The Best Paddle Boards for Dogs Who Love The Outdoors


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Hey! Did you know you can paddle board with your dog!? It is a great activity to do together as you share the experience of being in the water. 

Some dogs are more comfortable on land and some dogs love being by their owner’s side at all times!

If you find that your pup loves being around water then they would make an excellent partner for paddle boarding.

Here, we list the top paddle boards for dogs and humans, so you can take your pup on your next family vacation!

Just remember to use common sense when it comes to safety so both of you have a fun time!


Best paddle board for dogs overall:  Nrs tHRIVE iNFLATABLE SUP

  • Material: Drop-stitch PVC
  • Style: Inflatable
  • Length: 10 ft. 8 in.
  • Mid: 34 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 250 pounds
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year retail manufacturer’s warranty

Feel the coastal rhythm around you with your pup. The time is right to go exploring, whether along the shoreline or up into an inland body of water!

Who wouldn’t want you and your furry friend to enjoy this amazing experience together?

That’s why the NRS Thrive Inflatable boards are designed with comfort in mind, for both dog and owner alike.

This size starts at 10 ft 8 in, though it carries other sizes such as the 11′, 11’6″, and the 12’6″.

It almost fits any pup out there.

Of course, the larger the board the better for you and your pup! But that doesn’t mean that these paddle boards are just made for one user per board by any means. 

Constructed with PVC material it is durable and strong for you and your pup! NRS Thrive Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard – This SUP is made for action.

With heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch construction and double sidewalls, this board can handle the abrasion and abuse of an adventurous lifestyle.

Inflates to 20 psi for super-rigid performance and folds compactly for easy storage and transport.

Removable, interchangeable, nylon-reinforced plastic fins let you customize your setup—and they’ll absorb impacts without breaking. Check this one out at REI

Best paddle boards for dogs under $1300: Pau Hana Solo Backcountry Stand Up Paddleboard

  • Material: Drop-stitch TPU
  • Style: Inflatable
  • Length: 130 inches
  • Nose: 15.5 inches
  • Mid: 30 inches
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 240 pounds
  • Packed dimensions: 23 x 14 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs. 12.8 oz.

The Pau Hana Solo Backcountry Stand Up Paddle Board is the ultimate adventure board for exploring the coastline, lakes, rivers, and ocean with your pup.

Light enough to take off the beaten path, the SUP board alone weighs approximately 14.8 lbs.;

The complete package is only 23 lbs. and measures 23 x 14 x 12 in. A 1.5 in. low-profile neoprene grab handle for easy portage; low-bulk handle design also facilitates packing.

Front and rear 5 mm bungee tie-downs secure your gear. A large textured PVC traction pad ensures a grippy feel so your pup cannot easily slide off. 

To learn more be sure you check it out at REI right here. 

Best paddle boards for dogs under $1000: Bote Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle 11’6”

  • Material: Drop-stitch PVC
  • Style: Inflatable
  • Length: 11 ft. 6 in.
  • Nose: 25 inches
  • Mid: 34 inches
  • Weight Capacity (lbs) 315 pounds
  • Packed dimensions: 41 x 19 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds

Take in the view with this Bote HD Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle – 11’6″.

This versatile SUP is perfect for paddling through choppy waters.

When you’re not on the water, use it as a surface to stand and fish or just go for a little stroll.

The three-piece adjustable paddle makes outfitting the board easy so that it can be customized to suit any adventure at hand.

Store your extra gear using the tie-down points on the deck of this inflatable SUP – don’t let all your preparation go down with this boat! Check it out on REI here.

Best paddle boards for dogs under $800: Bote Flood Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Material: Drop-stitch PVC
  • Style: Inflatable
  • Length: 11 feet
  • Nose: 24 inches
  • Mid: 32 inches
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 275 pounds
  • Packed dimensions: 41 x 19 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds

The Bote Flood is the ultimate stand-up paddle board for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

It’s a great choice for leisure paddling, SUP fitness, or catching some small waves for you and your furbaby.

The AeroBOTE™ technology is extremely tough and perfect for most water conditions.

The BVA multi-textured deck pad provides plenty of nonslip traction with ample cushioning to reduce fatigue.

Includes a 3-piece adjustable paddle, Aero Bag backpack, hand pump, and repair kit. Available in 11′ only (30″ width).

It’s perfect for you and your dog since it has the stability needed for both you and your pup.

The board has non-slip traction to keep you and your pup from falling. You can find this one on REI right here.

Best paddle boards for dogs for those on a budget: Roc Inflatable Paddle board

  • Material: PVC
  • Style: Inflatable Paddle board
  • Length: 10’
  • Mid: 33”
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 350 lbs
  • Packed dimensions:
  • Weight: ‎ 34 x 16 x 12 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Constructed of durable Plexus material, the new premium inflatable stand up paddle board is perfect for pet owners.

