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Have you ever felt a crash after a sugar rush? And have you ever brought that feeling with you to the beach?

I am sure we can all attest to that. One of the best things you can do for your body is consume the best possible foods to avoid that huge crash and lack of energy.

The average person burns roughly around 400-700 calories swimming. Of course, swimmers vary in the number of calories they burn dependent on their weight. 

It is often hard to begin swimming after you have consumed a lot of fried foods or even sugar.

Wouldn’t you want the energy from the energizer bunny so you can have fun at the beach?

So while you are planning your beach vacation, whether it be a day trip or longer, do not forget to pack some healthy beach snacks with you. That way you get long lasting energy for that swim at the beach.

How Healthy Snacks at the beach can keep you sane

Next time you are at the beach, you should try an experiment. Go to the beach with lots of fried foods and eat them. Take note of your energy levels. How do you feel?

Then make another trip to the beach with just wholesome foods. Make a note of how you feel after you consume both types of food. How do you feel? What are your energy levels?

Let me know how you do.

Most people know there are healthier options for long-lasting energy. By consuming healthy snacks at the beach, you will not only feel sane but will have everlasting energy levels

If you find the right healthy snacks then they can have great impact on your health.

Look for fiber in snacks since it will keep you full longer. Also, wholesome grains such as oatmeal for example will definitely keep you full. 

If any of you plan to have dinner at a local restaurant near the beach then do not hesitate to pack the right stuff. It is the best thing for yourself and your body. Eat these to get you through the day.

So let’s find out what those healthy foods can be and should be the next time you visit the beach.

Healthy Beach Snacks to take with you

There are plenty of snack options for you to consider taking to the beach. When going shopping look for wholesome foods. Look for foods that contain fiber to help sustain your energy levels.


These kinds of fruits have large amounts of fiber. Which means you will feel fuller longer. And you will definitely need that fiber when you decide to splash around the waves. 

If you do not mind having your fruits slightly oxidized, I always like cutting them up into slices and placing some peanut butter on the side.

Peanut butter has protein which will definitely help keep you full until dinner.

(as a side note: not all peanut butter is considered healthy, so avoid the Skippy Peanut Butters which contain hydrogenated oils and sugar) 

Watermelon and fruits

Why does watermelon always make it on the top of many lists? Mainly because it is healthy and full of water. This means that watermelon has the potency to keep you hydrated.

If you are not consuming as much water as you should, then bring water. You do not have to worry about getting dehydrated at the beach anytime soon with this fruit!

Make your own trail mix

You can easily create your own trail mix by purchasing a larger bag of walnuts, cashews, and peanuts at your local grocery store. You can buy whatever you need to mix into your trail mix.

Things like raisins, cranberries, or any other dried-up fruit are perfect for the go. (although people can argue that dried fruit is made of tons of sugar, it is best to moderate your in-take or omit it altogether.)

Carrots and Hummus

Sure you may or may not have tried this yet, but it is one of the yummiest things to bring on the beach. If you have not already tried this healthy beach snack then be sure you do.

Although I do recommend putting it in a cooler since I am sure no one wants to eat warm hummus.

What beach snacks should you avoid

Photo by Jay Wennington

I am sure we have seen it all. And more often than not a lot of people will make BBQs like crazy. Sure, BBQ can be just as healthy too, but it all depends on how you host it.

With the fourth of July month in full swing, it is best to prepare with the right foods to keep you fueled till the very end of your trip.

Without feeling crabbiness or hunger. 

One of the many things you should definitely avoid is any deep-fried foods such as french fries for example. Not only will you feel sluggish, but your waistline can suffer too. 

Avoid anything that is considered fast food such as pizza and hamburgers. Instead of having hamburgers for your BBQ opt-in for making sandwiches instead.

And if you must have a BBQ then opt-in for healthier choices such as making black bean burgers or veggie patties.

There are always ways you can make your BBQ a lot healthier than chips and burgers and beers.

Which reminds me.

Avoid Alcohol.

A lot of beaches have banned alcohol on the beaches. So if you are caught drinking alcohol on the beach then you could very well be fined. Alcohol is full of sugar, which is no good for your health or waistline.

