With the holidays right around the corner, tis the season to be jolly with beach presents.  A special someone you may know is a total beach lover. Or heck you may even be! I know i am! With the holiday season drawing closer everyday, here you can find some ideas to give that perfect beach lover a little something. These are the perfect gifts for the beach bum, mom, or even dad. It is the ideal little gift during the time of giving that makes things just a little more special.

The Perfect Christmas beach gifts for the Beach Bum

If you or someone you know is a total beach bum, now is the time to shower them with cute little beach gifts.  These here are listed as the perfect gifts for the beach Bum for Christmas. 

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Best Beach Gifts for Mom

Ok let’s admit, our moms are special humans to us. Especially if she loves the beach! Why not give mama a special beach gift she will adore all year long! Here are my go-to gifts for your mother.

Best Beach Gifts for Dad

I love my dad. You can call me daddy’s girl. But whether you are a daddy’s or mommy’s girl it doesn’t matter, these are the perfect beach gifts for your Dad. 


If you have that special friend, mother, father, or any beach bum you may know, then by getting them a cute beach gift may be all they need. Whether it is a special occasion, it’s their birthday or the holidays are here you can get that special something for your loved one. I have in the past gotten these for my close friends and they loved it. 

If your looking for some beach ideas in California then don’t miss to check out the beaches of San Diego! They are gorgeous and perfect holiday getaways.

I recommend checking out some amazing piers if you find yourself in the San Diego area.

If you live in the east coast then look no further than the beaches in Florida. These gorgeous tropical beaches couldn’t be more perfect to get away from it all.

This Florida beach is definitely a must go! Its the perfect place to check out on a trip.

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