season!

You will be ready for any adventure that comes your way with our Dry top technology seals tightly around the camera port between breaths so that every last droplet gets filtered out and voila!

Worry no more about accidentally pulling on your mask because there’s no thin tube holding it up at the side of your face.

If anything, say goodbye to sore jaws developed from excessive yawning.



  • Megapixels: 23
  • Movie Recording
  • Photography
  • Dimensions: 2.76 x 1.93 x 1.34 inches
  • Weight (with no batteries): 4.5 ounces
  • LCD Screen: Front LCD screen: 1.4 in.; rear touch display: 2.27 in.

Introducing the all-new HERO10 Black Camera from GoPro!

This powerful camera is packed with features that will let you capture amazing footage, both during everyday activities and extreme sports.

The GP2 chip ensures responsive touch controls and smooth video playback, while the 23MP photo sensor captures stunning detail and contrast in any light.

With 8x slo-mo recording at 2.7K resolution or 5.3K pause/photo mode, you can truly crystallize the moment.

Plus, high-quality front LCD screen with a smoother frame rate makes it easy to keep an eye on your shot – even when you’re in the action yourself!

HERO10 is also cloud connected, so you can access your photos and videos anytime.



  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Hand Pump included
  • Repair Kit included
  • Max Weight Capacity: 320lbs
  • Material: PVC-construction
  • Size: 11′


  • Green Packaging
  • Durable Material
  • Fun Sport


  • a bit heavy

Paddling on the water has never been more fun.

We all love the feeling of gliding across the surface without a care in the world, and what’s even better than experiencing that first hand?

Sharing it with those we care about most: friends and family. That is why we made this board just for you! A smooth ride to bring anyone joy, every time they hop on.

And don’t worry; it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not because this inflatable paddleboard offers stability for beginners (thanks to its thicker rails). You’ll be paddling like a pro before long.

So make some memories today—grab your Performer 11 ISUP and give life an adventure out on the lake!

Unique Beach GIFTS

There is nothing better than spending the day at the beach with friends and family.

There are many ways to make your time on the shore even more enjoyable, but one of my favorite things to bring along is a unique beach gift that will be sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Whether you’re looking for something fun or functional, there are all kinds of items made just for the beach!

Here are some great ideas if you want to find a unique beach gift this year.



  • Material: Polyester/carbon/fiberglass
  • Dimensions: Packed: 26 x 5 x 2 in.; wingspan: 62 inches
  • Weight: 1lb

The Prism Designs Jazz 2.0 Sport Kite is the perfect way to experience the thrill of kite flying!

This zippy little wing is stable and easy to control, making it great for beginners.

It’s also extra durable, so you can enjoy hours of flying fun without having to worry about damage.

Plus, the Jazz 2.0 packs down small for easy transport and storage.

So strap on those wrist straps and get ready for some high-flying excitement!

Nautical Wooden Hanging Decor

Wall Decor

Beach Wooden Decor Sign

Beach Word Sign Decor

beach gifts for the Beach Bum

 Are you a beach bum who loves the sand and sea?

Whether your idea of fun is relaxing on the shore with a good book or searching for seashells, there are many gifts that are perfect for the beach lover in your life.

If you or someone you know is a total beach bum, now is the time to shower them with cute little beach gifts.

Here are some ideas to get you started!



  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: M: 78 x 61in ; L: 78 x78 in
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs

Store yourself away from the sand without sacrificing comfort.

The CGear Multimats Sandlite is lightweight and easy to carry with its durable, water-resistant material that dries quickly after an outing on the beach.

On windy days, expect your mat to stay put thanks to its clever weaving technique that lets air flow through instead of causing the mat to fly up in gusts of wind.



  • Dimensions:60 x 30 in
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weight: 1lb 4.8oz

We all know that beach days are made sweeter by the endless number of leisurely activities, but be warned: too much sun, sand, and salt will wreak havoc on your skin.

That’s where Slowtide Mauka towels come in to save the day!

Made with soft cotton velour certified through COTTON LEADS (an organization committed to responsible cotton production), these colorful wrappers insulate us from the heat long enough for an afternoon snooze or beach rave.

With one-sided print and a handy hanging loop, you’ll never lose sight of yours again!

Now with 60% more goodness per square inch than any other towel brand, it’s time to say goodbye to dry patches—that is until sunset



  • UV Protection: 100 percent
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Fit Width: Medium
  • Bridge Width: 16milimeters
  • Lens Height: 48 milimeters

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that offers the very best in optics?

Look no further than Maui Jim’s Ocean Polarized Sunglasses.

These glasses feature SuperThin glass, which is 20% thinner and lighter than standard glass.

They also come with HCL Bronze lenses, which offer a warm, versatile tint that’s perfect for changing conditions.

And for smaller faces, the frames are cateye-shaped and have spring hinges.

Finally, the saddle-style bridge with embedded rubber nos ensures a comfortable fit.


Looking for a way to prepare for your upcoming beach vacation?

Look no further than The Wanderlust Beach Subscription Box.

Filled with all the essentials you need for a relaxing and fun-filled getaway, this box is curated with must-haves for beauty, wellness, and lifestyle goodies.

Get everything you need delivered right to your door, and enjoy the latest style, fitness trends, and more!

