Nice beaches in Florida do exist. If you are planning a tropical paradise get-away then look no further than the east coast. Many of us come to Florida because of its immense popularity in theme parks. Sometimes we forget that there are spectacular pristine waters just around the corner of Disneyworld or Universal.

Florida waters are like no other. The abundance of coastlines in Florida and the amazing aesthetics of the water makes it is one of the most popular places to visit. You definitely have lots of choices to whichever you beach you would want to visit. Technically, any beach you google will be beautiful. But if you want to take it a step further, you can pick a specific beach to meet your needs. Here are the top reasons why you need to plan a trip to the Floridan beaches soon!



Top Reasons to visit the Floridian Beaches


  1. Water temperatures of the Florida beaches are different. The warm water temperatures make it feel so great, you won’t hesitate going in at all. The water is almost room temperature and unlike the waters of the west coast USA these waters are completely the exact opposite.
  2. The water clarity is more clear than your average beaches. Of course there are some beaches that still lack clarity…thanks to pollution and such…but most are clearer waters.
  3. Florida is known to have warm temperatures almost year round. Except for the usual tropical storms in the summer you can expect the weather to be pretty much warm from April all the way till October! So anytime to hit the beach is perfect. Even if it rains (which is very common in the summer) the rain will either subside or cease completely. Which makes it even that much better. Who wants a entire rainy day anyways.                                             nice-beaches-to-visit-in-florida
  4. Pristine sugar powder sands are common in Florida. Most people wonder if the postcard pictures are actually real and the truth is they are! While not all beaches in Florida are white and pristine and powdery (I’m sure you may encounter some that are not) there is a handful of those amazing ones you need to check out. If this is what you are looking for then I suggest going west of Florida for that amazing treat
  5. You cannot beat the distinct wildlife. Because of Florida’s tropical weather and warm temperatures there is myriad of wildlife almost on every corner. Whether it be at the beach, in a spring or lake you are sure to run into to something. At the beaches you can catch anything from turtles and their nesting grounds to manatees (although mostly found in the springs) to different birds. The wildlife is unlike any other and it still makes me sad when I see trash lying around these beautiful animals.



Top 5 nice beaches in Florida

There are a number of beaches to visit in Florida that are loud, quiet, beautiful, and some not so much. Whatever the occasion is or the reason for you checking them out  there are top 5 must see!! (well actually there’s more but check these out these first)



  1. New Smyrna Beach Florida– This is definitely a beautiful beach in Florida that you must visit because of its less crowded vibe and beautiful waters. The beach town also has lots of shops where you can do local New Smyrna Beach shopping and if you do go in the summer there are always summer events going down. New Smyrna Beach also has a pet friendly beach area where you can bring your furry friends. Learn more with our cheatsheet of what to expect when visiting New Smyrna Beach
  2. St. Augustine Beach Florida– Known to many as one the oldest cities in all the USA. It makes not only the downtown of St. Augustine unique but the beaches a must see. If it is your first time here, be sure to check out the beginners guide to St Augustine so you don’t miss any of the must-see things to do.
  3. Lido Key– found on the west coast of florida south of Tampa and about 2 hours from Orlando is also a must see beach! This beach is quieter than its sistering beach of Sarasota (which is also as beautiful but more busier). The sand here is also pristine and powdery white so you can take amazing photography here.
  4. Anna Maria Island– Also on the west coast of Florida. This is one of the nicest beaches in Florida hands down. The water is perfect as well as the sand. Nothing describes how beautiful this beach is. Its warm waters and clear waters make it even more intriguing to visit. Definitely plan on spending some time here!
  5. Indian Shores– Found very close to clearwater (very popular beach as well, yet not nearly as crowded) is a beautiful beach found south from there. It has everything you can ever ask for in Clearwater and is just gorgeous, if not even more! If you find yourself in the Tampa area then be sure to spend a day here since you will not be disappointed.


Of course people have different opinions of which is the nice beach in Florida, and there really is no right answer. Of course these are the ones recommended since you most certainly will not be disappointed. Most of the beaches here are wonderful and you really can’t go wrong with either one.

If you looking for a nice beach near Walt Disney World then be sure to check out the six closest beaches near Disney. If you are planning a short trip and are on a time crunch then there are also nearby beaches to choose from such as Cocoa Beach Florida or even Ormond Beach. Any beach will leave you wanting more and even a bigger reason to return again to Florida.