It features a wider surface that provides ample room for your pup to balance comfortably while still maintaining an optimal paddling stance – there’s no more shifting on your feet for you and your best friend!

Delivering just enough traction to keep pets’ paws from slipping through, this SUP also comes with convenient handles so mom or dad can easily carry around their four-legged friend.

This one is safe, stable, and affordable too!

At only 17.5 lbs, the Roc Inflatable SUP board is one of the lightest inflatable boards on the market.

This sturdily-constructed product will deliver an unforgettable high-quality experience for riders of any skill level!

This board is perfect for all water enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free day out on the water with their pup!


When buying an ISUP or SUP for you and your dog there are a couple of things that you should take into account when purchasing one for the first time.

For one, be sure to keep in mind the size of your dog.

Larger dogs will require more room to move than smaller dogs.

For the most part, almost any ISUP larger than 10 inches wide will do.

In addition, look for paddle boards with a deck that has enough grip to keep your dog stable. 

Most inflatable paddle boards are durable for your dog to ride on. So you don’t have to worry if your pup will make a hole.

The material that most inflatable paddle boards are made of strong PVC material making it durable for your pup’s nails.

There is a difference between solid and inflatable SUPs.

Photo by J. Balla Photography

Most Solid SUPs are made with a foam core that is wrapped in fiberglass and epoxy (a lightweight construction).

Carbon fiber is more expensive, but it may be worth the expense.

Plastic boards are cheaper, but they are heavy and do not perform as well. Some SUPs use wood for a beautiful appearance.

Inflatable SUPs are boards that have a hard outside and an air core. They come with a pump to inflate them and storage bags for when they’re not in use.

The boards should feel very rigid when it is fully inflated, but still, be light enough to carry around.

If you are still debating whether it’s right for you check out REI, they have countless articles for you to check out.

Though some owners do prefer solid SUPs over ISUP the choice is really yours.

Tips and Tricks to Paddle Boarding with you dog

  • Things to consider when purchasing a paddle board; The stability, weight capacity, the traction of the board, and the material (made of)
  • Train your dog to become comfortable with the board before going out
  • Trim your dog’s nails before going out so you prevent scratches 
  • Do a dry test run before going out in the water
  • Make sure your pup can swim before taking him out
  • You can always buy your pup a PFD
  • Make your pup wears sunscreen
  • Make sure you bring water with your pup
  • Take breaks when out paddle boarding or kayaking
  • Bring treats with your pup for reinforcing great behavior 


Which paddle board is best for dogs?

There is no set and stone definitive paddle board for your dog. There are a number of great paddle boards you and your dog can use together.

Some great options for paddle boards include:

NRS Thrive Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, Pau Hana Solo Backcountry Stand Up Paddle Board, Bote Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle, Bote Flood Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and the Roc Inflatable Sup.

It also depends on the size of your dog and smaller dogs can usually slide with smaller paddle boards while bigger dogs need a bit more room.

Typically any board that is larger than 10” will do, but again there are boards that can be larger.

Consider this before purchasing a paddle board for you and your dog.

Can you paddle board with a dog?

Yes! You can most definitely paddle with your dog! If it is your first time going out to paddle board, it is recommended you train your dog beforehand.

It will make the experience more enjoyable and make your dog feel more comfortable. Paddle boarding with your dog is a must-do experience!

It’s a great way for you and your fur baby to get more fresh air while enjoying nature at the same time! 

What size paddle board should I get with a dog?

Most paddle boards over 10” are best for dogs to stand on. Of course, the size of the paddle board depends on the size of your dog.

Typically larger dogs will need more room to stand. However, usually, anything bigger than a 10″ paddle board will suffice. You can also find paddle boards that are 11” and 12”.

It is best to take into account the size of your dog beforehand. 

How do I train my dog to stay on a paddle board?

The best way to start is without water! Grab your dry paddle board and a bag of treats and begin by allowing the dog to stand freely on the paddle board.

You can start in your living room or outside, but NOT in the water. You can reinforce positive training by giving your dog a treat.

Once the dog starts becoming comfortable with the paddle board you can move on to step two.

Start in shallow water and reinforce the positive behavior if your dog stands and stays on the paddle board.

Give your dog a treat if he/she stays on the board. Make sure you have patience as this may take some time.

Never force the dog on the paddle board. You want to make sure that you and your dog have an enjoyable experience. 


For any family looking to take their pup with them on their next beach vacation, paddling boarding with your dog is a must!

After all, pets are part of our family so why not bring them along for the ride!

For any family out there who adores bringing their dog with them on family vacations here is one sport you can do!

Photo By: Alvin Balemesa

The amazing thing is that paddle boarding can be done any time of the year!

Whether it’s this coming summer season or fall, we hope that our top 5 list of best paddle boards for your dogs has helped you find the perfect option.

When it comes down to which one is best suited for your needs and wants, just remember what’s most important – finding something that will make both you and your pet happy!

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