Don’t forget to tag #bikinidotcom when you share your photos from your trip.


Beach Book

The beach book A Theater Of Dreamers is the perfect accessory for your next trip to the beach!

This great book will keep you entertained for hours on end with its fascinating tales of adventure and mystery.

So grab a copy and get ready to be swept away by the power of storytelling!


Do you know someone who is crazy about the beach?

Do they have a birthday coming up soon?

Well, if so, then this blog post will be perfect for you.

Here are some great gifts that any beach lover would love to receive.

So go ahead and read through these amazing ideas and see which one suits your friend best.

Happy surfing!


Introducing the newest addition to the Rainbow Sandals family: The Luxury Leather Single-Layer Arch Support flip-flops!

These shoes are made of distressed leather, which makes them soft and comfortable right out of the box.

They also feature a single layer arch support, which is perfect for those who need a little extra help with their foot alignment.

Plus, the nonslip rubber outsoles ensure that you’ll stay safe on your feet no matter where you go.

So kick off your heels and head to the beach!

Slide into a pair of these luxurious sandals today!


Imagine paddling free into the wild, to explore the expansive coastline of your state, to take in wildlife and seabirds.

With this kayak you can embark on grand adventures with ease.

Simplicity is key for the Tarpon 120, allowing total freedom of movement when exploring new waters or current jagged reeflines.

You won’t need to worry about storage space either because protected compartments up front let you find just what you need before heading out onto open water.

Keep yourself safe by investing in one today!



  • Bike Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 27.5in
  • Number of Gears: 9
  • Weight: 32lbs
  • Step-Through: Yes

Experience the best of both worlds with the Electra Townie Path 9D Step-Through Women’s Bike.

With patented Flat Foot Technology®, you’ll be able to effortlessly cruise up hills without sacrificing your comfort.

Plus, a Shimano Alivio 9-speed derailleur and Acera Rapid Fire Plus shifter ensures smooth transitions through all of your rides while reliable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide smooth and consistent stopping power.

And with Kenda 27.5 x 2.4 in. tires and platform pedals with grip tape, this bike can tackle a variety of terrain with ease – making it perfect for everything from weekend cruises to the beach.



  • Cooler Type: soft-sided
  • Gear Capacity (L): 35 liters
  • Material: coated fabric
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 7.6 in
  • Weight: 1lb 4.8 oz

The Hydro Flask 35L Insulated Tote is the perfect way to keep your groceries cold on long trips home from the store.

Made with lightweight insulation, this tote will keep your food chilled for up to 4 hours.

The soft exterior and handles fold down for easy storage and travel, while a waterproof and durable coated fabric keeps your belongings safe and dry.

Plus, the tote features a handy pocket for essentials, making it easy to grab and go.

Covered by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, you can rest assured that your Hydro Flask insulated totes are built to last.



  • Liquid Capacity (Fl oz): 36 fluid ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 10.75 in
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • BPA Free: Yes
  • Weight: 1lb 8.5oz

Whether you’re looking for a quality daily companion, something to keep your drinks cold in the summer heat or help make sure they don’t get diluted with water during camping trips, here it is.

The YETI Rambler Vacuum Bottle comes in many colors and sizes so that there’s one just right for all of life’s journeys.

Big enough to stash on ice while it lasts but small enough not to be cumbersome on the go-to taskmaster.

Put some coffee inside before work then fill up with that frosty lemonade when it’s time for an afternoon break under the sun – this bottle does what you need it to do no matter where you are or what season we’re actually having.


The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re looking for a great gift idea, it’s time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones.

Whether they live in a big city or on a remote island, there is one thing that almost every person enjoys: beach vacations!

If you know someone who loves living life in luxury, make sure to check out our list of the best luxury gifts for them this holiday!

Check out these options from Orbitz:

Orbitz Webite



If you have that special friend, mother, father, or any beach bum you may know then a cute beach gift may make their day.

Whether it’s a special occasion, birthday or the holidays you can still get that special something for your loved one. I have in the past gotten these for my close friends. 

If your looking for some beach ideas in California then don’t miss to check out the beaches of San Diego! They are gorgeous and perfect holiday getaways.

I recommend checking out some amazing piers if you find yourself in the San Diego area.

If you live in the east coast then look no further than the beaches in Florida. These gorgeous tropical beaches couldn’t be more perfect to get away from it all.

This Florida beach is definitely a must go! Its the perfect place to check out on a trip.

What beach gifts have you given your loved ones?


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Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the U.S., while also protecting and preserving these beautiful coastal treasures! 🌊❤️

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Don’t be caught off-guard like many others. Equip yourself with our Top Favorite 5 Essential Beach Must-Haves and avoid common beach pitfalls! 🏖️🌞🌊

1. YETI Wheeled Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks chilled under the sun.

2. Kelty Tent: Seek refuge from the sun with a lightweight, easy-to-set-up beach tent.

3. BeachBub Umbrella: Stay cool and protected with a durable, stylish UPF beach umbrella.

4. Trailhead Chair: Sit back and relax with a comfortable and sturdy beach chair.

5. CGear Sand-Free Mat Sand Blanket: Keep the sand at bay and stay comfortable with a sand-resistant blanket.

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