The Ultimate Guide To Oceanside Harbor Village

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Visiting Oceanside Harbor Village for the first time? Well, you are in luck my friend! We put together an in-depth guide to visiting this place as a first timer.

This is a perfect place for a beach vacation for the family.

Where is Harbor Village?

Oceanside Harbor Village can be found in the city of Oceanside, California.

It’s on the coast of the Oceanside Harbor beach, which is one of several beaches found in Oceanside.

Well, talk about this beach later on. But, first:


The best way to get around here and fully grasp this place is by foot.

 Surrounded by the Oceanside Bay you will see an immense row of boats situated there on the docks. 

Some people actually live here inside their boats.


There’s a laundry facility here that accommodates those living here.

You can’t bike inside the Oceanside Harbor Village, but around the plaza you can.

We don’t recommend this since you will miss out on seeing this place.

You don’t need to book in advance to visit here either.

Think of it as an open miny plaza located on the South Harbor Bay of Oceanside. 

While there is no hours of operation of walking around the plaza the shops and restaurants do.

Expect most places to be open around normal business hours such as 8am and closing ones around 11pm.

For a more updated listing of the shops and restaurants be  sure to check out their site. 


There are many hotels nearby the Oceanside Harbor Village if you plan on visiting for more than a day. 

It really depends on what your preferences are for instance do normally prefer: luxury, budget, or even extended stay.

Here are a few hotels found (less than 10 miles) near the Oceanside Harbor Village:

Traveling on a budget? Well, we put together a list of 5 known budget-friendly hotels near here.


What is the Closest Beaches to Oceanside Harbor Village?

The closest beach to Oceanside Harbor Village is Oceanside Harbor beach. 

It’s within walking distance, less than a mile away. So grab something to eat at the Oceanside Village Harbor then head out to the Oceanside Harbor beach.

Here you will catch the sunset or see the serenity of the mystical waves of mother nature. 

There are other beaches in Oceanside, but as previously mentioned this one is the closest.

Does Oceanside beach have fire pits?

The nice thing about Oceanside Harbor beach is you have fire pits. So, you can make a BBQ with friends or just roast some marshmallows.

Besides fire pits you can expect to see lifeguards, volleyball nets, and restrooms.

Does Oceanside have a pier?

The Oceanside Beach Harbor has a Fishing Pier. However, it is a bit farther than walking distance from the Oceanside Village Harbor. 

You are looking at a little bit more than a mile, roughly, more than 15 minute walk. 

If you don’t mind walking more than 15 minutes, feel free to check it out if you have the time. 


Where to Park while Visiting

The nice thing about the Oceanside Harbor Village is that you have several options when it comes to where to park. 

There exist several parking lots. The closest lots found near the Oceanside Harbor Village are: 

  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 6
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 7
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8A
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8B
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 9
  • 299-351 S. Harbor Dr. 

Further parking lots such as: Oceanside Harbor Lot 10, and Oceanside Harbor Lot 11 are closer to the Oceanside Harbor beach.

However, you can still park here if you need to since it’s literally like a 5 minute walk to the Oceanside Harbor Village.

Now, the cost for parking will vary between the time frame you plan on visiting, and the lot itself.

You should know that factors like holidays (Independence Day in the United States of America which falls on July 4th) or summer times will play a role in what to expect to pay.

Free parking for first 2 hours can be found in:

  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 6
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8A
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8B
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 9

However, if you plan on coming after 6pm to the Oceanside Harbor Village parking is free in lots

  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8A
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 8B
  • Oceanside Harbor Lot 9

Any free FULL DAY parking places at all?

Is probably what you are wondering. Well, don’t despair dear friend for there is!

Parking lot:

  • 101-499 Riverside Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054

Gives you FULL DAY 72 hours of free parking. It is located right across the Oceanside Harbor Village.

Please, make sure to arrive early, spots are limited and most families are out on the weekends!

What will you see at Oceanside Harbor?

There’s a reason people come to visit Oceanside Harbor Village. Below are a few reasons why:



Hungry? I mean after all that walking and sightseeing who wouldn’t be?

Well, rest assured because here you can find a variety of seafood cuisine dishes. 

Here you can find chain restaurants such as: Joe’s Crab Shack as well as mom-and-pop restaurants like Harbor Fish and Chips. 

This particular restaurant has served the local Oceanside community for more than 50 years. 

A popular place to both locals and tourists is the Rockin’ Baja Lobster. 

It’s always crowded, but the reasoning behind this is they have  live music entertainment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As well as Happy Hour: Monday through Friday. 

If you want to get a more detailed view of what each restaurant offers, check out: 10 Seafood Restaurants in Oceanside Harbor and Nearby.



Oceanside Harbor Village does have a few gift shops, but I wouldn’t consider it a place to find much variety. 

There are only a few handful places that offer souvenirs, and your typical T-shirt souvenirs that have the name of the city. 

There is one stand that offers small souvenirs such as magnets as well as bohemian beach dress wear for women and girls, but that’s as much variety you will find.



As you make your way around the Oceanside Harbor Village don’t forget to see the Sea Lion Island. 

As its name applies expect to see sea lions here. Usually on sunny days they are on the dock soaking up the sun.

It’s always a sight to see the wildlife so don’t forget to bring your camera and capture some of these moments. 

Sea Lion Island can be found past the Oceanside Broiler restaurant. 

Oceanside Harbor Village Pin 2


If it’s your first time visiting I hope this In-Depth Guide gives you somewhat of an idea of what to expect.

Oceanside Harbor Village offers lots of variety when it comes to sightseeing, shopping, and eating. 

Not only can you discover the place for a day, but you can also enjoy the beach nearby.

Only within less than a mile of walk from Oceanside Harbor beach. 

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on visiting this place. We love to hear your thoughts.

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