Why You Must Visit These Nice Beaches in Florida


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Nice beaches in Florida do exist. If you are planning a tropical paradise get-away then look no further than the east coast.

Many of us come to Florida because of its immense popularity in theme parks. But, sometimes we overlook the spectacular pristine waters near  Disneyworld or Universal.

Florida waters are like no other. Unlike, California these waters are warmer. Check out our other blog learning more about the differences between California and Florida beaches.

The abundance of the coastlines in Florida and the amazing different types of aesthetics of the water here makes it the desired destination place for vacationing. 

You definitely have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a beach here in Florida.

Technically, speaking pretty much any beach Googled is worth visiting if you get the chance.

But if you want to take it a step further, you can pick a specific beach to meet your needs.


Top 5 Nice Beaches in Florida

There are a number of different beaches worth checking out in Florida. From secluded to popular you can find a variety of different ones to meet your needs. 

Whatever, your preference is here are some top 5 must-see beaches in Florida!! We’ll give you more, but first let’s give you our top 5. 

new smyrna beach

New Smyrna Beach

Definitely a top beautiful beach to see! It’s a lesser crowded beach, unlike, Miami. 

It’s also known as a surfing destination amongst surfers. The beach town offers a lot of shops, check out our guide to New Smyrna Beach Shopping.

New Smyrna Beach is also known as a pet-friendly beach place. Feel free to bring your dog here! We put together a guide to visiting New Smyrna Beach for you as well.


St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States of America. Many historical landmarks can be found near this beach. Including the oldest Mansory fort Castillo de San Marcos.

Be sure to check out the Beginners Guide to St Augustine. As well as the 10 Things to do in St. Augustine Historic District for the First Timer.

lido key beach
Photo by sgoodwin4813

Lido Key

Found on the West Coast of Florida it’s south of Tampa. Approximately, 2 hours from Orlando.

Often, quieter than its sister beach Sarasota (which is another beautiful beach, and popular). The sands here are powdery white and waters are pristine.

anna marina island
Photo by EyeMark

Anna Maria Island

Also, found on the West Coast of Florida. Hands down another top! You can kayak here and often can spot dolphins.

You can find many types of wildlife birds here.


Indian Shores

Found very close to Clearwater beach. It’s in the south of it. Close to Tampa it can be seen in a day. It’s mostly surrounded by many homes, making it a less popular place.

However, it does offer a few shopping and restaurants.

Of course, people have different opinions of which are nice beaches in Florida to see. These are our top 5 we recommend! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with seeing any type of beach.

5 Top Reasons to Visit the Florida Beaches


Warm waters

Here is a scientific fact for you. The Gulf Stream is responsible for carrying warm waters from the equator to the North Atlantic Ocean hence, making Florida’s oceans warm.

California, in contrast gets its cold waters from the polar regions. Hence, often leading to cooler ocean waters (1). 

So, don’t be afraid to jump in anytime!

pensacola beach

Beautiful features

Florida has a variety of beautiful features! For example, there are many different types of seashells you will find here! You will find white sands to brown.

In addition, no rocks!!

Cleaner Waters

Often, debatable between Florida and California. You can’t ignore the fact that Florida is known to have beautiful waters here. 

For example, Cabrillo Beach in California. Ranks as one of the filthiest beaches in California. Unfortunately, natural disasters such as fires and human pollution have added to this.

But, if you visit Islamorada Key West beach and you can the clearly pristine waters. Florida also makes you pay for some of the beaches.

Which uses the funds to help keep their waters preserved.

Of course, there are many beaches all over the world that are falling victim to human pollution. Please, pick up after yourselves when visiting a beach. Be the change.


There are many unique types of animals found here that only reside in Florida. You can spot seagulls, sandpapers, and even black skimmers to name a few.

Fire Pits

When visiting Florida beaches you will see that most beaches don’t offer fire pits, unlike California beaches.

A few places such as Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort do offer fire pits. But, in most California beaches you can rest assured because they have fire pits for you and your family to use.

Nice Beaches in Florida Pin 1


If you are looking for a nice beach near Walt Disney World then be sure to check out: Six Closest Beaches Near Disney.

If you are planning a short trip and are on a time crunch then be sure to visit Cocoa Beach, Florida, or Ormond Beach.

Let us know the comments below what nice beaches in Florida you have visited.

Nice Beaches in Florida Pins


  1. “Temperature Over Time.” Climate Science Investigations South Florida – Temperature Over Time, http://www.ces.fau.edu/nasa/module-3/why-does-temperature-vary/ocean-currents.php.

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