Not only is alcohol full of sugar, but consuming alcohol will keep you more dehydrated than ever. 

I am sure the majority of you reading this are aware and came here to look for healthier alternatives. 

Avoid those sugar crashing snacks such as cookies and candy. 

A lot of these sugar crashing snacks are made of hydrogenated oils and full of sugar. They are known to be called “empty calories” thus the more you consume, the more sugar you ingest.

And you will never really feel. 

Empty calories are just that. For example, eating a box of Pringles and never really feeling full. I have done it in the past, you will eat the whole can before you realize that you’re still hungry. 

Not a good feeling.

Great ideas for packing healthy beach snacks

Sure, I hear you. Most fresh fruits and vegetables will go bad if left out in the open or worse in the sun. But if you have a good cooler with plenty of ice then no need to worry about it.

With either an ice bag or cooler no need to worry about your good foods perishing. 

Opt for a lightweight cooler that is sure to keep your snacks fresh and on the go. In addition, to keeping your items in a cooler, make sure you bring your umbrella with you to keep your cooler in the shade as well. 

On a hot summer day, sometimes a cooler cannot take on the beating sun rays for the whole day. 

Remember do not buy or use Styrofoam coolers because not only are they wasteful, but they do not and will not keep your things cool all day. Read this article here to see and why you should avoid disposable items.

One more thing, 

Because plastic is becoming a big old topic for our beaches, opt-in for using reusable utensils. Not one-use plastic utensils as those either end up in the ocean or landfill.

Beach snacks vs Camping snacks

It really does not matter which type of snacks you prefer. Whether you are taking a beach trip for the day or on an extended vacation and camping, these snacks work perfectly for either occasion.

Of course, if you are camping either at the beach or anywhere, then I definitely recommend going for the whole grain crackers and nuts. This will perish a lot less than your typical one-day beach vacation. 

You can also pack to-go apple sauces and chia seed pouches.


Photo by Miguel Maldonado

Packing healthy beach snacks is a lot easier than you think. There are a lot of different healthy snacks to pack at the beach. This only scratches the surface of it all.

But with some simple guidelines, you can definitely be prepared for your next beach vacation trip. 

Typically for long beach days, you want to go with wholesome foods. Things that will fill you up such as fiber. Beach snacks can include anything from fruit to oats. 

One the best fruits you can pack are apples because of its fiber content.

They are known to keep you fuller longer. Some people prefer to cut them up into slices (though they may oxidize a bit).

If you want the added protein then bring some peanut butter to add to your apples. 

Also, one of the most popular fruits to bring is none other than watermelon. This fruit is filled with a lot of water content, thus keeping you hydrated for the day.

It is the best beach snack to pack to help keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Do not forget the nuts and oats. These things also keep you full longer. Some of the basic things you can make at home is a simple trail mix.

Just include almonds, raisins, cashews, walnuts, and mix in whatever your choice. 

Typically you want to avoid fried foods such as fast foods including pizza and hamburgers and potato chips. 

Sugar in sweets is another one of those sneaky foods that will make your body just crash. So avoid things like cookies, candy, and other sweets.

Healthy Beach Snacks Pin 2

Alcohol. Not only is it made of tons of sugar it will also dehydrate your body. Nobody wants a dehydrated body at the beach. Avoid this. 

Most beaches no longer allow alcohol anymore. And stricter laws are gaining popularity with these. 

Most sweets and fried foods will not only make you feel bloated but will also deprive you of energy making you crash faster. Trust me, it doesn’t help your waistline either.

If you can, bring a good ice cooler to pack these healthier foods. Most whole foods will perish if left outside in the sun too long. Another popular thing to bring is sandwiches.

If you must have a BBQ that fourth of July at the beach then be sure you switch out your unhealthier choices for healthier ones. 

Fourth of July is one of the busiest days on the beach.

Read this article to inform yourself of how trash is becoming more common in beaches and how YOU can make difference.

Remember to have fun at the beach. But treat your beaches right at the same time. 

Learn how to pack healthy snacks at the beach so you can have ever-lasting energy.  Read our blog about our favorite healthiest snacks to pack here!

Planning on visiting a San Diego beach soon, then be sure to check out this article to some local beaches nearby.

What do you love packing at the beach?

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