The Most Treasured White Sandy Beaches of Florida


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If you are planning the perfect beach getaway then look no further than the white sandy beaches of Florida. Of course, there are plenty of different beaches to try while you are here since Florida has a great diversity of all kinds of sandy beaches.

It all depends on your preference of choice. Both the Atlantic and the Gulf Coast offer amazing beaches with differences in sand texture and look.

The Gulf Coast of Mexico on Florida’s side is known as having white powder sand dust. Especially when the sand dries its reflection is pure, white, and easy to walk on. Most beaches on the West Coast of Florida have the white sandy beach look that many people search for.

On the contrary, the Atlantic Coast of Florida is just as intriguing because of its diversity in sand colors. On the East Coast of Florida, you can find beaches with a darker hue sand color.

St Augustine, for example, has areas where you can see the orange hue color sand patches because of coquina shells scattered. In addition, other beaches like Ormond Beach and Cocoa Beach also have darker sandy colors.


The sand on the West Coast of Florida is mainly made of 99% crystal quartz which gives it a perfect fluffy soft white sandy texture. According to studies, the white grains of sand is made of silicon dioxide.

Since it consists of very fine ground up powder, it creates a fluffy texture making it very easy to walk on. Also, white sand does not absorb much heat as would a different color.

Sands on the East Coast of Florida as well as California have different textured sand. These kinds of beach sands are usually composed of rock sediments along with fragments from seashells giving it that darker hue color.


The Best White Sand Beaches of Florida

A majority of the white sandy beaches in Florida are found on the west coast. Here are the top 5 beaches you can choose from.

All of these beaches provide the Florida paradise you desire and they check all prerequisites. You will encounter beautiful white sands of a beach, clear waters, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Panama City

One of the nicest beaches ever. It is found on the panhandle of Florida. You can really see how these beaches compare to most.

This beach is very popular among spring breakers in March. But before and after spring break it is a quiet beach town with a beautiful escape to paradise. The sunsets are just as amazing as the beaches alone.         

White Sandy Beaches Pin 1

Lido Key Beach

This place is very close to its sistering beach in Sarasota. It covers amazing beaches and sandy white shores.

Definitely a must-see since it is not nearly as crowded as Sarasota, but it still offers the perfect beach escape you need on your vacation.

Don’t forget to end your beach day watching the sunset since it’s absolutely breathtaking. You can also check out St. Armands Circle since its a perfect place to do some shopping. 


Siesta Key

A gorgeous beach found on the outskirts of Sarasota Beach, this lovely coast is also filled with sand as white as snow. Though it is a more popular beach, the sand is purely soft and perfect for anything such as biking, walking, and running.

It is a nice family beach that you need to visit before you leave Florida. The water temperature also seems to be the constantly perfect year-round.                 

anna maria island
Photo by Christina Lee 

Anna Maria Island

It is one of those beaches found on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A smaller beach with neighboring beaches such as manatee beach park it makes the top list of beaches you need to visit.

The sand is soft and pure with water temperatures that are perfect almost year-round. This beach has grown in size with more tourists realizing how gorgeous this place is.

You can find many different shops and restaurants almost around every corner. In addition, it is still amazing how Florida has a great diversity of beaches that include both white sands and warmer sands.

After checking out the white sandy beaches in Florida, find some time to explore the east coast for that diversity.

clearwater sunset
Photo by Eliobed Suarez

Clearwater Beach

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Be prepared to find parking here during the summertime. There are many beachfront hotels, and restaurants worth checking out.

This beach also has a pier in which live performances can be seen during the night.


Top Beaches with Warmer Tones


St Augustine Beach Florida

This beach is found in Northern Florida and has orange hue colors in the sand. Still pretty neat to check out if you’re around the area.

Most of the areas around here are made of crushed coquina shells making it look spectacular. Check out the ultimate guide to St. Augustine if you do plan to visit soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Cocoa Beach

This beach is one of the more popular beaches due to its proximity to Orlando.

The warmer tones of the sand will allow you to take better pictures since the reflection of the sun won’t be as harsh as it in on white sand. To learn more visit the top things to do in Cocoa Beach.


Ormond Beach Florida

This beach is not very known to many, but locals enjoy it because of its more peaceful and less crowded vibes.

You can definitely find a much warmer tone of beach sand here creating a very beautiful landscape.                                                           


New Smyrna Beach

Found on the West Coast of Florida this beach is amazing as it sounds. There are areas where the sand can also be white. In the sand dunes beach area of New Smyrna Beach, there is plenty to see and do with a very nice shopping area.

Not only that, but there is an extraordinary dog beach area made for your furry animals.

All Florida beaches are extraordinary but different. If you are looking for the white sandy beaches then go west but if you looking for the warmer tones then go east.

You can also do what many people do and get the best of both worlds! Whichever direction you prefer there is no wrong or right way to go. You will enjoy your time here.

Jess and Jeanette are two sisters who were inspired by their family beach vacations while growing up. Their passion lies in guiding you toward the most remarkable beach destinations across the United States! Cheers! ❤️

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